Comment from: Noël [Visitor]

You two look great! I bet you had the most comfortable shoes on at the prom. Good for you! My son is getting married next Friday and I promised him I wouldn't wear my Treks!

06/17/11 @ 15:36
Comment from: Spencer [Visitor]

If I would of had vibrams 1st semester last year I so would of worn them to play tpt in marching band lol

06/17/11 @ 20:13
Comment from: JC [Visitor]

The five finger's look perfectly fine with his outfit. They are much less drastic a change from proper formal attire than the blue shirt and striped tie are!

06/18/11 @ 07:38
Comment from: Daniel Vu [Visitor]
Daniel Vu


06/18/11 @ 15:06
Comment from: chirmer [Visitor]  

Gah!!!! This is the downside to finding out about Vibrams late in the game... Wearing them for marching band would have been AMAZING. Instead, I was ignorant and stuck with the dreaded Dickies for 8 long years... Sigh. I'm glad you were smart and figured it out! I'm sure your feet are thanking you ;)

06/25/11 @ 14:59
Comment from: Noémi [Visitor]

I have been wanting to get the vibram 5 fingers for over a year now and yesterday I finally set out to buy a pair. I am planning on wearing them for walking the dogs (about 3 hours every day) and also for running (I do about 6-8 miles avaery other day). I tried on the classic and another type I cannot recall the name of but recommended for running (comes with a strap). At first it was hard to squeeze all my toes in the right compartment :)) but then, walking around in the store, they felt pretty good. However, I couldn't decide which size to buy. 39 seemed a little tight for my big toe but seemd ok for all the others, while size 40 seemed ok for the big toe but was pretty loose on many of the others and I just couldn't decide if the tight ones would losen up enough to be more comfortable with wear and if the bigger size being too loose on some of the toes would pose problems while running. Unfortunately, the shop assistants could not help with any of these issues, since they have no experience with these type of shoes whatsoever.
I would welcome any suggestions, stories, ideas to help me pick the right size and the right type. :) Thanks in advance.

07/03/11 @ 11:21
Comment from: Susan [Visitor]

I hope can also and the other half of my also experience one more time

03/27/12 @ 21:57
Comment from: Brianna [Visitor]  

My cousin met his wife when he was wearing VFf at church. She thought he was weird. A year later and they are getting married, him in black VFF and her in white VFF.

03/29/16 @ 23:35

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