Comment from: Mr. Leigh [Visitor]
Mr. Leigh

I really like the blue/red/black/white colored shoe, but have no need for a transitional shoe. I am already wearing minimalist footwear. It will be interesting to see what additional information we can get on these.

05/15/12 @ 15:13
Comment from: Ryan Wall [Visitor]
Ryan Wall

WOW! How goes it sir. I was google-ing away on the 3090, and randomly stumbled upon your site. I now have become a faithful follower of birthday shoes...
Hope all is well.


05/15/12 @ 15:17
Comment from: Tim Nicoll [Visitor]
Tim Nicoll

I'm hoping the 3090's replace the last-generation MT101, as those are currently my favorite traditional shoe. The new Road/Trail minimus shoes are all to narrow in the toe-box for my foot, and the material on some are weird, too. The replacement for the MT101, the MT110 (I think) looks like the top of the shoe is all plastic, which I hate. Hopefully the 3090's fill the gap for a wide toebox with a traditional material for the body of the shoe. Have to go see!

05/15/12 @ 15:23
Comment from: Ty [Visitor]

Saw a pair of these at a local NB store in Chicago along with the MX20 v2, and they both looked nice. Thinking they may be specifically for the crossfit crowd, as they seems to be as into the Minimus line as anybody.

05/15/12 @ 15:43
Comment from: Nev [Visitor]

I hope you are not using "spastic" incorrectly here!

05/15/12 @ 19:16
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]

A 4mm minimus-lasted shoe with revlite sounds like it could be a dream shoe to me..

05/15/12 @ 19:34
Comment from: Marc [Visitor]

Holy cow those look a million times cooler than the other Minimus series shoes...

Wait a darn second, Vibram isn't making the sole anymore?!? I don't see a Vibram stamp!

05/15/12 @ 19:38
Comment from: [Member]

I find it crazy that the runner in the video runs so fast that he needs a dragster parachute to slow down ;) I could not help but laugh at that.

I never thought about using a parachute to increase resistance. Interesting concept. I wonder how much harder you have to work to compensate for the extra drag.

Strange I don't see a Vibram logo on the sole either. I wonder what that is about?

05/15/12 @ 23:15
Comment from: Benry [Visitor]

I also couldn't help but notice the sole is not Vibram, but it seems to be made by New Balance by the logo near the heel on the sole. Not sure how this will affect the product, but at a $90 price point, it seems I may buy this product with good reviews!

05/15/12 @ 23:37
Comment from: PJ [Visitor]

Looks like they are going after the Kinvara segment...

4mm, 7oz, Cushy, $90...
Seems to similar for coincidence...

05/16/12 @ 00:44
Comment from: Lyonel [Visitor]

pointy nose, heel drop... bummer.

05/16/12 @ 07:00
Comment from: WillRamez [Visitor]  

Just bought a pair of NB's MT10 two days before NB released the 3090. If only i have knowned earlier.. the 3090 looks really awesome whether its a midway between a minimalist & transitional.. still looks cool to me. thanks for the info justin!

05/16/12 @ 10:04
Comment from: WillRamez [Visitor]  

Just got the NB Minimus MT10 on sale two days before NB released its minimus 3090... If only i have known earlier.. I was really looking for a shoes which i could alternate from my 12 series NB and a near minimalist. I think im spot on to NB's target market when it comes to customers looking for a comfortable awesome looking transitional..well it looks comfortable judging by how NB designed its Zero and my MT10. Great info here Justin! time to swipe that plastic again in a few months time..

05/16/12 @ 10:11
Comment from: Jeepman [Visitor]

@Robert, Parachute training is very common for sprinters and some long distance runners. (It’s for training and not for slowing you down like a dragster) My son and I do it about once every two weeks - its fun! It helps to add resistance to target your "top speed" muscle groups. What we've found is it helps increase your top end speed and strength which gives you a much stronger final kick at the end of our long distance races.

05/16/12 @ 11:05
Comment from: Gavin [Visitor]

I tried these on at footlocker today; they are very comfortable. I was actually surprised at how much cushion there is in these shoes. With that said, they did not feel like a barefoot shoe. I run in vibrams and was interested to see what the shoes would feel like but it's not comparable. I don't know if I would run in these because there is a little too much cushion in the sole and heel but I am definitely tempted to buy them and wear them to walk around in because of how comfortable they are.

05/16/12 @ 19:04
Comment from: A C C [Visitor]

@ P J

I agree that they are going after the Kinvara /Nike Free / Puma Faas / Brooks Pure Flow minimalist segment. The Kinvara is currently uncontested more or less.

If New Balance can get a better footbox than the Kinvara, they basically have a winner.

Another theory is they need something to replace the MT10s that crossfitters use.

However, an alternate theory is that New Balance had too many complaints on water going through from the ground on the Minimus Zero Trail. The fact they are not using Vibram soles may just mean they want more profit though.

05/16/12 @ 22:10
Comment from: ben [Visitor]  

These look like the rumored Crossfit specific Minimus; coaches at my gym have been talking about these for awhile and NB have been testing these out with certified trainers for some time (supposedly). Some of the CF specific features include built up arch areas (compared to prior MTs) for rope climbs and firmer toe caps for burpees. The clip showed a ton of heavily used CF movements. That said, if these are not zero-drop (as they sure look to be even further built than the 10s), then they may have missed the boat on what most Crossfitters are after in an all-around shoe. And, from appearance alone, I don't think I would want to lift in a shoe this pronounced. Sticking with my MT00s for now, though they are falling apart like crazy in the toe box.

05/16/12 @ 23:07
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]

Tried a pair on at a Footlocker this morning. Very disappointed with the fit. I've been a big Minimus user - Trail 10, Road 00, even the 730 - and love that last. If previous Minimus fit like a track shoe, the 3090's felt more like a football or baseball cleat. I'll stick with what I've got.

05/17/12 @ 15:41
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]

Forgot to mention all the needless bulky interior padding around the collar.

05/17/12 @ 15:43
Comment from: molecule-shmolecule [Visitor]

the molecule-like shape of the sole looks good but when one of them "molecules" gets used-up or damaged it
critically affects the overall performance of the shoe.
an organic non-bumpy (or micro bumpy) sole is perfect since it tends to spread
the shocks your shoe gets more evenly.
i'm no proffesor mam, just a plain shimple guy.
can't help but wonder how a leading brand such as nb choose good looks over performance.
and i'm talking from personal experience.
having the first minimus trail, mt-10,
with that similar "molecule" design that
proved to be very weak in terms of durability and trust. and that's from a
20 minute walks on gravle, not even real trails, falling apart after only 5+
months. but hey, who knows. maybe taht new model here will last longer.
and by the way- nb makes grea shoes,
just that specific molecule sole design is practically wrong.
sorry for my spelling errors, i'm from
the middle east. (the place where the 2012 vibram models will arrive after we made peace.....)

05/17/12 @ 17:11
Comment from: Jam [Visitor]

I tried these on today at Foot Locker. It's strange these are part of the "minimus" collection since they don't have much of the characteristics. However, the minimus marketing will help them sell. If you're not a purist, these are actually pretty nice. They are what I would call a compromise between the standard MT10 and the Reebock Realflex. The stack height is in between. They have a removable, cushy, 2-3mm removable insole. They insole has no support, but with it removed, it's not the seamless interior like the other minimus shoes. I'd guess a differential 4-6mm or so by feel. I could feel the lugs underneath, and the sole is almost entirely revlite with some rubber pods for durability. Very light.

I think, like Brooks with Pure, they will sell a lot of these. This is clearly a "mainstream" shoe.

05/18/12 @ 20:10
Comment from: Jas [Visitor]

Did anyone else notice the Grey and light blue pair in the commercial with pinkish shoe strings? These are not out for sale that i have seen. Wonder when they will be released and where?

05/23/12 @ 09:59
Comment from: Jon [Visitor]

Where'd you get the info about the 4mm drop from? Wondering if something has changed because your link to the NB site doesn't work either. NB now says it's a 6mm drop:

"NB Minimus is a whole new approach to footwear, a place on the spectrum from barefoot running to the traditional maximum-cushioning running shoe. Inspired by Good Form Running and designed to be worn with or without socks. With only a 6mm drop from heel to toe, as little as a third of that of a traditional running shoe, the NB Minimus collection holds a world of discovery for neutral runners; additionally, Good Form Running teaches methods of improvement for those seeking to conquer gait issues",default,pd.html

05/23/12 @ 13:43
Comment from: Joshua [Visitor]

These look a lot like the Champion Octoflex they sold at Payless a little while ago. Wish I had got a pair as they were less than half the price.

05/30/12 @ 10:04
Comment from: Geoff [Visitor]

Minimus 3090 They look really cool on your feet. Very light and comfortable upper, but the sole of the shoe offers numerous pressure points that increase with wear and as the softer portions of the tread wear down faster than the harder rubber (they wear very quickly) I had to stop wearing mine after 6 weeks do to bruising on the bottom of my feet, even from just walking. Poor tread design.

07/04/12 @ 10:58
Comment from: Harris [Visitor]

I've put about 100km on mine so far and they've been pretty good. Light and flexible as I've been working towards a minimalist shoe running style. They're in my mix with the Nike Free Run+ 5.0 and Nike Lunarlites. Longest run in them so far is about 12km, mostly on pavement, which was a little sore on the feet at the end. Good for speedwork and short-distance runs.

07/18/12 @ 12:26
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]

I've had mine about three months, done around 250 miles in them, and they've been great. However, the lining has started to rip away from the sole around the sides, and I'm unsure whether to replace them with a new pair or something else. How has everyone else found durability with these?

04/02/13 @ 12:22

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