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KomodoSport LS Vibram FiveFingers Review

Photo Gallery — Men’s KomodoSport LS FiveFingersPhoto Gallery — Women’s KomodoSport LS FiveFingersSneak Peak!

Note: Available now! Also, see the women’s KomodoSport LS FiveFingers Review!

I’ve been testing out a sneak-peak, pre-mass-production version of the upcoming, yet-to-be released KomodoSport LS Vibram FiveFingers. In a nutshell, the KomodoSport takes the speed-lacing system of the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS, which was released earlier this year, and the sole structure and design of the KomodoSport Vibram FiveFingers, which were also released earlier this year. I know at least a few Vibram fans prefer their KomodoSports to their KSOs.

How does this feature mash-up function? Well, if you like a laced upper and the KomodoSport-style sole, it almost goes without saying that these puppies are for you. I have been finding them exceedingly comfortable (particularly in the “forget you’re wearing them”/”forget to take them off around the house” departments). What follows is my run-down and review of the Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport LS. Though they aren’t out yet, they’ll be out soon enough (looking like August 2011).


Two out of three of the men’s KomodoSport LS Vibram FiveFingers colorways available in Fall 2011.

If you’re hunting for the official word on the KomodoSport LS, here it is straight from Vibram’s 2011 catalog:

The newest addition to the Vibram FiveFingers fitness line, the KomodoSport LS, offers all of the benefits of the KomodoSport with our popular speed lacing system to accommodate wider feet and higher insteps. The stitch-free, seamless 2mm footbed reduces friction and the Vibram TC1 performance rubber outsole provides the grip and protection you need for a variety of cross training activities. Machine Wash, Air Dry.

Put in pictures, the KomodoSport LS has got “speed” laces (no tying necessary) to custom latch them onto your feet, a grippy/ridged-in-the-all-the-right-places-for-traction Vibram rubber sole, a seamless footbed that is ultra soft (it’s seamless because the footbed is actually removable), and a slightly over-styled (in my opinion) upper made of a mix of breathable mesh and thin, stretchy polyamide fabric.


About those laces …

A laced upper makes the KomodoSport LS FiveFingers easier to fit for those who have high insteps or wider feet. For reasons not fully understood by yours truly, some in the toe shoes community haven’t understood the need for laces. I can only assume these fans can fit into a pair of standard Bikilas. Without a laced varietal, folks like Mrs. BirthdayShoes couldn’t wear Vibrams. Meanwhile, anyone could enjoy wearing their VFFs “loose” on top, a feature for which the more adjustable Vibram LS system allows.

What’s my preference? I actually like the LS varietal of Bikila better for comfort, and it follows that I find the KomodoSport LS more comfortable, too — particularly when worn for knocking around. With the LS system, I can loosen up the speed lacing and reduce pressure on my instep. Mind, when it comes to high performance activities like running sprints, I find either system (straps or laces) work just about the same for me.

Now as for the sole …

To me the big “win” in the KomodoSport line is the removable insole (easy to take out, not so easy to put back in). The insole is 2mm thick (Read: not very) but covered with a very soft material that feels fantastic on the foot — better than the Dri-Max you get with Bikilas, better than the leather you get with KSO Treks or the discontinued Mocs, and better than the “standard” footbed with any of the original Vibram FiveFingers. For comfort it’s pretty hard to beat and it does seem to allow for better lateral friction when making cuts (chasing a frisbee, for example).

Speaking of lateral cuts, the KomodoSport LS does well in this regard thanks to added traction from the sole design. All those ridges do increase one’s ability to grip the ground — certainly better than the razor-siped but smooth original FiveFinger soles. What about ground feel? It’s still there — my gut tells me the KomodoSport LS fits somewhere between a KSO and a Bikila for ground feel. That means you get a lot of texture through the sole — you’re going to feel pebbles and cracks in concrete, just slightly muted. It’s more than enough ground feel to make you think twice about landing on your heels with straight legs but not enough ground feel that an untrained runner couldn’t manage to still have a slight heel strike (amazing, but I’ve seen some minimalist runners and VFF runners still heel striking — even slight heel striking when running means you’re crusin’ for a brusin’!). As for hard numbers on thickness, my calipers peg the thickness of the KomodoSport LS to be 1-2mm thinner at the heel than the Bikila.

As for flexibility, the KomodoSport LS provides more flexibility than the Bikilas. Here’s me dorsiflexing my right foot in demonstration:

Here I am dorsiflexing my right foot in a pair of KomodoSport LS FiveFingers (big toe pointed skyward). Easier than I expected it to be and on par with a pair of FiveFingers KSOs.

What surprised me with my pair of KomodoSport LS FiveFingers was that the flexibility actually feels on par with my KSO FiveFingers. It’s surprisingly good — don’t let all the styling and craziness on the rubber soles make you think these aren’t going to be flexible or provide a barefoot-esque experience.

The upper

Just a note on the upper of the KomodoSport LS — it’s similar to the KomodoSport in that it utilizes polyamide fabric and a mesh liner that runs around the ankle and under the tongue. The toe area is simply the polyamide fabric. It’s quite breathable — I’m tempted to say these even run cooler than the regular KomodoSports, but it’s pretty hard to say definitively.

What’s up with the last two toes? Glad you asked. No, this isn’t a single toe pocket as with the Fila Skele-toes shoes; rather, nearest I can tell, Vibram is trying to add more fabric protection for the last toe toes in the event of a “snag.” Vibram has been experimenting (my words for what I’m observing) with different top of the toe protection — you’ve got the fingernail like plastic coverings on the Bikila and Trek Sport models and a more painted-on dotted material on the Bikila LS, KomodoSport, and now the KomodoSport LS — with a full “painted” covering on the last two toes. I don’t think I’ve ever snagged my last two toes hard enough to rip the fabric, so it’s hard to say how well this will work. It does make for an unusual aesthetic … more on this below.

Other notes

My pair of KomodoSport LS weighs the same as my pair of KomodoSports — a little over 6oz per my postal scale. Lightweight and comfy.


The one thing I don’t like about the KomodoSport LS? To me, the KomodoSport LS looks over-styled, having too much paint-work going on with the upper. Mind: this comes from someone whose favorite colorways of KSOs are the Remix and the (now discontinued) blue camou KSOs. With the KomodoSport LS, I could just do without the ladder-reflective paint on the front and rear of the shoe. The dual toe-paint and fabric ‘tween the toes and grid-paint on the sidewalls don’t do much for me either. They just have a lot going on with all this styling plus the laces. The blue-grey KomodoSport LS (see photos below) reminds me a bit of the 1980s version of Tron — actually, they all invoke the Eighties to some extent. The look of the KomodoSport LS has grown on me over time but it’s not my favorite. In total, I do like the black/yellow women’s KomodoSport LS best from an aesthetic standpoint.


I like the KomodoSport LS FiveFingers as they are exceedingly comfortable. In addition to putting them through a few kettlebell workouts, hill sprint routines, etc., I’ve worn them around casually. I keep forgetting I have them on, something I’ve only really noticed when wearing Classic FiveFingers. Why are these so comfortable? Quite simply, the laces and the footbed of the KomodoSport LS are a perfect match for comfort. Meanwhile, as need presents itself to do some intense exercise, they’re ready to roll with a tug on the speed lacing system.

I’m not huge on the look of them, but that’s personal preference and let’s face it: FiveFingers have always been more functional than fashionable (how about the FiveFingers Speeds for fashion though? I dig ’em!).

The KomodoSport LS Vibram FiveFingers are Available now! (as of July 26, 2011).

Also, see our women’s KomodoSport LS FiveFingers review!

What do you think? Do you like the KomodoSport LS look? Interested in this design combo? Think they’re ugly? What say you? Sound off in the comments below. I can’t help but wonder if Vibram is going to release even more speed laced VFFs going forward — who knows what is in store for 2012. As for the rest of the Fall 2011 Vibram FiveFingers, I’ll be working hard to release a review of the Trek LS and the Bormio soon!

Photo Gallery — Men’s KomodoSport LS FiveFingers

Photo Gallery — Women’s KomodoSport LS FiveFingers

Sneak Peak!

Two of the three Fall 2011 colorways for the women’s Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport LS

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

62 replies on “KomodoSport LS Vibram FiveFingers Review”

Look great. Just wish they would make them in a 48, or anything else other than KSO’s and Classics in a 48.

Do these breath better than the original Bikilia? I don’t wear my Bikilas anymore because they are too hot to me.


I think they do. I don’t know if it is the thread or the weave being tighter (?) on the Bikila but they do seem to run hot. These less so but you do have some added fabric on top due to the tongue.

Hmmm, I’m interested. I love my KSO’s. I have a pair of Speeds but I don’t like the thicker sole as I lose some of the barefoot feel for working out. I’m hoping these will be a great blend.

I dig the Men’s black/green design, and the Women’s Purple/Black is pimpin’. I assume these and the Speeds were created with people who were getting too distracted by gawkers. I know my Komodos get the least amount of stares and questions.

Also, I was wondering about the black part that covers pinky toe and the toe next to it. Is that some kind of thicker solid protective covering for more careless people? 🙂

Aesthetically, these are okay. A little flashy. Not my favorite, but I have eyeing up the blue/gray pair for a while now. They are growing on me. When it comes down to what I will spend my hard earned money on, I am holding out for the Trek LS, something that I can hopefully wear through the long MN winters. If I were to win a pair of KomodoSport LS, I would certainly wear them. I have always been curious about the KomodoSport feel, as many have all but replaced their KSOs with them. I definitely prefer the speed lacing system to the top velco closure.

I’m really excited to see these. I could use a pair of these guys as some regular every other use pair. I have my Bikilia LS and love em’. Since I have a wide foot I’m actually glad to see Vibram making more LS models. I tried a regular Bikilia but kept blowing out the seams. Will re-post on my blog for all to see.

Oh man, you got three pairs for free! plus the women’s variant… I should start my own website, too!
looking forward to the other reviews.


Glad you reminded me — meant to cover this in the review. It does seem to be protective in nature. Check the updated section on the “upper.”

Do you know what the price will be, and are they good for everday use for long periods of time like for school?


I’d guess they’ll be $100 as that seems the standard VFF price these days for all new models (excepting leather varietals).

Re: all day everyday use — TOTALLY work for that. I’ve been wearing them for that purpose as part of testing them out.

I think I would like them because of my love for the ”regular” komodosports… but the bikila lace are a desaster for me!

Would you recommend me the LS version of the Komodosport? is it the same fit as the bikila lace? the soles are different! but the feeling?

Please your advice!

Awesome! This is just one more reason why CitySports rocks (and of course too!).

I agree that the upper is a little wild looking but they’re still really cool. I’ve been in love with the Komodos ever since reading your review a while back but still haven’t bought a pair (was planning to wait until my Bikilas wore out). I agree with Jeepman that the Bikilas can get pretty hot…this is my first summer running in them and its been in the 90s for over a month now. Glad to hear the Komodos seem to breath a little better 🙂 Thanks again for the review; I always like the sneak peaks and I like how you posted so many detailed pics for us to drool over until they’re released!

Love the colors/design, especially the women’s (although I prefer the men’s sizing). I have the Bikila LS and do like the lacing. I just wish they would have made the lacing out of elastic cord that stretches a bit. I still find them a bit difficult to put on, and I don’t have a high instep or high volume foot. Thanks for the great reviews!

Oh man, I am excited about these! I just got my first pair of VFFs, the KSOs, a month or so ago. Apparently I have a high instep (I had no idea) but the velcro barely gets halfway up the shoe, despite it fitting. I did the hair-tie mod found in the forums and it worked like a charm, but I’ve learned my lesson. It’s LS’s for me from now on!

I really want a pair of VFFs for badminton, volleyball and other sports like that, and I’m thinking this will be them! I also actually love their look (love the mens blue and all of the women’s colors), and would love a pair that I know would get my friends more interested (my fuschia/grey KSOs are kind of off-putting, appearance-wise). I love the flexibility of the KSOs, so I’m really glad these seem to be similar enough you can’t notice a difference. I’ll definitely be saving up for a pair I think!

like Jeepman, I find breathability my biggest concern (I, too, gave up on bikilas because they got too hot). Second biggest is sole thickness. I like my treks on trails and my KSOs on most everything else, and I’m not sure I see a need in the middle. For me, of course.

I agree with your aesthetic evaluation of the KomodoSport LS, but I’m thankful since I’m a ‘non-recovering’ VFF-addict (I own 16 pairs). When I retired all my ties and regular shoes went into storage. When the regular Komodos came out I loved the more secure ‘foot hug’ so much I bought all 3 colors which I now wear almost exclusively (however my FiveFinger Speeds did look great at a recent wedding 🙂 Even though I don’t need laces I’m glad the new Komodo LS look the way they do–I feel no compulsion to buy a new pair for style 🙂

BE ENCOURAGED VIBRAM… you’re our feet’s future. I can’t thank you enough for no more back pain, leg pain or heal pain. My 6 yr old son wears his two pair most of the time too.

I actually like the look of them, for the most part – except for the weird fourth/fifth toes.

I’ve been saving up for the Komodos for a while now, but maybe I’ll hold off for these.

I love my sprints for just about everything, but I’ve been looking for something with more coverage.

And I guess this is a general question of the Komodos: Is the thickness very noticeable, especially when someone is used to the sole of the Sprints/KSOs?

I LOVE the pink and purple women’s colors! But.. the women’s sizing is too small for me, so I have to buy the mens colors, which is very disappointing. Any chance you can talk them into going up to a size 42 or 43 KomodoSport LS?

Yes, I think they’re ugly. Fortunately, the plain leather uppers of the VFFs Bormio and Trek LS coming this fall will spare us of that kind of childish flashy design.
Also hopefully, those forthcoming models will feature fully leather uppers for the toe pockets making them the first water-proof VFFs alternative for rainy days. Until then the priority is in another dedicated model to chase frisbees and go to the gym.

That is an awesome design!I am just curious are these way better than Bikilia Speed?I own a pair of Bikilia Speed and can hardly move my toes in them when i bought them.Can you move your toes easier when they are brand new?

These looks awesome! I only with I could get the pink ones in a mens size. ha! 😉 I’d totally rock them. 😀

Is the fabric different from the regular komodos? I am real excited about getting a pair of ffv, but the breathability issue is what is slowing me down. When I try them on and walk around they feel great, but when I sit down I want to take them off right away. My go to shoe right now is a big roomy pair of crocs.

I love the design! VFFs, because of the toe pockets, will always have busy / complicated areas in the front … and I think the addition of some busyness elsewhere (most of all with the bright green, yellow, and pink colors) really makes it look more balanced / natural / integrated. Flashy, yes, but I think less frankensteinian (and disturbing to general pedestrians) than most of the other VFF lines.

PS: I don’t mind some flashiness even with more casually worn shoes, and though that is not everyone’s cup-of-tea, I think the bright, aggressive running shoe look is becoming more popular in general. Shoes like the NB Minimums Trail seem to have been popping up more-and-more at some pretty big parties for a while now (at least in NY, Provincetown, San Diego) … but perhaps that is just my own cognitive bias at work.

I can see what you mean re: being overdesigned,
but, being in that minority you mentioned who prefers Komodos to KSOs for everyday wear, I will almost certainly get a pair.

The green ones look cool enough…

Is the sizing similar to the regular Komodosports? I just got a pair of black Komodos but I love the green/black color way. Just curious if the sizing is the same. I really love my Komodos and need another pair for work and just walking around.


Does anyone know if these shoes can be worn in water? I like them a lot to run with but also want to wear them at the beach with ruining them.

I’ve had my Gray/Gray KS LS for a little over a week now, and they’ve usurped the KSO as my favorite pair of VFFs. I’ve previously owned the KSO and Bikila. As for sizing, I wear a 43 in black KSO, and found because of the foot-bed insert, went up to a 44 in the KomodoSport LS. I could have fit my feet into the size 43, but my left foot is a bit longer than the right, so I sized up to accommodate. After spending real walking time in them, I’m so happy I did.
I’ve walked 5+ miles in them, worn them on the beach on vacation, waded through a small flood we had while there – they performed brilliantly. To be completely honest, I don’t even miss my (nearly worn through) KSOs. These are just so incredibly comfortable. Yeah, you lose a bit of ground feel, but when you’re mostly walking on concrete (in NYC), it’s not a big deal. I expect these will be warmer in winter because my feet are higher off the ground, better insulated.
Now that I have a perfect casual pair of VFFs, it may be time to check out the leathers. 🙂

Just picked these up yesterday. Killer fit and love the laces. Great to knock around in and may be using them in more competitive scenes too – running/obstacles.

I have been researching these shoes for a while and like the Komodosport LS idea. Does anyone know if they carry these at Dick’s Sporting Goods? Also what is the size difference between a Bikila LS and these as I can only find that type in store? I have never owned a VFF yet.

Since they are laced, do they also help with people with very narrow feet? How do these feel running on trails (rocky/sandy) surfaces? I am a distance runner and a coach recommended them to me.

How do these shoes work for people with narrow feet? also what about running on sandy/rocky trails?

Thanks for a great review. I think these are a little unsubtle in terms of colour scheme, but the design is fabulous if, like me, you have a high arch and wide feet. I have 2 pairs of Bikila LS and recently bought some Komodo Sports too. I run approx 25 miles a week in the Bikila LS and I find them fabulously comfortable and brilliant on uneven trails and grass, as well as the road. I wear the Komodo Sports for circuit training, regular gym work and weight training, and find them terrific too. It would be interesting to compare these to the Bikila LS for running, but my guess is that they represent the best of both worlds. Hope they come to the UK soon.

Thanks for the very detailed review. These look great, if aesthetically a little challenging. I have 2 pairs of Bilkila LS and some Komodo Sports too. I run about 25 miles a week in the Bikila LSs and use the Komodos for circuit training, weights and general gym work. I think these are a great compromise for an all-round sports shoe. Hope they come to the UK soon!

I have a pair of the blk/greens and love them. Amazingly comfortable and I think they look kinda cool too! They sure do attract attention though. How have you guys with the grey/dark-blue found this shoe in that regard? I normally don’t mind the attention, but I think I might be able to pull off less flashy colors in more places (work on the weekends and such).

Also, I wanted to say that I found these shoes to stretch a bit*. I originally ordered the 45s and ended up with way too much slack in the heel cup after a day or two of wear. I then ordered the 44s and found them perfect a few days in, even though they were hard to get into at first. I’ll probably sell the 45s on ebay or something.

*Mileage may vary. I have wide feet which may have contributed to the stretching.

How have you guys with the grey/dark-blue found these shoes as an attention grabber? I LOVE my blk/green … very comfortable and I think they look cool … but I can’t imagine pulling them off at work or other places. May need a second pair 🙂

I’ve had these for a few weeks now and they are awesome. BUT…the heel doesn’t have a strap around it and it feels much looser. The material around the heel is cut a little lower and this ads to the sensation that crud can get in there more easily than KSOs. For me, this shoe would be perfect with a heel strap.

Sorry for the sort of double post. Thought the first one didn’t get through.

@Trent. I would have to agree a bit. The heel cup can seem a bit loose … and was the only real reason I had to move down to a 44 from the 45. Not sure if a strap is the answer, or just a higher cup, but I would like it to be a little more secure (if it can be done without too much pressure on the achilles … which might be hard, at least given the shape of my foot).

Got mine less than a week after they released. Super comfy, but on longer runs I notice the seam along the side of the ball of the foot getting painful / hot. On my last run I had to stop after 3.5 miles and have a nice blister to show for it. Maybe I should have went with the Bikila LSs or use moleskin? My KSOs don’t seem to have this issue, but I like the touch more padding the Komodos offer. In both cases I don’t wear the Injinji liners.

Ok, I’m trying to decide between the Bikila LS and the Komodosport LS. What is the difference and which is the best for running?

My advice would be to go with the Bikila LS. I have these, and the Komodo Sports, and the Bikilas are definitely better than the Komodos in terms of grip on varied surfaces. I wear the Komodos in the gym and they are great.

@Alan I’ve heard just the opposite between the komodosport and the bikala in terms of grip. Lol. Milage may vary?

i’ve had the trek for almost four years now and it was time to get new ones. so today i got a new pair of komodosports ls. And i have to say, they were MORE than i was hoping for, they are incredibly comfortable!

Thanks for the review. I bought a woman’s pair but my dog literally chewed up the laces 🙁 I couldn’t find a replacement lace at REI or through the company website. Would you happen to know if additional laces need to be purchased or do I need to buy another pair of shoes? Thanks again!

I have to say it was this pair that brought me back to VFF’s beyond the trail! I love my KSO Trek Lite’s, but I have a high volume foot, so they were too tight to wear beyond my running trails. I read this review and picked up a pair today. I’ve had them on 8 straight hours and they still feel comfortable! The lacing system is THE BEES KNEES for a high volume foot! Also, I dig the 80s Tron looks of the grey/blue… call me nostalgic… kind of. 🙂

i just got my KomodoSport LS in pink today!!! they’re my first VFF:) i was curious if you had noticed any tightness/rubbing between the middle and “ring” toe, i guess you would call it? is that normal or should that fade? or is it just because im not used to having shoes between those toes? and its only on my left foot so im not very sure…

I’m torn between what appear to be rave reviews on the comfort and versatility of the KomodoSport LS and the styling of the Speed. If I bought the Speed do you think I would have the same level of comfort offered by KomodoSport LS? Also would the Speed perform well when I go out and do pick-up sports with my son that may require some sprinting and cutting on both hard/soft surfaces?

i grow up without shoes in where i live, after i came to uk i never belive or dream that s i will feel the ground as before, but but but, five fingers offer me this feeling again, unbeliveble,, it s help me to improve my speed as well, the evidence is Rock “n” Roll half marathon.stop for 2 years, before the half marathon, i never belive tht s i will have my time BB back, but i have got it in one 6 weeks, 1h22min, just for now, i look forward to reduce it to less thn 1h20. Mr. Colin McPhail from SNOW LINE FOOT WORKS Einburhg,helps me lots ,thank you verry much ALI BABA JI COLIN.
now all my training its in five fingers funy shoes.
sorry for my “Moroccan SALAD english”

I love mine. I tend to spend lots of time on gravel and the thinner soles of the KSO’s and Classic tend to get the soles of my feet bruised up pretty bad. Both my KomodoSport LS and regular KomodoSports have become my favorite VFF.

I bought the Komodosport LS after reading this review. They are my first pair of VFF. I had used Nike free 3.0 and occasionally Vivobarefoot Evo II for the last year. I made the transition (too) quickly suffering from very sore calves for a good week but increased the distance up to 11miles. I have just been for another 8 mile run on gravel in the dark and it was FANTASTIC. The shoes are now nice and soft and I have hardly ever enjoyed running so much.
I think I finally get the barefoot style right. One thing I realized is how important it is to be supple, the more you stretch the better. The more flexible I become the easier efficient and especially barefoot style running seems to be. I now made it a habit to stop after 2k and stretch for a few minutes. Then continue nicely warmed up, light and flexible. Try it!

Would love to buy these of bikila ls in size 48 but not available. I’m sure there must be many other men who would too. Come on vibram, make some more customers happy.

Found size 48 bikila ls on amazon, couldn’t believe it but sure enough 48’s arrived in the post. They are about half size smaller than the 48 kso so fit me perfectly whereas kso slightly too big but adjustable with strap. Not sure how the amazon supplier got them as vibram don’t seem to list a 48 bikila ls.but they are the real deal.

I have noticed that after a recent sale, some stores (MEC for one) is carrying them again and has the tag “new”. Has a new line been produced or are these still the same model as the older ones? I ask cause mine are in need of replacement and instead of playing around with the new modelds to see which fit best (I have wider feet) was hoping to buy two pairs of this style again to keep me going for a few more years.

Hi, I had a pair of KSO’s and they just died on me. I hike a lot in the french pyrenees mountains where I live. I’m a martial artist of almost 30 years and so I have feet like leather, so I walk barefoot where I can, But in the mountains there are places that I just need protection. I want to buy something that is easy to take on and off quickly, as I don’t want to be holding up walking partners and I don’t want to be confined to walking with my Vibrams on all the time. What would you suggest. The KSO’s were great, but a bit slippy in places and so I’d like a better grip. Any advice?

Hello all, after much deliberating over this style of running shoe ive finally taken the plunge long story short i suffer from knee pain being ex army apparently it was quite common even if the joints are healthy (booted runs, tabs, miles of pavement pounding etc so the docs said anyway).

I was a bit dubious at first but all can say is my kmd sport ls are comfy spot on size wise thanks to colin at footworksrunning, i take a size 8 shoe normally foot length wize was 25.3cm size which i think recommended size 40 on the vibram website, but he advised a size 41 fits like a glove not to tight just spot on seems comfy and grippy.

I cannot wait to try them out on the road/treadmill and get running properly again.

just on a note to the guy above me these deffo have more grip than the ksos but the new kso evos look to be have better grip than the old ones. although the new treksport series a lot of guys love them for the mountain side great tread and protection.

But if you want boots that are lightweight get yourself some altberg sneakers or jungle ones bit dear at £140 ish but last years. ive had mine about 4 so far going to have them resoled soon. Unhook the laces rather than undoing them about as quick as trainers if im honest.

Anyway i’ll keep you guys posted on the new kmd sport ls and how the knee pain is after a few weeks.

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