Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]

I wouldn't mind some of the other pairs from soft star, but the RunAmoc I doubt I would buy. I love my VFFs. They make my feet feel secure when I do anything. The tesla slipper would be nice for around the house during the cold days.

01/28/11 @ 10:28
Comment from: Zizzy [Visitor]

I have some RunAmocs and I love them. Sometimes I just get tired of having stuff between my toes ;-) (when I'm not just barefoot, that is.) The Runamocs are also a lot more breathable and don't get that 'funk' that the VFF's get. I do think that vff's have more grip though and may last just a bit longer than the Runamocs.

01/28/11 @ 16:31
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]


You point out something I failed to mention in the post: The RunAmocs don't smell. I don't know how they do it, but after more than six months of almost constant use, there's no hint of funk.

01/28/11 @ 17:53
Comment from: JOY [Visitor]

I have a pair of the RunAmocs (not the lite).Mine are for winter running in temps below 30°, I wear mittens then instead of gloves too. They keep my feet warm and give me the feedback I like from the ground. SoftStar also custom made them in color and size for me. I find them a great winter running alternative to VFF. My husband thinks they look to weird for him to try.

01/29/11 @ 11:58
Comment from: Griffin [Visitor]

I have RunAmocs, and must say despite the fact that they don't handle intensive activities as well as certain VFF's, they are my favorite minimalist footwear ever. They are only loose if you don't tie them tight, otherwise they can be surprisingly secure. As others have said, no bad smell coming from them at ALL. it is incredible. I love how thin they are. And the flexibility is great. I have the ones with perforated leather, and my parents think they look very... nice. Formal, almost. A student in my grade asked me if they were church shoes... overall, I love them!

01/30/11 @ 18:44
Comment from: Zephyr [Visitor]  

I don't wear mittens, I don't even own a pair. I want to move my fingers to take things and manipulate them even under cold conditions.
Another analogy, I usually carry an iPod touch with me. There are people that put it in a wallet to prevent from any potential damage. On the contrary, I wear it attached to my waist to be always at hand. The chances to become damaged are probably greater (not yet in 16 months of constant use), but the operational time rendered will be undoubtedly longer as well.
I tend to prefer freedom over safety but I also respect the right of others not to share the same personal preferences.

01/31/11 @ 20:12
Comment from: Antoine Saunders [Visitor]
Antoine Saunders

I know these shoes are intended for running and such, but how do the perforated ones fare in the winter time?

I am trying to convince my mom that even though these shoes dry quickly when they get wet, I need some positive testimonies about its warmth.

02/12/11 @ 18:08
Comment from: Antoine Saunders [Visitor]
Antoine Saunders


Specifically if they got cold and completely wet

Would wool socks effectively solve the problem?

02/12/11 @ 19:04
Comment from: jmijares [Visitor]  

I've been running in my RunAmoc Lites (street sole) since late December 2010. I've got 93 miles on them now vs 60 miles in my Bikilas. I did have to send my RunAmocs back to have them reinforce the heel cup -- great customer service from the Softstar Elves -- and have had no problems since then. I use the RunAmocs for all of my runs. I even ran in them yesterday in a heavy downpour and they had great grip on the ground. (The RunAmocs were soaked but my feet were dry due to the Seal Skinz socks.) Ever since I started running in my RunAmocs, I haven't thought much about my Bikilas and have only used the Bikilas when my RunAmocs were drying out from my rainy day runs. These are now going to become my full time running shoe. I'll still use my KSOs for activities that might need a little starting and stopping and lateral movements, but for regular runs I'm gonna stick with my RunAmocs.

02/20/11 @ 23:12
Comment from: MedullaPancreas [Visitor]

I saw these in Kevin Costner's Waterworld. Post Apocalyptic chic. Luhv eht!

03/01/11 @ 17:37
Comment from: pradlee [Visitor]  

How are the 5mm trail soles compared to the 2mm street soles? Are they still flexible? Think they'd be suitable for casual, everyday use?

01/22/12 @ 22:17

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