Comment from: ABMann [Visitor]  

Before I started wearing VFFs, I wore exclusively Merrel shoes. I'm all for the collaboration as they're both excellent, well-intentioned companies.

07/22/10 @ 10:25
Comment from: Rich [Visitor]

A friend who works at a running store told me about this a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't know whether to believe him. I'm excited for this. Merrell makes the best hiking boots and shoes I've ever worn, so I'm excited what they an do with a minimal style. Question - will there be running shoes or just the typical merrell hiking/outdoor style? I guess if they're really minimal, you should be able to use the same shoe for both...

07/22/10 @ 11:35
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]


07/22/10 @ 12:15
Comment from: funE_man [Visitor]

Really excited for the Merrell line. It's always been one of my favorite "foot coffins" especially since they have so many style with a wide toe box. It'll be great to have a possible winter alternative for here in Chicago that doesn't cost me $450 for custom boots.

07/22/10 @ 12:17
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]

I suppose it seems natural that Vibram and Merrell are partnering in the minimalist shoe category. I love Merrell shoes, some of the most comfortable "shoes" i've worn, I still think I'll stay with five fingers. And the magazine add is hilarious!

07/22/10 @ 12:42
Comment from: Jason Jantzen [Visitor]  
Jason Jantzen

"...a narrower last, a little added
cushioning in the forefoot area, padding
in the tongue and heel..."

Stop that. Words like narrow, cushioning,
and padding don't mix well with minimalist

07/22/10 @ 12:57
Comment from: dru [Visitor]

Vibram's comment on copies, can I get a poster of that?? It's GREAT! hehe
Laughs aside, I agree with the above. Narrow, and cushioning and padding have no place in minimalist footwear.

07/22/10 @ 14:19
Comment from: Allan [Visitor]

Nice advert against the counterfeits - i'd love to see owners of genuine fivefingers send in photos of them reproducing the advert with their own shoes as a sign of support to the cause, as in "here's what i think of fakes" - unless that's too close to counterfeiting itself :) ha ha

07/22/10 @ 14:41
Comment from: Jon C [Visitor]
Jon C

I need a poster of that as well. Seeing that image made my day. Absolutely AWESOME!

07/22/10 @ 15:23
Comment from: Rich [Visitor]

"Stop that. Words like narrow, cushioning, and padding don't mix well with minimalist runners."

It's all relative. The Bikila has more cushioning (a thicker sole) under the forefoot than, say, a classic, and it has padding at the achilles (which is what I think they mean here - not padding under the heel). Some people criticize the Bikila for those reasons, but many of us find it to be the best VFF for running.

So when they say "narrower," I ask, "compared to what." When they say "add a little padding/cushioning," I ask "what is the starting point that you're adding to?"

For some, anything more substantial than a classic is too much, and that's fine. But even among minimalist runners, there are those of us who are perfectly fine (and in fact appreciate) with some slight movement away from the super minimal (i.e. a classic/sprint). Exactly where these Merrells fall remains to be seen.

07/22/10 @ 16:11
Comment from: Jeff [Visitor]

I would love to see merrell with a shoe like that. I was wondering when that was gona happen. And screw those counterfeiters! I always see the adds on facebook and write a report on them but it probably doesn't matter to them cuz they're gettin their money.

07/22/10 @ 16:23
Comment from: leaf [Visitor]

I'm a VFF supporter, but the one area that I think VFFs (so far) have not covered is waterproof footwear. In the PNW it is wet a LOT of the time. If VFF can figure out how to do a breathable waterproof fabric on the foot-gloves great; if it takes a "mitten" and collaboration with Merrell, that's OK too. Bring it on!!!

07/22/10 @ 18:02
Comment from: Al [Visitor]

Can we get a blown up image of that ad for a destop background? I love it.

07/26/10 @ 22:04
Comment from: Joseph [Visitor]

Please, please, PLEASE! make them in a wide width. Right now there are ZERO manufacturers making athletic shoes with a neutral sole for WIDE feet. I love my VFF's but they can't be worn everywhere and the soles aren't thick enough to protect me from the heat of the pavement here in the south.

07/27/10 @ 19:44
Comment from: ben [Visitor]

I was thinking the same thing, Joseph. Feeling optimistic, as merrells tend to run wide.

08/01/10 @ 19:36
Comment from: Z [Visitor]  

Great. So it's a shoe. The 5's popularity has warranted Vibram to sell out their revolutionary concepts to your standard shoe company, thus reducing their innovative footwear to now encompass "minimalist footwear" the form of a shoe. No toes. Just another shoe.

Not so special. Nothing new. And sadly--surprisingly coming from a company that has done so much for barefooting in such a short period of time--entirely predictable.

I'll take 5's any day. Passing them off as Merrells of all things is a joke, and it just discredits Vibram's established cred among those who value their pioneering tech as just that: The next best thing to BEING barefoot.

08/03/10 @ 22:16
Comment from: carmen [Visitor]

"...a narrower last, a little added
cushioning in the forefoot area, padding
in the tongue and heel..."

agree with Jason... maybe an option for a transition shoe, for those interested in a "transition" shoe... definitely not for me as i have a very wide size 5 foot with playful-splayful toes
ill stick with the real deal or go naked

as for the ad, sign me up for the poster too! a t-shirt to wear while im out running or wherever would be awesome!

08/09/10 @ 21:40
Comment from: Ziz [Visitor]

While I loved my VFF Sprints and I have some Bikilas, frankly I am tired of having fabric between my toes all the time, especially the little toe. I almost had my little toe ripped off hiking down Mt. Monadnock in NH, something that probably wouldn't have happened if I were wearing shoes with a traditional toe box. Also, I've been running without any shoes for a few weeks now, and I really notice the difference it makes not having my toes encased in material. I wish Vibram would make a mono-toed shoe with the same width, materials, thicknesses and technology as their VFF's. Unfortunately, these Merrell's don't look like they are going to be wide enough. I wonder why they chose to use a more narrow last?

08/16/10 @ 09:44
Comment from: Elizabeth [Visitor]

I agree with Ziz. I love everything about my Classics but sometimes I want one big stretchy toe box. Once in a while I get a little tired of picking twigs out from betwix my toes. I'm looking into Feelmax next.

08/21/10 @ 10:12
Comment from: Chickenlegs [Visitor]

I'll be interested in the Merrells after kicking my little toe on a rock and breaking it while wearing VFFs.
I run mostly totally barefoot but some trails are just too rocky and carry VFFs for when I get to the rough stuff.
Just having a little more toe protection on the trails I run on would be helpful.

08/22/10 @ 19:13
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]  

i'm an ex-runner with much foot problems. Been wearing MBT's but very heavy. Just bought new Merrell true glove vibram light weights and feet never felt better. I wear a wide shoe but the standard is wide enough for my feet and has wide toe box. I will wear them for a full week then try running.

06/05/11 @ 21:36
Comment from: Curtis Martin [Visitor]  
Curtis Martin

I picked up my Merrills on Monday at REI in Manhattan Beach, CA. I wore them for the rest of the day. I tested them out a bit on a loop around the park. Everyone says go slow until you know how they affect you.
I like how my stride naturally comes up on the ball of my foot. This morning I cranked out a mile, and shaved two minutes off my normal time. By the end of that mile I was feeling sore in my calves. So I walked back. The stiffness has pretty much worked itself out by now (1:00 pm).
I'll be wearing them all day tomorrow at a health fair promoting Vemma. My next run comes up on Friday, and I'll probably post a blog about my Merrill barefoot shoes over the weekend. They are so comfy! I'd wear them all day if I could.

09/07/11 @ 16:07

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