Comment from: ron [Visitor]

but i have HUGE WEIRD TOES with a big
gap between the first and second one.
question is: how flexible and forgiving is that shoe's upper?

11/20/12 @ 10:14
Comment from: questionesse [Visitor]

too steep price for me, especially considering additional 30$ international shipping and national taxes upon arrival.
Sad, but I think I have to pass on those, although they're good looking.

Don't see this justified though - a huaraches sole and a bit of leather sewed on top of that...maaaan...

11/20/12 @ 10:27
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]

I remember sometime back you posted about a similar oxford, yet that shoe was doing creative things to hide the fact that it was zero drop - they had done something aesthetic in the read to make it look like it had a heel. I wish this show did the same thing, I don't like the look of the rear.

11/20/12 @ 10:29
Comment from: kaioslider [Visitor]

These look very cool and I'm interested - enough so that I'm like to buy these assuming the finished product looks as good as those shown in the projects kickstarter page. I've backed two kickstarter projects one of which is the pebble watch, which has gone well beyond the initial completion date. The other was a bamboo bluetooth keyboard (kinda an impulse buy) and I wasn't totally thrilled with the final product. My two experiences have lead me to a couple of conclusions regarding kickstarter projects: First, the "reward", usually the final product, may be of a slightly lesser quality than what one would get with the commercially available product (b/c the rewards may have come from initial and/or test runs); and Second, in the case of the Pebble Watch, I'm convinced that what I will receive will be the highest quality product they can deliver, unfortunately this means I likely won't receive the "reward" until January/February 2013. In both cases, the difference between the cost of the reward and what the planned retail price isn't worth the headache and I suspect the "suggested" retail price will eventually come down to what I paid for it as a backer. My point is, while this product sounds promising and I'd be interested in the final product (including initial reviews), I'm not willing to back another kickstarter project. Good luck Altum - Build it, and they will come ;)

11/20/12 @ 10:44
Comment from: Matt Plumb [Visitor]  
Matt Plumb

These shoes are truly one of a kind. I have been wearing them for over a year as a tester for both work and play. Altums have the same ground feel as a NB Minimus with a look suitable for the office.

11/20/12 @ 10:45
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Well, they don't have 15s anyway, but that toebox still looks pretty pointy. Compared to other shoes it is probably nice, but for someone whose second toe is longest, and third toe is about the same as the big one, a boxy toe box is much better. I guess perhaps that wouldn't be true to an Oxford?

11/20/12 @ 10:45
Comment from: maciej [Visitor]

pity the toe box gives so little room for the big toe to work sideways... The price is OK for me but for a proven product.

11/20/12 @ 11:54
Comment from: Douglas [Visitor]

I actually like the fact that they are not trying to make it look like it has a heel. It's pretty safe to say that raised heels are not good for us so why should we even support the idea of it? It might look a little different but if we're always trying to conform then the style will never change. Maybe in 10 years or so people will look at shoes with raised heels and say, "I can't believe people actually wore those... they look so weird!"

I'd love to support this brand since they are doing a lot of good. Manufacturing in the U.S. is a big win as well. I just can't afford to drop $160 on a pair of dress shoes. I just don't wear dress shoes very much.

11/20/12 @ 12:03
Comment from: fred [Visitor]

The shoe looks very good. I have to agree that I prefer these over the Primal Professionals cause they are not conformist (pretending to have a heel). However, the toe box looks narrow!

11/21/12 @ 15:03
Comment from: Jim Fisher [Visitor]
Jim Fisher

Looks like the shoe can still cause bunions...

11/25/12 @ 19:13
Comment from: ronald [Visitor]

One comment mentioned it before me, but it bears repeating: the toe box on these shoes are not wide enough. Even given the picture of the foot on top of the shoe, anyone can see that the toe box is only suitable for feet that have already been permanently altered by improper footwear. For those of us who've been running barefoot for our entire lives, these shoes are still waaaaay below what design standards should be (look at the Vivobarefoot Ra's for an example of proper design). When moving barefoot, it is important that the hallux is allowed to flex medially so that it comes in line with the first ray of the foot (aka the first metatarsal). If this action is restricted for too long, you wind up with toes that are misaligned, and chances are pretty good that you will develop some type of neuroma or bunion. I am extremely pro-active about supporting minimalist shoe companies (especially ones with manufacturing in the USA) but I cannot support a flawed design. There are too many of those in the market already! Widen the toebox, and I can guarantee you my business.

11/26/12 @ 16:34
Comment from: Tim B [Visitor]
Tim B

I like the look but agree with the comments above that the toe box doesn't give nearly enough room for the big toe.

11/28/12 @ 04:28
Comment from: A C [Visitor]

Looks like the Vivobarefoot Ra but with a narrower toebox. The price is a bit high.

The person in the picture demonstrating the shoe width has a really deformed foot!

11/30/12 @ 19:43
Comment from: ashegam [Visitor]

They surpassed their $30k goal at kickstarter so it looks like this thing is gonna happen.

Justin thanks for the post and please keep us updated as to what happens with these guys.

12/03/12 @ 12:43
Comment from: Ken Ventresca [Visitor]
Ken Ventresca

Remind me of my sidewalk surfers, Sanuk but in a dress version. If these are as comfortable, I am in. $160.00 for your feet is worth it, its the most critical part of your body.

12/04/12 @ 06:58
Comment from: idiotgear [Visitor]

those are nice looking shoes. $160 isn't too bad if they are durable. I can usually wear dress shoes for work for 2-3 years so overall it's not a bad investment.

12/06/12 @ 11:02
Comment from: kynan [Visitor]

I just want to drop in to say that with that pointed toe box, I would never be able to wear these shoes. By that I mean it would be physically impossible, not just uncomfortable. The prototypes shown are not foot-friendly. If we all wore shoes like that we'd end up with deformed feet like the guy in the pictures. As much as I would like some minimalist dress shoes, I cannot support this start-up.

12/16/12 @ 21:37
Comment from: Nyah [Visitor]

Back in the '80s, I had a pair of dress shoes which, after I removed the heel from, looked just this. Yes, that toebox is horribly narrow. Such a common mistake for new companies to make (like Scora, etc).

05/06/13 @ 23:17
Comment from: ashegam [Visitor]


Not sure if you kept up with these guys or not but they had an initial issue with the sole of their shoes coming a part after a day of wearing. This was wide spread so they sent out a pack of glue with a letter promising everyone with issues that they will get a free pair of shoes from a future design. This was back in May or so. Since then they have kind of disappeared. They disbanded their facebook page and no website etc..

Can you look into this, as you have much more resources, and tell us what's going on?


10/03/13 @ 23:06
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]  

Too bad these don't seem to have gotten off the ground. They look a lot better than Primal Professional, I think. If anyone knows how to get a pair or if there's a tasteful alternative, please hit me up on the message form.

04/21/14 @ 16:58
Comment from: Michael Holdsworth [Visitor]  
Michael Holdsworth

Great idea, lovely designs. I have been pulling off the sole from leather shoes and getting them re soled with zero drop soles as there was nothing available that I could find that fitted my needs. This saves time. I wonder if they have a boot? These look really good.

05/19/14 @ 11:21
Comment from: jane [Visitor]

what a shame. just a perfect model in many ways one of the best minimalist smart shoes yet with a totally conventional toe box - the bent halux valgus/bunion used in the promotional pics just makes it look even more ridiculous and repulsive. it could have been the ultimate barefoot smart shoe...

10/05/14 @ 18:38
Comment from: dave [Visitor]

if you look carefully you will spot the flaw straightaway - the foot in the prom pic has the first three toes so horrible bent - it looks to me that most toe boxes might actually resemble this one which degrades this otherwise interesting design badly

10/05/14 @ 18:42
Comment from: Jed [Visitor]

How do I order a pair ?

12/27/14 @ 17:16
Comment from: Wayne [Visitor]

Come on people! The money is available - be entrepreneurs and make great minimalist dress shoes! We want some! :)

08/23/18 @ 20:47

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