Comment from: Rich Ewenstein [Visitor]
Rich Ewenstein

I heard a bit about these a while ago from an "insider" but didn't have any real details. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. First, it's just ugly. Like, "we went out of our way to make it ugly," ugly.

Second, why no totally neutral option at first? I'm cool with offering the "transition" shoe - it might even be the one I'd buy (if I were buying one). But there's no reason not to offer the zero heel to toe drop model at first.

Third, they're calling it light at 8.5 ounces? Yeah, light compared to your standard trainer. Not compared to a flat or a VFF.

I applaud the thought behind this, but I see this more as a nike free-esque entry into minimal running, not an alternative to VFFs.

By the way, Justin, love the redesign (moving the links to the top). Much nicer!

08/02/10 @ 09:42
Comment from: Garret [Visitor]

And people say VFFs are ugly...

It's interesting to see how Vibram can have their own thing going and still just sell their soles to the competition. Well, I suppose the terminology is "partnering," but still. Having your pseudo-spokesperson talk down about VFFs while saying how great your shoe is - a shoe that uses your partner's soles - is great. In the end Vibram wins either way. I need to figure out a similar business model.

08/02/10 @ 09:56
Comment from: Aaron [Visitor]

Oh man, VFFs are not freaky compared to that orange S&M Spiderman plastic mesh :/

It's a good business decision by Vibram, since soles is a major revenue stream, but I hope they continue to focus on what makes VFFs great, and not continuing to 'shoe them up'. Take the 2011 models, for example. I understand they're trying to bridge the product gap and make them more mainstream, but I think they need to be careful of the brand identity; the more traditionally (and trendily) 'shoe-like' they become, the more they lose focus as the '5-fingers' is relegated to a marketing gimmick.

But products aside, the more people that run barefoot, or are transitioning to it, the better, for them and for society as a whole.

08/02/10 @ 10:48
Comment from: FishBone [Visitor]

Can't wait to get my hands on these. I'm also looking forward to the MT101s coming out in October. Only wish they'd make their way on the market sooner. I also run in Bikilas, Treks, and the Brooks Green Silenece. The VFFs over the course of the last year have certainly improved my form. I don't think i was every much of a heel striker to begin with, but i can barely walk now in my old mizunos. Once you become a forefoot runner there are a lot of great options out there on the market to look forward too outside of just the VFFs.

PS - Krupicka is amazing. Reading his blog, and watching him train with Jurek is pure motivation.

Keep up the good work.

08/02/10 @ 10:51
Comment from: Scott [Visitor]

From Anton's lastest blog 8-2-10, it looks like he is wearing this orange monster. Look at the picture showing him sitting on the pickup truck. I to look forward to the release of the 101s. Enjoy your running all.

08/03/10 @ 08:36
Comment from: [Member]

Nice find, Scott! Actually looks like he's wearing them in various photos (Anton's blog Riding the Wind -- post here):

08/03/10 @ 08:45
Comment from: Bobby [Visitor]

The pictures of Anton look more like MT100 or MT101's to me. Viewing the pics directly from his blog allows you to zoom in some more, and the shot of him sitting on the rocks shows a shoe that looks almost exactly like the MT100 but in a different colorway. I think orange may just be NB's new color for all their minimal shoes (Minimus, MT101, etc.)

08/03/10 @ 08:59
Comment from: [Member]

You could be right -- I was having trouble zooming over here (not sure why) -- the "N" does look a bit different now that I look at it closer.

08/03/10 @ 09:05
Comment from: Guest [Visitor]

I tried on a prototype of these a month ago or so and quite liked them, although I wish they could drop a few ounces and retain the durability. I run alot of barefoot, and honestly I can't really get worked up about a 4mm drop--as much as I tried, I couldn't notice it.

The one hangup for me about these shoes was price. As long as I can get racing flats for $30-50, it is hard to justify the $90-100 that I was told these would run.

08/03/10 @ 18:49
Comment from: THEtester [Visitor]

Hey everyone, let me clear up some of the confusion...the pictures you see above of Anton are not the Minimus he is was a special makeup of a 100 upper onto a sole unit of the 790, the minimus trail comes in two colors and that orange is one of them but the shoe you see above is not minimus...that being said...I ran in the Minimus trail shoe last night. It was a much more enjoyable experience than I ever had running trails in my VFF. I was able to run 8 miles and not have to worry if I was stepping on a stone or not or if the bottom of my foot was going to be severly bruised. I ran 5.5 miles with no socks and then I tried running in them with socks. If you want a more enjoyable experience with them right off the bat wear socks but expect a blister or two if you dont wear socks. Im taking them out today again. Stay tuned for more....

08/04/10 @ 10:34
Comment from: THEtester [Visitor]

Also, yes the 4mm drop actually made the running experience a little more enjoyable. The reason NB didnt go with a zero drop is they did testing with zero drop and they found that it made the shoe a little "slappy" to their liking. The 4mm drop gave them a good middle ground of still being minimal but provided a smoother transition from midfoot to forefoot.

And yes, all Minimus shoes will be $100 retail. The trail, road, and recovery shoe.

08/04/10 @ 10:37
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Inov8 already have shoes in the market that offer only a 3mm drop and 3mm sole. So their standard light trail shoe (think it's the X-talon and a more road version) are already more minimal than these new ranges are looking.

I'm interested in trying a pair (big VFF user 2*KSO, 1*Classic, 1*Bikila and some FeelMax Osma). Afraid New Balance and Merrel aren't impressing at the moment.

08/30/10 @ 12:18
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Here's a link to the Inov8 I mention

08/30/10 @ 12:20
Comment from: Babs [Visitor]  

I can't wait! I am, however, wondering about the comment in the interview above: "for NB Minimus we developed a new, more anatomically-correct last". Anatomically correct for whom? The beauty of NB is all the different lasts they offer to fit all/most foot types. I have discovered I can only wear a NB SL-2 last, which has a narrow heel, high instep, deep toe box, and wide forefoot width. How to find out if that will be available in these shoes? I need shoes ASAP and am happy to wait a few months, but will be pretty disappointed if I pass up on other SL-2 shoes now and then find the minimalist doesn't fit me. Any ideas? Thanks.

12/25/10 @ 13:30
Comment from: trailrunnercincy [Visitor]

I bought a pair of these yesterday and LOVE them. I wanted to sleep in them, they were so comfortable! I, too, run in Five Fingers, but they dig into my heels and toes at times... these feel like slippers.

03/08/11 @ 11:27
Comment from: Andrew Guitarte [Visitor]  
Andrew Guitarte

Just bought the orange NB Minimus size 10. I wear a 42 Bikila and 10.5 in regular running shoes. Fits me just right with a thumb's width from the big toe to the front end. I'm dropping my Mizuno race flats for these. Lighter & with less seams. I recommend though wearing the NB thin socks for marathon training just in case you're prone to blisters on the arch. I can feel some stitches ever so slightly but may be a big deal after thousands of footstrikes. Definitely complements my Bikilas & my naked feet for road & trail racing. By the way, I'm training to qualify for Boston 2012 and this may just fit the bill in case my Bikilas don't live up to the challenge.

05/30/11 @ 16:46

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