Comment from: [Member]

My wife and I squealed when our favorite female comedian on our favorite sitcom flashed our favorite brand of toe shoes!

02/05/12 @ 09:03
Comment from: Brandon [Visitor]

One of the women in upper-management at my company wears VFFs regularly with her nice business suits. Her pair is a nice brown suede and they actually blend in quite well, I wonder how many other people have actually noticed them.

02/05/12 @ 11:23
Comment from: Karoliina [Visitor]

You should check out the new season of Survivor, which starts on February 15th. I've already spotted three (!) contestants wearing VFFs from the preview photos on I guess VFFs are truly mainstream now.

02/05/12 @ 12:02
Comment from: wilberfan [Visitor]

I'm glad someone noticed this and posted it! I, too, squealed! :-)

02/05/12 @ 16:45
Comment from: [Member]

I think I said HEY THOSE ARE MINE! To my partner who was in the room with me. I did not get a good look but I thought by the bottom they were the Bikila LS. I love that she was sporting them. To bad it was to get him to comment on how much he hates those shoes ;) She should have been rocking a pair of those cool Black, Neon Blue, and Neon Purple speeds you can only get in Europe. On a side note I love 30 rocks but I am sad that it bumped community off of the air for now.

02/05/12 @ 19:37
Comment from: Horse Rider [Visitor]
Horse Rider

No Robert not LS just regular Bikilas Silver/Verde/Silver, you can see the strap on the still above.

02/06/12 @ 11:50
Comment from: Christina Wolf [Visitor]
Christina Wolf

I wear my VFF's with dresses, suits, jeans, shorts...everything I own. Let's be real, since I bought my first pair 2 years ago, it's the only shoe I will put on my feet!

02/07/12 @ 09:27

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