Comment from: Tim Chaten [Visitor]
Tim Chaten

Awesome!! - When are the Trek LS's coming out - both are this fall - so soon? (!) :)

07/26/11 @ 12:34
Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor]

Purple ones secured. Happy birthday to me!

07/26/11 @ 12:41
Comment from: Mustafa [Visitor]

Can't help it, I am hypnotized, I place my order immediately.

07/26/11 @ 13:18
Comment from: jigamo [Visitor]

Justin, the "...very flexible" link just above the sizing chart is broken (it links to http:).

Thanks for the extensive coverage and reviews of this model. It looks like a great addition to the lineup.

07/26/11 @ 13:21
Comment from: [Member]

Fixed it jigamo!

07/26/11 @ 17:05
Comment from: MJ [Visitor]

Justin, as a guy that is a size W38, begs the question, when will the women's grey/yellow komodosport LS be available??????

07/26/11 @ 19:55
Comment from: Louise Cunningham [Visitor]
Louise Cunningham

I can't wait to get the purple ones! They rock!

07/26/11 @ 20:06
Comment from: TROP [Visitor]

How do these fit compared to a men's bikila?

07/27/11 @ 00:56
Comment from: Christine [Visitor]

I really want the black and green, I'm just not feeling the women's colors. Alas at a W38 I'm stuck.

07/29/11 @ 09:28
Comment from: Office Ninja [Visitor]
Office Ninja

I dig the gray and blue styles, but come on Vibram, $110? I thought $85 was a lot for my KSO's a year ago, now they just keep raising the price. Before you know it no one will be able to afford fivefingers! By the way I have loved my Komodo Sports so far, just keep the the price down!

07/29/11 @ 13:14
Comment from: Phung [Visitor]

Woot! Mine shipped!

07/29/11 @ 22:49
Comment from: Paolo [Visitor]

they don't seem to have heel straps like the first komodo sport. this concerns me.

08/07/11 @ 23:13

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