Comment from: Juggling Joe [Visitor]
Juggling Joe

That's my hometown! Pensacola in the house. I joggled (juggled and ran) the double bridge run in my VFF KSO's... I saw the guy with the Huaraches before the race started. I met a cool guy wearing VFF KSO's before the race too. So, I guess there was about at least 5 wearing VFF or minimalist footwear during the race. This is a good race for anyone visiting Pensacola in Feb.

03/29/11 @ 22:26
Comment from: Scott [Visitor]  

"I spent a few miles reviewing the key points of "Born to Run" with a curious runner." That was me... Thanks for the tips and time. Since then, I've gone barefoot/VFF, read Born to Run cover to cover, and am loving it. The knee pain has gone away. Unintentionally, I've dropped 1 minute per mile. I think it's b/c (in padded shoes) I could slog along and pound, and the shoes would cushion the shock. Barefooted/VFFed, you can't run w/ that poor form, and w/ the quicker cadence, you simply (or "I" simply) move more quickly.. Thanks for the words, Jesus-Boot-Guy. -- Scott

04/04/11 @ 11:20
Comment from: James [Visitor]  

Great story. I have been thinking about making my own homemade huaraches. What materials did you use to make yours? (and where did you get them?)

04/07/11 @ 09:57
Comment from: Jens [Visitor]

Several times during nearly 3 decades of my adult life I've attempted to take up running to supplement my cycling and have failed every time due to joint pain. I listened to experienced runners, went for fittings and bought the latest high tech shoes but the results were always the same, weeks of pain with no improvements. It's no wonder I've remained an avid cyclist for so long... even riding a century didn't come close to the torture of running half a mile.

A few weeks ago, having been bitten by the triathlon bug, I decided to try this running thing once again. However I strayed from convention and took a different approach this time around. I've taken a more common sense approach and have been learning to run more "naturally" and, much to the ridicule of my peers, have done so wearing water shoes with the liners removed. This morning was the first time, for as far back as I can remember, that I've been able to run a continuous and pain free 1 mile stretch. That may not seem like much and I admit it sounds downright pathetic but I feel like I've conquered a goliath. I've seen the light.

Sometimes you just have to question convention, open your ears to different ideas and listen to your body in order to know what works for you. As GC said, "You can walk a mile in my shoes but you can't dance a step in my feet".

04/14/11 @ 12:31

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