Comment from: Ed [Visitor]

Seems he is wearing Injinji socks. I gave up running in my Sprints this past summer because of the blisters and callouses they caused on longer runs.

I now run about 5-7 miles a week barefoot, 6-10 in Sprints with socks and another 8-22 with Bakilas, depending on my mood for the weekend run.

Anyone use Classics, Sprints or KSOs for runs over 5mi without socks? The seams on those models are too pronounced for me and cause blistering.

No such issue with Bakilas or KSO Treks, which have much smaller seams.

11/16/10 @ 16:08
Comment from: Joggling Joe [Visitor]
Joggling Joe

Nice finish! I would never dare to attempt a marathon with the training you did :) I don't think my body or mind would like the results... I recently didn't even do a half-marathon because I felt undertrained and didn't want to risk an overuse/overtraining injury.

@Ed: I joggle (run and juggle) in my KSO's every time without socks. Sometimes in the winter I'll use injinji's just for warmth, but overall I've had great results from KSO's as far as blister prevention. The classics gave me heel blisters...

11/16/10 @ 19:16
Comment from: Chris [Visitor]

@Ed: I was indeed wearing Injinji socks, as I do for any run over 4 or 5 mi.

11/20/10 @ 14:08
Comment from: Ed [Visitor]

Thanks Chris.

I am headed back to TN to spend thanksgiving with the family and have packed light - 4 pair of VFF's and no regular shoes. Mocs for travel, Classics for most things in and around town, and Sprints with Injinji socks for my running.

And just in case the weather turns foul or cool, KSO treks.

Decided to leave the Bakilas at home because I won't be doing super long runs (for me) and wasn't sure I could convince the wife to let me travel with them. The stank that has taken up residence in them is a difficult guest to evict.

11/20/10 @ 16:03
Comment from: marathonjohn [Visitor]

Great post! I have been doing Crossfit Endurance for the past few months and am loving it! It's really making me a better all around athlete. Your story is great and just goes to show you don't have to run tons of miles to race marathons.

11/28/10 @ 23:57
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]

Hi Chris,

I will like to know more about your nutrition strategy and race detail. As i will like to attempt my first marathon soon:)

01/10/11 @ 12:09
Comment from: Crash [Visitor]

I would love the coconut water iskiate recipe!

02/23/11 @ 17:33
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]

I too would be interested in any nutritional information you could share as I will be running my first half marathon in December. Thanks!!!!

09/27/12 @ 21:30

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