Comment from: elizabeth [Visitor]

Please put on some kind of shoes before you split that wood, Chris! You're making me very nervous!

02/10/10 @ 10:54
Comment from: Sherman Overman [Visitor]
Sherman Overman

Speaking of PR's: I PR'ed on a 3 mile loop around my neighborhood. This was my very first run in my VFF's KSO's and I ran it in 19:46 it usually takes me 24 minutes when I'm feeling good. This is a huge improvement, and I'm a 200lb + guy and I wasn't even trying to go FAST. This barefoot/minimalist stuff isn't just some crazy fad, its real. Believe what everybody else is saying.

02/10/10 @ 16:28
Comment from: Jim [Visitor]

Agreed elizabeth and also the 80s want their wood chopping outfit back. He looks like something out of Zoolander in this picture. Hilarious!

02/11/10 @ 08:38
Comment from: Corin [Visitor]

"There's a general movement afoot towards finding a balance between our biological underpinnings—the ancient DNA that shapes the needs of our mind and body—and our convenient, consumer-driven modern lifestyle." This is currently my status on facebook. I just enjoyed this so much as a quote and an idea. My eyes are wide open to this movement and I'm following it very closely. I love it and I support every bit of change that comes from it!

02/12/10 @ 17:36

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