We’ve previously heard from (Dr.) Jawa as he not only runs and does post-run headstands in his KSOs but also teaches in his Five Fingers. Most recently, Jawa ran a half marathon in his blue camo KSOs. An impressive feat in and of itself, but that he only started running again in September — just awesome!

Here’s what Jawa had to say about the accomplishment:

Hello Justin,

I just crossed a major milestone a few days ago. I started running not too long ago but my running was not going anywhere because I had constant knee and lower back pain. See my blog titled “Addicted to Shoes” if you want the (funny) story behind my interest in running.

In September I bought my first pair of Vibram five Fingers. I started with half a mile run on my blue KSOs, and on December 6, 2009 I completed my first half marathon (Rock N Roll Las Vegas). Not only did I complete the race but also I finished successfully with a PR. My chip time was 1:56 with an average pace of 8:52 minutes per mile. Not bad for a new runner nearing 50! Here is a Garmin link to my race.

My next goal – another half marathon and then all the way to LA Marathon. I probably will use a new pair of KSOs for these races.



Thanks Jawa and well done!

I encourage you all to read Jawa’s Addicted to shoes post. Here’s a snippet from the intro that I particularly liked:

Surgeon General’s Warning: Running with these shoes ruins your natural posture and causes serious injuries.

Would you buy a Nike shoe, if it had the above warning label on the box? Yet we spend $100+ on running shoes that are actually causing serious injuries.

It all started when my daughter said that she was going to run a half-a-marathon (13.1 miles). I thought this was the most sensible thing she said in a long time. I was excited and without even a moment of hesitation I decided then and there I was going to run too. I am an abecedarian in running and the last time I ran was when I was a sophomore in high school and that was 35 years ago.

Now go read the rest!