Labor Day Minimalist/Barefoot Sales

Labor Day coming up this Monday, September 3, 2012, for those of us in the U.S. Labor Day weekend means a few things:

The end of Summer and the advent of Fall
The start of the American football season! (Go dawgs!)
Perhaps most importantly…

Updated 9/1/2012: See below!

Labor Day is coming up this Monday, September 3, 2012, for those of us in the U.S. Labor Day weekend means a few things:

  • The end of Summer and the advent of Fall
  • The start of the American football season! (Go dawgs!)
  • Perhaps most importantly, a day off of work.
  • And last but not least, big sales — well that’s the idea, anyway.

What follows are some of the deals you can get right now on Vibram FiveFingers (some up to 50% off) and Inov-8s. As the week progresses, expect to see this post grow in size. For sake of ease regarding where the deals are going down, I’ll be organizing the sales by retailer and then product, so expect to surf/shop around!


Everyone’s favorite huge outdoor retailer has a few big sales going on. Check it out:

Vibram FiveFingers — it’s clearance time for select FiveFingers! Check out their VFF sale here. REI is offering select Vibram models/colorways for as low as $40 (Men’s Sprints at 50% off).

The deal that’s really worth noticing is on the soon-to-be-history leather KSO Treks — they’re $86.93 in the classic brown kangaroo leather. That’s 30% off (MSRP is $125). Even with the release of the Spyridons, which have a great sole for trails, I’m still a bigger fan of the KSO Treks — note that Vibram is still making Trek Sports, but they have a fabric upper that just doesn’t hold up as well as leather.

REI also has the Teva Zilch sandals for $30 (62% off the MSRP of $80 – find the men’s here and the women’s here). If you’ve wanted a more minimalist sandal like a Teva or Chaco, outside of huaraches, there haven’t been a ton of options. The Zilch is one of the few.

U.S. Elite Gear

U.S. Elite Gear is offering 50% off their entire stock of Vibram FiveFingers with free shipping! It’s pretty simple: you just use our exclusive coupon — BIRTHDAYSHOES — at checkout and the discount will be applied. Check out what they’ve got here — KomodoSports, KSOs, Bikila LS, TrekSports all $42.50 to $50 shipped free after the discount.

LeftLane Sports

LeftLane Sports presently has various Inov-8 minimalist shoes at up to 55% off. We’ve not covered Inov-8 nearly enough on this site (hoping to change that), but they’ve been making minimalist-minded footwear for a long while now and have been a favorite shoe of bdayshoes ultrarunner Rob’s for years. They’re also mighty popular in the CrossFit crowd.

The way to get the Left Lane hook-up — if you’re not already a member — is to use my invite to sign-up. This will give you $10 of credit to put towards your first order over $50. The Inov-8s you’re likely to be most interested in can be found here. They include the Bare-X Lite 150s for $$67.45 or the Inov-8 F-Lite 195s for $69.95. Not bad, eh?

LeftLane is also hosting an Altra Running sale — it’s here. You can get Altra Instincts for close to $50 and Adams and Eves for $43! That’s close to a 50% discount!

Travel Country

Travel Country

Travel Country continues to have a slew of Vibram FiveFingers on closeout, with some seriously awesome deals.

Here is just a sample. For the men, you have a chance to get the devil-red “KSO Remix” for a mere $40 (53% off). Or if you’re up for a Fall-friendly, Halloween ready colorway, you can pick up black and orange KSOs for $50 (41% off). Meanwhile, women can grab the “Hawaiian Ocean” (blue) and grey Sprints for $36 (55% off). Oh and if you were wanting some men’s black Classic FiveFingers, you can get them for $40 (47% off). All orders over $49 ship free. Get’em while they last.

Vibram USA is offering select FiveFingers off of their website at 40% off with Free Shipping up until 9/4! You can see what’s included in the image above but what most piques my interest are the men’s Trek LS in brown for $84. These puppies are being discontinued and most online retailers no longer have any in stock (seems to me anyway — and those that do want $140 for them).

But women can hook up Jaya LRs ($60), Sprints ($48), and Classics ($45) at very reasonable prices, too — particularly considering you get free shipping on the deal. Not bad! Hook it up while it lasts!


There may be more sales coming down the pipeline. I’ll be sure to update this post and if you want to keep up with big sales, consider subscribing to BirthdayShoes by email (it’s free, private, and only get notified once a week about new posts on the blog here with the occasional extra email on new products or big sales like this!).

  • Updated 9/1 with sale

Stay tuned!

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6 replies on “Labor Day Minimalist/Barefoot Sales”

I was actually able to find a pair of the zilch at my local Marshall’s on clearance for only $25. I got lucky, there weren’t many left.

US Elite is out of everything but KSOs in size 42. Really need some new Bikila LS as mine are worn through to the cloth.

The problem with REI is that their inventory shown on their computer doesn’t necessarily match what they actually have. I was looking for a pair of Sprints and had to call 5-6 different stores to finally locate a pair. A number of stores’ computers showed that they had my size but they couldn’t find them.

Forgot to add: Sport Chalet also has Vibrams on sale. I saw a pair of Bikila at a local Sport Chalet store for only $39. They also have some on their website that are $59.99 – $69.99

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