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New Speed FiveFingers Colors Provide Dressy Alternative

A quick look/review of two of the new men’s Speed Vibram FiveFingers colorways – brown/tan and gold/green.

You have seen a few posts about the new Vibram FiveFingers Speed colorways that have been released this month. I was quite fond of the Orange and Green pair as well as the Brown and Tan pair. Once I saw that they were available at TravelCountry, I jumped on the chance to pick up both of them. For budget’s sake I skipped picking up the blue and white pair so I will not really be talking about those in this article. Both of the Brown/Tan and Orange/Green pair of Speeds offer a bold new alternative to the classic Black and White colorway Vibram originally released. I know the Orange/Green pair might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for some it provides a colorful new option. Meanwhile, the Brown/Tan pair provides a fantastic dressy addition to the FiveFingers family. For more pictures of both of the colorways keep reading after the break!

Brown and Tan Speeds

Brown and Tan Speeds
The brown and tan speeds match quite well with a pair of Khaki pants. They provide an excellent alternative to some of the more dressy leather versions of Vibram FiveFingers like the Bormio or Trek LS. While this brown and tan style might not be black tie affair ready, it might provide just enough class to your outfit for it to be suitable in buisness environments and semi-formal events. When I first saw this color in person a few months ago I was not overly excited. Once I tried them on and saw them paired with my Khaki pants I was quite impressed. I feel like this colorway matches better with a pair of tan pants then any other pair Vibram makes. If you are a heavy wearer of Khaki slacks then you might want to pick up a pair of these for everyday wear.

Orange and Green Speeds

Orange and Green Speeds
Here are the orange and green Speeds FiveFingers with the same pair of Khaki pants. As you can see they are not exactly as dressy as the brown and tan pair but they still look good with a pair of dressy pants. They look better than I thought they would have actually. I think the pale yellow fabric around the sides of the toe pockets sort of matches the color of the Khakis. That seems to help them blend together better. This colorway really pops and is a real attention grabber. Out of all my VFF styles I have gotten more comments on this pair then all my other pairs combined. Thankfully the comments have been positive so far. Lots of poeple seem to really like the bold colors. And while some may not dig the bold look, I really like them. If you have the guts to pull off toe shoes in the first place, you might as well make them colorful to boot.

Selling Fast

I have been following the stock levels on the various websites and the new colorways seem to be selling quite well (for example, has them for $99.95 in most sizes/colorways). If you think you are interested in any of these colors then you might want to pick them up now. You never know how long Vibram will continue to produce these colors. I hope Vibram continues to expand on the colors they offer with the FiveFingers Speed line. It is their most casual offering and it seems to get mainstream approval. Personally, I love the casual/dress styles over the running/sport styles so I am always hoping Vibram can make larger strides in to the casual market. Did you pick up a pair of the new Speed colors? If so tell us what you think in the comments below. If you’re thinking about picking up a pair, what color combo is your favorite? Any color combination you’d like to see?

By Robert

Robert Barr resides in Woodinville Washington. He is an avid FiveFingers enthusiast who enjoys writing about his experiences in minimalist footwear. After graduating from the University of Washington with a BFA in Photography he started [url=]Washington Home Tours LLC[/url] a local real estate photography company. He also enjoys being a [url=]Scentsy[/url] consultant. At the moment his favorite pair of FiveFingers are his Bormio boots. Get to know Robert better via [url=]his interview here[/url].

13 replies on “New Speed FiveFingers Colors Provide Dressy Alternative”


Thanks for the review. I liked the speeds when they came out last year, but did not buy them, because the black color was in M40 and up, which I can not fit into. So , when the new speed colors where announced I could not get to excited, because I figured vibram would once again continue to make another bad business decision to market colors in M40 and up and not in M38,39 or in W sizes. Unfortunately I was correct. Can anyone explain Vibram’s business strategy?

@MJ They do have different colors for women. They run in sizes w36-42 perhaps one of those might fit you? The colorways are slightly different and more feminine. The have a rose/pumpkin and a grape/grey color.

I have to disagree with the statement that the brown Speeds are dressy. To me they just look like brown sneakers which are not dressy at all.

All imho of course.

Hey, just started using Vibram Five Fingers and am loving them. I also just started following your blog, great site!

Do you know if Vibams makes (or plans to make) a cold weather version of their shoe? I live in Canada and the model that I got are pretty good when the weather is okay but I like to run year round and they simply don’t stand up to the ridiculously cold temperatures that we get around here sometimes.


Not sure about “dressy”. In my office I would not feel comfortable in anything other than solid black. I have been making “steps” in the minimalist direction for about a year. Started running in Bikila LS in June. The best I have found for my office is a pair of black driving moccasins.

I love five fingers and the new colors for the speeds are great, but I have to agree with MJ on the sizing. I am a wide 38-39 and vibram used to make men’s in 38 and 39. Unfortunately with new styles came new sizing and 40+ became it for men. Due to the wish of my feet, the women’s don’t work for me as they are to narrow. Thus has begun a love hate relationship with Vibram for me. I love my five fingers and wear almost nothing else, but can no longer get any in my size. Please Vibram, go beck to making 38 & 39 in men’s!

Man, I was pretty sold on the blue colorway, but the brown ones do look pretty sharp. I think I actually could pull off wearing those at my office. I’ll have to do some more thinking now. Thanks for posting these!

I agree with MJ and Hammar. Why can’t Vibram produce the orange and green speed in M38 and M39? Vibram makes great shoes but they are not really good at doing business. Sigh….i guess i will look stupid wearing a M40 when i’m a M38. 🙁

These look great except who will buy shoes with 80’s mesh on them? They are impractical for trail walking because of twigs burrs etc. getting stuck or ripping the material and cleaning them? c’mon in three months they will look like four years old. LOSE THE MESH FOREVER VIBRAM!

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