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2011 Fall Vibram FiveFingers Boots, Laces, Leather and More!

The above pictures are a sneak preview of some of the shoes and boots in the Vibram Five Fingers 2011 Fall line-up. As you can see, boots and leather are emphasized to give Five Finger wearers more options for work and casual wear while providing more pr…

Updated 7/21/2011 with links to:

I’m excited to share with you all a sneak preview of some of the five toed shoes and boots in the Vibram FiveFingers 2011 Fall line-up. As you can see, Vibram has taken things up a notch — in more ways than one.

Overall, we’re seeing new laced varietals of FiveFingers — for those who don’t get “laces” on their toe shoes, realize that there are many would-be toe shoe fans who have high insteps. These “high feet” can make many VFFs too tight on the top of the foot — laces are a simple, time-tested solution to both this problem and the general issue of making a standardized shoe have a more custom fit for unique feet!

Perhaps having heard the call for winter-worthy toe shoes as well as the need for toe shoes for everyday, casual wear (read: more fashionable and less sporty), we see FiveFingers boots!

FiveFingers Kanga!

Update February 2012: this shoe never really got mass-produced. Rumor is that a couple hundred pairs (or so) got produced and are for sale in Europe. That’s it.

First, the super-high boots with the furry tops are a women’s model called the Kanga FiveFingers. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the FiveFingers Kangas are pretty warm. How could they not be?

Given with the furry flare the Kanga has, it screams for attention and fits in with the high-boot fashion craze (oh the hours I’ve spent shopping for boots with Mrs. BirthdayShoes!). I wonder what celebrity will be caught wearing them first. Any FiveFingers ladyfolk after some boots?

The Kanga FiveFingers may not see a U.S. release as word is they didn’t show up in the U.S. catalog. The Cervinia may be the U.S. equivalent (knit upper, no fur, Jaya sole). Stay tuned.

FiveFingers Trek LS

Update Fall 2011! I’ve reviewed the Trek LS FiveFingers!

Next, we see leather FiveFingers with laces — these are the Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS, which are basically Speed FiveFingers dressed in leather with a Trek sole.

As many Speed owners will tell you, the FiveFingers Speed is a fantastic model in the VFF line-up. Dressed in classy leather with the fantastic Trek sole, I think these will be a great addition to the line-up. Want!

The Fall 2011 Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS, all-leather Vibram toe shoes for everyday wear (though you could certainly do an impromptu sprint, dead lift, or tree climb in them if need presents itself!).

FiveFingers Speeds in the U.S.!

Update! FiveFigners Speeds are out in the U.S.!

Now, I’m unclear as to how this fits in with the leather, Speed-like upper Trek LS, but I’ve got numerous people telling me the FiveFingers Speeds (the non-leather, Bikila-soled varieties!) are indeed, finally, coming to the United States.

Can I get an “amen?”

FiveFingers Bormio (Boot)

From left to right we see the Vibram FiveFingers Bormio leather boot, the leather FiveFingers Trek LS (Speed!), and a few pairs of KSO Treks — all from the Fall 2011 Vibram line-up!

Meanwhile, perhaps a reincarnation of the never-really-released FiveFingers Cortina, we see a leather boot — this is the FiveFingers Bormio. The Bormio has zippers on either side and features the Trek sole. We’ve reviewed the Bormio FiveFingers boots here in full. They retail for $160.

FiveFingers KomodoSport LS

And what are these new-styled LS FiveFingers? It’s the FiveFingers Komodo LS! You can tell it’s a Komodo by the side profile of the women’s (pink) Komodo LS. Update July 2011!: We actually got our feet into pre-production versions of the KomodoSport LS and have reviewed the men’s here and the women’s KomodoSport LS here!

The original, non-laced KomodoSport, if you’re not up to date on VFF models, is the Spring 2011 model was released in Spring 2011 with a new sole design. You can order the KomodoSport (non-laced versions) now, actually, or learn more about them on the Komodo FiveFingers page!


In addition to the new color combos for Bikilas and Bikila LS, which is also slated to arrive any day now. Finally, it looks like there may be a women’s calf-length “boot” with Jaya sole called the FiveFingers Cervinia. Haven’t seen any photos of the Cervinia yet, so if I get some, I’ll be sure to post them here!

Parting thoughts …

If you’re still reading, might I suggest you head off to read the actual reviews of these FiveFingers! This post is now (Feb. 2012) over a year old and everything mentioned above has been released (save the Cervinia and Kanga, which got nixed as far as being mass produced). Perhaps more excitingly, there are now newer models slated for release to get excited about. Just head over here to get a full rundown of all the FiveFingers coverage on BirthdayShoes — the barefoot shoes reviews rundown!

If it’s not clear, we don’t yet know all the details on these Fall 2011 models READ: These models will not be available until Fall 2011 (Attempting to head off 100 emails by folks who skim — you know who you are!). It seems Vibram reps only learned about them in the past month at the most, and are slowly spreading word to retailers around the country (and world!). That means there is some speculation above and a few attempts to match scuttlebutt to photos. We’ll sort it out here in the coming days and weeks.

So what do you think of these new FiveFingers models for Fall 2011 from Vibram? Sound off in the comments below!

Hat tip goes to Max DeLacy of BarefootInc, VFF runner, distributor, and go-to connection for FiveFingers in Australia, for sending in the photos. Also a nod to my anonymous source who filled in a lot of the product details! If you have additional intelligence (or clarifications!) on the 2011 Fall Vibram line-up, please drop me a line!

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

95 replies on “2011 Fall Vibram FiveFingers Boots, Laces, Leather and More!”

This is pretty awesome news! Too bad I have a budget that doesn’t include a lot of VFF money :-/

I’d be curious what the male boots have for insulation and waterproofing. While running in wet, body heat makes a huge difference. But in just walking around a wet foot would defeat some of the purpose of more insulation.

In any event, I’m very excited 🙂

Living in Canada, we have some pretty cold and snowy winters. I really want a pair of winter 5 finger boots like the Kangas pictured above, but for men.

I have a pair of all handmade leather sheepskin lined moccasin boots coming in March, but would much rather have the freedom of my toes with Vibrams.

I guess we wait and see what comes of this in the fall

As great as I think a lot of these new VFFs look I wish Vibram would stop slapping the Bikila or Trek sole on the bottom of everything. My preference would be for more models with the nice and thin Sprint sole.

I have 4 pairs of five fingers and use them frequently. Those womens boots are hideous though. Wow, that’s a little off the beaten path for Vibram.

I really hope they make vegan versions of these. There are so many quality and environmentally friendly synthetic leathers out there. Or even an insulated waxed canvas.

Vibram I hope you’re listening.

I’m really glad to see Vibram making a boot that looks suitable for sloshing around in the snow. It’s very cold and wet here in Michigan right now and my thick soled boots make my feet angry. Looks like I’ll have to put up with it until it gets warm though. Definitely looking forward to the fall line up, thanks for the info!

I don’t know about the Kangas, but they aren’t marketed to me, being a big, burly man and all. I have had, for years, a general hate of big, fuzzy boots, but that’s just me.

The rest of these are pretty great, though. I have managed to wear my neutral colored VFFs to work and get away with it, but I am glad they are coming out with some more simple, “workplacey” colors.

Methinks the Emperor is VERY close to having no clothes… (ie, those boots have ventured into eye-rolling territory.)

I would really like to see some simple, high-topish (not too tall), LACED up men’s boots for wintertime. I think laces really are the best thing for most of these as they allow you to really fit them right. My left foot is slightly bigger than my right and while it’s not the worst feeling in the world I don’t like all the extra room sometimes (46, next size down, is too tight for both feet). Ideally they would be pretty form fitting from the back to just short of the toes.
The upcoming Merrells are also interesting but my Patagonia Loulous didn’t work for me (too big on the right, too tight on my left small toe) so I don’t know what to expect.
I had a pair of Treks in 46 but after shredding 2 pairs (inside big toe, too small) I went to a pair of 47 Treksports. I think a pair of Classics, something laced in a solid dark color (and whats up with the “toenails” on my Treksports?!?), and a pair of hightops/boots would suit me just fine.

Any thoughts on comparing the various laced “regular” models- Speed, Bikila LS, Komodo LS,…?

Yeah … those lady-boots are like a mullet (which, of course, tries to please the boss and look cool, yet does neither). They’re trying to be stylish and comfortable, yet are likely neither. I can’t envision the woman who would wear those.

Of course I’m guessing on whether the boots are comfortable, but I just see two major obstacles to making a five-finger CASUAL winter boot that I’m not sure they can overcome.

1) The snow-between-the-toes problem would require so much waterproofing and insulation that you’d have to sacrifice so much flexibility and breathability that … you may as well just wear regular boots.

2) For the same reason that mittens are warmer than gloves, isolated toes just aren’t gonna be as warm as snuggled-together toes. Even the warmest gloves can’t compete with mittens.

(BTW – I recently got some Nuwool Injinji toe socks. In leu of buying some Flows, this is a great – and cheaper – option for running in the snow. Your feet will get wet, but they’ll stay warm.)

The fact that Vibram would even think of putting out a 5 toed UGGish boot pretty puts me off of ever buying another pair of their shoes again. Instead of going back and redoing the sprint and kso so they have the more seemless more odor resistant upper of the bikila, they are going a more trendy, less functional route even going so far as to I believe put an insert in the komodo. Heck, even Nike w/ its $5 to make shoes updates and improves their models. It just really tells me that they are more in the market of selling shoes than these other companies that are listening to their consumers and modifying them in that direction.

Good thing merrel’s trail glove comes out in a few weeks and altra’s adam will be out in april

I agree with Jeeters. How about a pair of standard KSO shoes with laces? I just don’t like running on asphalt/concrete with anything thicker than a Classic/Sprint/Flow/KSO sole.

okay, i really love my five fingers (sprint and kso trek) and use them when i run. but five finger boots? i’m sorry, but they have officially jumped the shark with those. u-g-l-y. it looks like a cadaver’s leg.

Sweeeet. I really love the boots, myself – it’s a real pity these are not gonna be available for guys. If they were, I’d definitely snag a pair for myself! 😉

(Are you listening, Vibram? ;))

From a family that swears by the VFF’s I can do without the laces on their products but will take the Bormio boots as I have worn my collection of VFF’s exclusively for almost a year. Snow is overcome by wearing a thin over shoe rubber boot, but I frequent freezing and freezing temps in my KSO Treks wearing Injinji’s as a liner with no issues. VIBRAM if you are listening, GET BACK TO THE THIN SOLES! I’m ok with the Bormio having a trek sole since it is a boot, but I’d give a lot to marry my Trek uppers with the KSO or Classic sole! I like being able to flex my feet and toes more than the Trek or Bakila soles allow. DON’T DEPART from the original intent of your product!!!!!

Please PLEASE tell me there will be some simple boots without the juvenile fur accents. I get enough comments from strangers about my “monkey feet”, I don’t need to add fur to the problem…

I don’t find fair to say Vibram isn’t listening to their costumers to improve their models.
KSO Trek was modified. They added a Velcro closure to attach the strap to the heel and slightly reduced the size of the sole and overall fit respect the initial release.
In the Komodo they reintroduced a double-strap system rather than rely on a good-for-all single strap placed in a more posterior position and with the tendency to bend at its way through the rings at an angle.
Many people wanted discreet, more dressy designs to be worn everyday as regular shoes. The adoption of leather has been is going to the right direction. They should now develop a new sole for that purpose, something with more grip than the Classic soles, more resistant to abrasion and more stable on flat and hard surfaces compared to the Trek sole.
As for the water proof capabilities, sooner or later we will see some models with the fabric between the toes replaced by something less prone to take up water. I wouldn’t be surprise they have already taken this decision in their new boots Bornio and Kanga, even in those other leather models, Trek LS and the other one similar to the Trek but in a lighter tone. They look as if they have also leather between the toes. Leather would certainly improve the water proofing capabilities and thermal isolation in their shoes.

I have to say that those fur-lined boots are UGLY. I am a woman and I would never wear those things. If they were fur on the inside and plain leather on the outside then maybe, but that fur trim on the outside and those bows (or whatever they are) at the top are awful. I’ll stick with my Uggs for boots in the winter. I like the shorter leather boot and the leather speeds. I’m also not too crazy about the Komodo LS. I don’t mind laces (I love my Speeds with laces), I would just prefer regular laces that tie than the type they used on those. I guess we’ll have to see. I’ve already got about a dozen pairs of VFFs so I don’t know how many more pairs the hubby will let me buy.

With these new leather models they seem to go for a share in the market of other minimalist shoe makers specialized in more dressy shoes such as Terra Plana. This will also improve their public image as a manufacturer of classy, good quality products.
These long boots aren’t intended to be sold in large amounts, the price will probably unaffordable for most people who could otherwise be willing to wear them. It is mainly intended to attract the attention of the media.

“…Men’s Bornio boot features a fully lined kangaroo upper and rugged EVA and performance rubber sole.”

As I had suspected, Vibram has given rid of the textile fabric between the toes and has fully lined the upper with leather to make the shoes more water proof and improve their thermal insolation.

The upper fabric in the Komodo LS looks like of a different, thicker and more shiny material, including the fabric lining the toe pockets.
Unfortunately, they have removed the rear strap.

i can not wait for ALL of these to come out..

(except boots)

but so glad to see more winter specific.. utah weather is getting old in my kso and kso treks…

also i want the black with the reg. laces.. look soooo good…


Come on Vibram, you had the 2007 best invention of the year award with your classics, sprints, and kso’s. I’m glad the company has blossomed so, but let’s improve upon the models that made it all possible. S-can the newer models and focus on the Love!

Oh wow… They really need to stick to sportier shoes… The new ones look amazing. The boots? Holy god are those the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.

C’mon Vibram- these shoes are just absurd. I love my Sprints for running and working out, but these leather boots and shoes are just plain ugly. I would love to see a shoe/boot put out by Vibram with the same thickness of the sole, but without the separate toes (more like a foot mitten than a glove.) That would fill a real need in the minimalist market. But the boots and shoes are just… unnecessary and stupid. Also, maybe you could focus a little more on quality control and production issues instead of coming up with these impractical and stupid designs. Winter boots with separate toes are not and will never be warmer than a shoe that has one toe box. Plain and simple.

I admit that I have 3 pairs of VFF’s in total and I was one of the biggest fans / promoters that one could be for the first year or two… but then when the Bikila came out with its weird thicker sole, and the designs started exploding… well, I have completely fallen OUT of love with the shoes. I am done. They are ugly, stupid and pointless. I graduated to regular old really barefoot running and use VFF’s only when the terrain or temps call for it- other than that I’m in my moccasins or uggs. VFF’s are so over done, over exposed, over hyped… just plain over. Jack of all trades, master of none.

It’s about time, thanks for producing a line of shoes that can be worn anytime. Work though will still see them as “unprofessional” and will ban me from wearing them, oh well… they can’t control my down time. I think these shoes rock! and frankly my back has never felt better! It looks as though my five finger collection will increase over the next year.


I don’t share your newly acquired disdain for Vibram nor do I believe that they should be taken to task for putting out new designs and models. I think it’s great they’re trying new things and seeing what works and what doesn’t. That said, if there’s one thing I do wish, it’d be that Vibram provide true updates to the original, classic sole rather than only providing new models that feature only the high-tech, thicker/stiffer soles (mind: Jaya may be more minimalist given the interplay of EVA base to rubber pods, but that’s yet to be determined).

For example, I’d love to have leather uppers with the Speed design married to a basic sole — an updated version of the Classic/KSO/Sprint sole (I’d just make the toe “caps” look more like the Treks — straight and not curved across the top of the toe — aesthetically better looking IMO). I’d also love to see leather KSOs.

If you’re hating on Vibram because they are creating shoes like boots or laced VFFs, I think that’s kinda silly (no offense). Why is velcro ok but laces and zippers are not ok? VFFs have and always will be shoes no matter the tie-down mechanism. Laces have a functional purpose. Laces != Nikes or traditional shoes. A boot has a purpose, too, and it’s not limited simply to winter wear. Ankle protection is also a purpose. Others might find a boot more comfortable.

But yeah, would like to see some more basic soles in these new models. That’s my .02 as I sit here and think on it. Even still I think the Bormio and the leather Trek LS will be great options because their “high tech” soles are thicker but still worlds better than 99.9% of the other shoes out there.

If I had to guess (boldly stumbling into an assumption about your views/position, so please take this as non-offensively as possible) I’d say that you don’t have any VFFs that aren’t the basic soled varietals — that’s fine, but you may have unfairly cast down the new soles as being outright “bad” as compared to the basic soles. Meanwhile, if you have KSOs, you have a “high-tech” sole compared to Classics or Sprints — b/c the KSOs have EVA that Classics and Sprints lack. Again, they’re all shoes and always have been. Let’s not split hairs.

I do agree that the tall furry boots are a little odd… but no stranger/uglier than other boots I’ve seen people wearing. Just because they’re not -my- taste, doesn’t make them bad.

I -want- a pair (or two… one in each color!) of the Bormios. They’re gorgeous, and perfect when I want to dress up and still be able to wiggle my toes. The new colors of Komodo are also really pretty. I’m digging that black/purple/teal pair…

I’m curious how the Jaya sole will feel. I like the ground sense of the Classic/KSO sole, but don’t like how quickly it wears out. I like the ruggedness of the Trek sole, but wish I could feel the ground a bit more. It’s a tradeoff, and part of why I -have- multiple pairs. I’m not a fan of the laces, but I’ve never really been big on tying my shoes. My TrekSports I’ve modified the strap on (having it go behind my ankle gave me blisters, so I made a strap that just goes across the top of my foot) and can slip them off and on almost as easily as my Classics.

I’m curious to see which of these actually come to market, where, and how much they’ll eat out of my bank account. I think it’s neat to see how Vibram is developing the brand, though.

As somebody who has perpetually cold feet in the winter – I like the furry boots!

I am having trouble visualizing how one would actually put them on, though…

I’m definitely digging the new shoes. Leather Speeds? Gotta have ’em. Bormios? Need ’em now, so I’ll need ’em next fall/winter, too. Loving the lace-up KSO Treks, and the new Komodo styles.

All in all, I’m pleased that Vibram is stepping up its game and pushing the five-finger envelope.

Thanks for the info, Justin. And as always, keep up the good work…

I’m all for variety and options, but it seems that Vibram’s focus is shifting exclusively to making regular enclosed shoes with regular soles that happen to have separate toe compartments. A want a thin soled minimalist shoe, and that is certainly not the direction these are going. I’d rather try a thin soled minimalist shoe without the separate toes than any of these “confining” new offerings.

I’m digging the Komodo LS and Trek LS. I can see the functionality of having laces. Hopefully Vibram is monitoring things and will make sure there’s plenty of offerings with the earlier thinner soles.

I live in a desert environment ie, catclaw, mesquite, cactus, rocks and whitethorn and am restricted to civilized terrains and desert paths and trails, and no one likes having their ankles torn up cause the shoe can’t protect my skin (don’t EVEN talk to me about bare foot out doors here, ever hear of goatheads?). So the shorter leather options look wonderful to me, and I will definitely be getting a pair or two if they are available…..The tall boots, those are wild, but as mentioned before they will probably be well beyond normal people’s budgets. But why oh why do they restrict sales of some of the coolest models to Europe only??? Come on Vibram, give us ALL a chance to buy EVERY model you make. Let’s make it a five fingers world.

I am definitely excited to see Vibram venture out in different styles. It makes it easier for me to be able to wear VFFs more often when I need “fancier” shoes. Now, I pretty much get away with it except on a few occasions. However, I do also wish that Vibram would incorporate the Classic type sole with new styles. Or just improve upon the classic.

In general, I have always preferred lace up shoes to slip ons. Didn’t matter what kind of slip on it was, to me it was uncomfortable. I don’t like wearing the VFF KSO that I have once I have stopped running. Maybe the lace up version will appeal to people like me. I for one am glad to see a company experiment and provide their customers with a greater choice. Some will not work,but some will and a few years from now we will all be better off for it.

Ok I am going to sell my VFFs.
After all those postings here I believe the wearers are radical fundamentalists.

I love my VFFs. I use them for jogging and Running.
But I wan’t a pair (leather?) for daily use.
At 15°F Even runnig is pain. After sprinting uphill and finally feeling a bit warmer I hit a puddle with cold ice slurry in it. OUCH.
Here it is friggn COLD!!!

So I really like the new line up with thicker materials and thicker soles.
Because my KSO feel so cold on the frozen pavement. it is no fun anymore when not moving or just walking. The sole is to thin way below the freezing point.

Now all fanatics shut up.
You are like the super green eco nerds.

They hate me although beeing green.
Yet I sometimes devour a fat-dripping burger.
So sports lunatics call me crazy for that.
a sports lunatic only eats proteins.
and a green lunatic only eats soy.

and the VFF lunatic hates every shoe that is no sports shoe? and has an additional millimeter material onthe sole?

I really liked this page but now I am a bit puzzeld.

I’d really love a male version of these furry boots.
also the brown/black leather shoe looks really good. I’d take it.

one pair like sprints/KSO for running and one pair for daily use.

damn you you haters.
yes maybe you aren’t exclusive anymore.

but here I am a lonesome VFF wearer.

oh my God, oh my God, oh my God….must have those fivefinger boots…they are fantastick.
A fivefinger lady (on my 4th pair og fivefingers)

Leather speeds would be my number 1 choice for my next fivefingers. I wish they would drop the ‘Vibram’ logo off the top though, the sole should be enough. Bormios will also be mine, although I’d prefer the bikila sole to the trek.

The new lineup is so cool. Where can i get more information and pictures? On the homepage of vibram aren’t informations about the new model’s.

I agree with widmerpool, logos should be removed from all uppers, particularly from the insteps. I don’t want to see the #@# logo every time I look down at my feet. I want shoes, not logos.
Any person interested in shoes with toes just can google it. Customers shouldn’t be treated by Vibram as human billboards.

I’m really excited to see the leather versions, though I don’t think it’s as much of a game changer as this would have been a year or 2 ago. I’ll be very interested to test ground feel in the Merrell Barefoot line which will speak volumes about just how necessary these additions to the V5F family will be.

@Zephyr: Are you against using a black permanent marker on the Vibram logos? I did it on my Black Kso’s and i was really happy with how they turned out. When i get the Trek LS in Black i will definitely be coloring in the yellow Vibram logos.

Can I borrow your brown and white permanent markers to cover the logos in my brown KSOs and Speeds?

You could easily buy a brown or black marker, or leave them the same. Either of those colors are better than yellow in my opinion.


I thought about cutting the threads that form the logo embroidery with a utility knife and some patience, but I’m not sure if it will leave holes or marks in the fabric.
The only yellow logos I can stand are those at the sides in the Sprints and KSOs, probably because I can’t usually see them from above with the shoes on.

Yea I thought about cutting off the thread too, but i think it would end up looking funny. The Vibram logos on the sides of my KSO’s ended up starting to peel off, so i just peeled them off completely and they barely left any glue residue.

Will the Trek LS be in both male and female sizes? I’m a male but have small feet. I wear 38/39 in trek, kso and treksport.

the revolution is beginning, five fingers will become the standard shoe in 5-10 years, and i for one can not WAIT til that day ^_^ i love vffs i will forever wear them til the day i die.

@steven dennis,
What make you think it will occur that way and in such period of time, or perhaps is just wishful thinking?

How do I get on a pre-order list for the Bormio!!!!!!! I want both colors and where the heck is chocolate brown? Can we at least have the mens basic staple colors! I can’t believe thay never came out whith the moc in any sort of brown! Are these available in australia?

I understand that for some people thin soles are the main attraction; for me they are ideal but not as crucial as toes, so the new leather models are great.

The main reason I like VFFs is the articulated toes. All women’s and most men’s shoes, except for some Keens, crush my toes into unnatural positions, and Keens have ridiculously thick soles. Being able to use my toes correctly in VFFs on a daily basis has strengthened my formerly flat arches and cured my foot and back pain.

Two years ago I was wearing Sprints as my everyday shoes; since this past fall I’ve been wearing Treks as my everyday shoes. Because I want to wear VFFs in as many situations as possible, I think it’s fantastic that Vibram is making more models on the dressier side, even if they’re using the less comfortable thicker soles.

My main wish is for a model that looks appropriate with a skirt. Performa Janes with a Sprint or perhaps Jaya sole would be great. As it is, I’m stuck with Sprints, and the Jaya LRs are not much improvement.

I originally bought KSOs for working out with my sword (Iaido or Japanese swordsmanship). I love them and they’ve replaced everything except my boots. While you’re working or upland game hunting watching your dog, it’s hard to watch where you’re going and I would not replace my boots with anything with toes. There’s barbed wire and hidden footfalls in some places that would break toes.
I live in Utah and it gets cold here. This winter I tried to go with the KSO trek, but the sole was too stiff for me. I replaced it with wool injinjis and smartwool classics. They worked unbelevably well from November till now in February. Just not when it snows.
In my opinion, they could have done better implementing a winter shoe using smartwool as a liner rather than the outer. I reshipped 2 pairs just because the stitching had failed in a lot of places and the material had holes in some spots. Not to mention one pair because the toe pocket’s seams were glued misaligned to the rubber toe sole. Not to mention that it’s not even available on the main vibram website anymore.

I’m more of the opinion that they could spend at least some their design time on the original 3. The saddest thing is there are more models to decide from than color of upper.

I love my Sprints and was hoping a nice sport boot would come out, but those boots are ugly. The lace up ones look fun, but I guess we’ll see.

Winter is coming to an end; but I’d still like to see the FlowTreks come out in USA for snow/wet winter conditions. Treks were okay down to about +3F windchill and about +10F temps, but only if no snow to track through.

I keep hoping to see a Vibram Five Finger made a bit more like Tabi boot (using a zipper instead of the Kohaze tabs). I’ve been seriously considering butchering a pair of my zip up Tabi and KSOs to Frankenstein them together as a single pair of shoes. I love the feel, comfort and warmth of Tabi uppers, but prefer the feel and comfort of VFF soles. (Yes, I have sent them emails requesting that sort of combination.)

Seriously did someone just bring race into this? Wow. I love my fivefingers!! I own two pair and am anxiously awaiting the fall collection to buy more. And since John felt race was necessary I am not white and they are a must have for me. Seriously?




SO awesome.

Wow, the leather Speed’s and the Bormio look amazing. Not sure about the Kanga’s though – must be difficult to get your toes in those!

WOW if those BORMIO’s come out and are under $100 I am buying them the very day they are available in a US13 🙂

thats EXACTLY what I want (ok I want them in blue and orange too 🙂

I am excited for the leather Speeds. Will be a great asset in MN winters.

@Zephyr and widmerpool

I understand your disdain towards the logos, but at least Vibram keeps it to a minimum. It could be worse. Ever seen a pair of Nikes that didn’t have at least a half a dozen swoosh marks per shoe. I am not saying that the Vibram logo couldn’t be eliminated, but it could also be a lot worse.


Any chance you could get Vibram to send you a pair of the Bormio for a review? I’ve slowed down my VFF purchases in favor of Vivobarefoot but that boot looks worthy as yet another addition to the VFF inventory. cheers I’m also guessing Fall means late Sept for them to be in the distribution channels.

Those TrekLS are almost exactly what I’ve been looking for in a shoe. A Trek-soled ankle height leather boot WITH straps like the Komodosport would be ideal.

I gotta say I love this new trek sole line, maybe not for ashphalt and casual city wear. That being said as a farmer working in the dirt all day with no real running space aside from dirt, gravel, and rundown and overgrown natural surface trails this line is a win thicker soled leather boots = perfection, although at the same time id never give up my classics or ksos

I am so excited for the Kanga bootss, I can barely contain myself. YES!!!! YES!!! VFF Keeping bringing it! I have been slowly getting rid of my other shoes and as a woman, I need to replaced them with something… I am so going to go broke. Still looking for that shoe I can wear to work that doesn’t look like a vibrant running shoe.

I wear a size 40 in the Vibram KSO, I am going to buy the new Bormio boot and plan to wear toe socks with them. Should I go up to the 41 to allow for the socks?

I’m a woman and I love the looks of the kanga. If they use the trek sole (not the narrow komodo sole) then I would buy the kanga, cervinia, trek ls, and bormio immediately. I need shoes I can wear at work, and shoes that can get me through a slushy new england winter.

I’m loving VFF and with winter approaching I wonder to wich model I should turn in order to keep on wearing VFF even at -10°C…

Just a quick comment. The Cervinia was in production for a very short while, according to a Vibram rep. I met at Canfitpro! I know it exits because I have a pair! Unfortunately not in my size, but as a collector, they are pretty cool! I have some Kanga/Carezza for sale! Sizes 38, 39 and 40! 400 US a pair!

Hi Justin!,
I have a question for you, can you please tell me where is sale the boots, Five Fingers Kanga?, because I want to buy this boots!…I love it…. Please help me find these boots… Where I buy?…

Where can I find the Kangas and Cervinia for purchase? You mentioned the Cervinias cost $160.
Can you provide a link please? I have been waiting 2 years for these to e out and with winter looming in CO I want a pair of each to add to my 27 VFF collection. Lontras are good but I wants the red Kangas real bad. They are pretty.

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