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Golf-Specific Barefoot/Toe Shoes to Come From Vibram FiveFingers?

Philip recently reviewed the Vibram FiveFingers Speed XC Lite from a golf perspective and there’s been a lot of talk about Vibram bringing the toe shoe concept to the golf shoe market?something that wouldn’t be surprising given there are other “barefoo…

Philip recently reviewed the Vibram FiveFingers Speed XC Lite from a golf perspective and there’s been a lot of talk about Vibram bringing the toe shoe concept to the golf shoe market—something that wouldn’t be surprising given there are other “barefoot” golf shoes out there (See these reviews: Vivo Barefoot Hybrid, True Linkswear, and Barefoot B.E.R.B.S). Well, looks like Vibram (at least out of Italy) is dabbling in releasing a “true” five-toed barefoot shoe with a new Vibram FiveFingers sole that is unquestionably meant for golfing. See: the photo above. Will this shoe actually shoe up sometime in 2014? Your guess is as good as mine. For now, I’ll share what we know about these Golf-Specific FiveFingers as well as a few more candid photos of them after the jump!

The foreign press release

First off, these FiveFingers are at least somewhat official as there is a Dutch press release that hit in mid-July about them. The release is, apparently “not meant for publication” (yet called a “press release” ? confusing, right?). I’m taking down the link to the not-supposed-to-be-public-release (for now), but below you can find the Dutch-to-English, Google translated release for your reading pleasure, all typos left intact:
For 75 years, is a leader in the development of Vibram soles with better grip, traction and durability. And now, inspired by the movement of the body, the brand has the same expertise applied to golf with the next generation of innovative performance soles. For the first time the thrill of sports barefoot also accessible for the golfer! The special sole Vibram FiveFingers you experience the ultimate contact with the ground, without the risk of damaging your stones or other sharp objects. Feet or toes The advantages of this barefoot footwear for posture and balance your body get your game on the golf course certainly benefit. It is not for nothing that these Vibram FiveFingers were identified! On the PGA show in Orlando as the best new product Classic V & V Classic LR Vibram FiveFingers developed specifically for the golfer a new line with spike soles for extra grip on the golf course. The combination of an improved grip with the natural feel of barefoot Vibram FiveFingers leave all other golf shoes far behind. With Vibram FiveFingers curves and stretch your toes as nature intended. This means more stability and a tighter swing! You feel more connected to your environment. With Vibram FiveFingers get a better feel for the game. The suede-V Classic is available for both men and women in white with gray and black colors, with a classic design on the top that fits perfectly with the sport of golf. The V-LR Classic features a kangaroo leather upper and colorways available in brown with white and orange for men and brown with white and purple for women.
There’s a bit more in the release about the Speed XC Lite, but we already know plenty about those (see our reviews of them here). I’m not convinced on the naming of these golfing FiveFingers being Classic V and Classic LR, but who knows. Also, the only official picture we’ve seen seems to be of the kangaroo leather version (seen in the lead photo above).

What I’ve heard and seen

Note the laces cover on the middle pair!  Vibram going full-force with the golf shoe aesthetic.
Note the laces cover on the middle pair! Vibram going full-force with the golf shoe aesthetic.
Thanks to some random Facebook photos of some preproduction FiveFingers, I was able to snag the photos above and below of the golf Vibram FiveFingers: Vibram isn’t pulling any punches with the golf shoe aesthetic, pulling out the crinkle cut edging and the laces covering. Meanwhile, we can see a bit more of the golf-specific Vibram sole. The outerwall “spikes” remind me of the first True Linkswear sole. Outside of these photos, all I have heard is that these golf shoes wouldn’t likely be water-resistant. Knowing how difficult it is to make a pair of FiveFingers water-resistant (see the only two water-resistant FiveFingers here?Lontra and Speed XC). At this time, I’ve got nothing else to share, and as all of these leaks and early news releases go, it’s very hard to say what will actually come in the future. These are set for 2014 but my gut tells me they may only hit in Europe. Your VFF mileage may vary. What do you think? Any golfers just dying to pick these up and go for a round in proper golfing toe shoes? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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10 replies on “Golf-Specific Barefoot/Toe Shoes to Come From Vibram FiveFingers?”

I already wear the trek for golf. I live in a dry country so waterproofing is not an issue, and in a warm climate even if your feet do get wet, it’s not uncomfortable to wear them.

I would like to see a Vibram tennis shoe. I wonder what that would look like, and how you might combine the basic barefoot engineering/design concept with a sports shoe meant to be pounded on hard courts while providing full traction and support?

I wear Vibrams or Merrells to golf in already. I’ve been eyeballing some of the new minimalist shoes like True Linkswear, Footjoy M-Project and Ecco BIOM Zero, but I haven’t found anything that has wowed me enough to purchase yet. Interesting to see how this plays out.

Randall, Have you tried on any of the True’s? I’m curious if you haven’t been wowed by the idea of them or the actual feel of them.

The sole should have been brown instead of green in my opinion, but apart from that, they look awesome. They’re available here in Europe. I already got the Speed XC Lite but I’m considering these. Very cool. If I do get them, I’ll give you some feedback on them.

You should really push Vibram for a pair to review though. 🙂

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