Comment from: Robert A [Visitor]
Robert A

Also, at 7:28 - an update to the Sprint - or something like that...

08/14/09 @ 16:47
Comment from: Mark Ferwerda [Visitor]  
Mark Ferwerda

I love my five finger KSO Treks and wear them as "dress shoes" to my white collar job -- and I get lots of "looks." Unfortunately, I also bought the vibram five finger classics because I had heard it said that they are the most comfortable five finger shoes. I've worn a blister on the back of both Achilles tendons from the shoe tab that sticks up in the back...a poor design. The owner of the store where I bought them just says to let the blisters completely heal and go at it again. I guess I have to wear a callus on the back of my foot before I can enjoy these shoes. Sure wish I had bought the regular KSOs for my fast walking rather than the “classics.”

02/12/10 @ 10:58
Comment from: [Member]


I think you're giving up on them too soon. I also wonder if your size may be wrong -- the only times I've gotten blisters from Classics have come from running in them for sustained periods of time.

Blisters are a pain though. I'd just echo the thoughts of the store owner! Hang in there and you may find that in time you'll like the Classics best, too.


02/12/10 @ 11:01
Comment from: Mark Ferwerda [Visitor]  
Mark Ferwerda

Hey Justin,
I appreciate that quick reply. I bought the classics at the Wheatgrass Store in Kaimuki (Honolulu) where they are very careful to make sure the sizing is right -- and I appreciate them very much. (I've also brought them lots of customers from the military community where I work.) Seems to me the tab is just a bad design requiring the development of a callus -- and I seem to have trouble with them whether I pull the adjustment tight or loose. Would love to return them for a refund and get the regular KSOs or the Bikilas for my fast walking.

02/12/10 @ 11:11
Comment from: [Member]

I walk pretty fast in my Classics (though I hit more midfoot or forefoot and don't heel strike walking) -- I have no callous on my heel. I wonder if this has to do with how you walk. That could have an impact now that I think about it.

Also note that I never tighten my Classics unless I'm using them for some sort of activity. Loose is most comfortable.

02/12/10 @ 11:13
Comment from: Mark Ferwerda [Visitor]  
Mark Ferwerda

I avoid heal striking when I do my fast walking and I walk about 4.5 miles each time mostly on grass. My feet are completely normal. Sure wish I had bought the regular KSOs rather than the Classics with their annoying achilles tab problem! I tell all my friends to avoid the Classics not only because of the "tab problem" but because the KSOs really do "keep stuff out." By the way, I really enjoy the videos you've made and posted.

02/12/10 @ 11:26
Comment from: [Member]

I'm sorry you've had such problems with Classics. I'm a bit biased on them as honestly I think they are the best VFFs you can get -- but that sorta assumes you're NOT getting a blister on your heel. Believe it or not, most VFF owners I know who have multiple pairs of Five Fingers prefer their Classics to the other pairs, including the KSOs!

But again, most of them aren't getting blisters!

Glad you found the site -- stick around!

02/12/10 @ 11:29
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Thought I'd just chip in on the Classic v KSO front. I have KSO and classic. I prefer the Classic; as suggested I never pull the tightener.

Only troubles for me with the Classics are 1/ the point stabds the heel when driving (easily solved by taking them off) and 2/ they get really heavy water logged. So rain means KSO.

03/14/10 @ 07:32
Comment from: gustavo ramirez [Visitor]  
gustavo ramirez

quiero tener un par de mis vibram bikila pero vivo en colombia quien me pudiera ayudar para tener mis vibram gracias

01/20/11 @ 21:46
Comment from: Tommy [Visitor]

Ciao Vibram,

I am a new costumer here in the states, extremely dissatisfied with my experience. Upon paying $125 for a new pair of five-fingers, from the Mass. headquarters, I received a defective pair within four days. I was then expected to pay for the return shipping cost! This was insulting. On February 14, I sent the shoes back via UPS. The shoes were received by Renee at 11:00 am the following day, Feb. 15. It is now Feb 25 and I have not received my shoes, a phone call, or even an email notifying me of anything. I just got off the phone with the Mass. headquarters and they told me they are running behind and that there was currently no information about my order.

I do not have good things to say about your company. In fact, I am a medical student that was experimenting with utilizing your shoes for comfort in the hospital and surgery work place. Unfortunately, even if the shoes prove to be of comfort and practical use for doctors and surgeons, I will be apprehensive about recommending them due to the costumer service of your company.

I recommend taking the time of addressing this unfortunate aspect of Vibram shoes.

02/25/11 @ 10:01

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