Comment from: Kent Cowgill [Visitor]
Kent Cowgill

I run triathlons in my Komodos. I wear clip shoes for the bike portion, though.

It's super easy to get them on fast though - apply a lot of talc/baby powder to the inside of your vibrams, it really helps. As far as sand, keep a spare water bottle (some people use a water bin to just dunk their feet). have a towel handy if you want to get a little water off to help get your shoes on.

Good luck!

03/14/12 @ 10:42
Comment from: Aaron R. [Visitor]
Aaron R.

Very cool - and impressive. Thanks for posting the video. As I was reading, I was having trouble conceptualizing the swuggling component. Your legs are going to burn after the swim.

Good luck!

03/14/12 @ 12:10
Comment from: dirk verelst [Visitor]
dirk verelst

As a fellow juggler wishing you good luck with your project!

03/14/12 @ 12:11
Comment from: Chris Butterworth [Visitor]
Chris Butterworth

That looks HARD!! Especially the swim - WOW!

I've run a couple triathlons in my KSOs, and I have to say my favorite part is the bike-run transition, where I pick up a minute on everybody else who has to stop to change shoes. ;-)

Good luck, Joe.

03/14/12 @ 13:07
Comment from: Rob Y. [Visitor]  
Rob Y.

You should learn to unicycle, would make juggling while riding a snap!

03/14/12 @ 14:26
Comment from: Joe S. [Visitor]
Joe S.

Thanks, Justin for the great post. And good idea about the sticker incentive to get more donations... I really hope to get more donations in the next 5 weeks.

@Kent: Thanks for the transition tips, I'll definitely use them!

Thanks everyone for the support!
I feel great about the race. I just hope the Gulf of Mexico decides to be somewhat calm that day! I can handle it being rough, but if it's super rough and a monster then that'll be a definite curve ball to handle.

Vibram Five Fingers are innovative, jugglers are always innovating-I think it's a nice combo! It's always fun to see what people can do with their VFF's, determination, and creativity.

03/14/12 @ 17:40
Comment from: [Member]

I don't think I could do that. I would have a hard time running and chewing gum at the same time! I don't think I could juggle at all while moving.

I will kick you a few bucks when I get my next paycheck. I can't wait to find out how it turns out.

03/14/12 @ 20:39
Comment from: Ice Chests [Visitor]
Ice Chests

I'm not good in juggling. I really struggle to do it. Sometimes i wonder how other people could possibly do it. Maybe its a gift.

03/15/12 @ 01:34
Comment from: Joe S. [Visitor]
Joe S.

@Robert: thanks for the donation that you will make to the charity cause! You might get a kick out of knowing that the joggling marathon record was set by a Canadian joggler... (and he chewed one piece of gum the whole race, too)! If that's ever a trivia question on a game show, now you'll get it right :)

@Ice Chests: juggling is all about dedication and practice. Anyone can do it. You just have to get used to failing, once you do, you'll experience intermittent rewards because you start learning and getting the desired outcomes you want.

03/15/12 @ 20:26
Comment from: Onge [Visitor]

I'm well impressed with the swimming part. I juggle too.

03/16/12 @ 14:46
Comment from: Nathaniel [Visitor]

My arms started hurting just from watching all the tiring ; D

03/16/12 @ 19:48
Comment from: Joe S. [Visitor]
Joe S.

@Onge: Thanks :) Good to hear from another juggler. The "swuggling" seems to have the most alluring quality to it for jugglers and non-jugglers. It's something that most didn't think could go together. See my new video "Swuggling in the Pool" for more swuggling tricks.

@Nathaniel: I hear you on the tiredness. Even doing two balls in one hand for over an hour takes some endurance. Plus, throw in biking at the same time and the two other legs of the triathlon... and you got a lot of juggling throws! Luckily, for the biking part I've developed techniques to switch hands and juggle with my left hand, to switch bike gears while going up hills and give my right hand a rest if I need it.

03/18/12 @ 21:54
Comment from: Avraham [Visitor]  

Sounds great! Regarding getting sand off your feet - liberal amounts of baby powder work really well. Towel dry your feet and then apply baby powder. It absorbs the water and the sand falls off very easily. Good luck! I am planning to run a marathon in Tel Aviv next week and blow up balloons and make balloon shapes along the way, but I think juggling is harder...

03/22/12 @ 15:17
Comment from: Joe S. [Visitor]
Joe S.

@Avraham: thanks for the tips on drying off the feet and getting sand off. Anything helps this tri newbie :)

The balloon sculpting during the marathon sounds very cool. Go for it! My Dad used to make balloon animals, and I have an old book on it. You should hand them out to kids when you finish them in the race! I have a friend who wants to try to see how many rubic cubes he can solve while doing a marathon.

03/22/12 @ 19:14
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]  

How'd this work out for you?

Mad props mate, that's wicked cool.

10/19/12 @ 10:11

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