New Women’s Vibram Five Fingers Trek Sport Available at CitySports!

We’ve just learned that a new Five Fingers Trek Sport for women has been released and is available for purchase from CitySports! Not only that, but it is available in two colors: Champagne and Black.The Trek Sport is a cross between a KSO and a KSO T…

We’ve just learned that the new Five Fingers Trek Sport for women has been released and is available for purchase from City Sports! Not only that, but it is available in both colors: Champagne (pictured above) and Black (note the strap is likely more gray than black as in the picture).

The Trek Sport is a cross between a KSO and a KSO Trek. It combines the functionality of a fabric upper with the ruggedness of the Trek sole, which, up until now, has only been available on the KSO Trek. The upper is made of super comfortable and breathable Coconut Active Carbon material. This is an excellent choice for comfort, yet tough enough to take to the trails! Also, check out the “close up” review of the Five Fingers Trek Sport last week if you want to see what you get with his new model.

If you’re looking to pick up the women’s Vibram Trek Sport here are the links:

They sell for $99.99, which is over the free shipping threshold at City Sports!

Go to City Sports!

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ORDERED my Black Trek Sport W37!!! SO EXCITED!!

I did have to call CitySports – the checkout was being funky from the re-direct in the alert e-mail. However, the guy said they are fixing it. Also the BIRTHDAY coupon code may have not taken so I sent follow-up e-mail on that too. I think this has happened before on the new announcements.

Regardless of all that…. THANKS JUSTIN once again for hosting such a rockin Fan Site !!!

I got my Champagne/Red Sport Treks today. I ordered from Morgan’s Shoes rather than City Sports since I had a coupon for 20% off and could preorder a pair; they told me they sold out before they could even get them up on the site, so they’re not available for ordering online.

I love these so much. I’m a huge fan of the KSO, always loved the look of the Trek’s but won’t wear them because I’m vegan and they’re made of leather, so I had to get these. So glad I did. They’re fantastic! Very comfortable. I’m especially loving the padded heel tab, although I have to be careful and make sure that I don’t have it folded down when I put them on (I keep forgetting to check and it’s pretty uncomfortable if it’s bent under and pressing against my heel).

I do wish I had more ground feel with these, but the grip on them is very nice. Loving the look, too. The red is gorgeous. Nice contrast to the sand color of the champagne, too.

I did find that the sole looks a little sloppy in some parts, though. Some of the areas of red bleed into the sand color. I’m not sure if the red is “painted” on or if it’s molded in and solid, but it looks almost as if someone sloppily painted the edges on some parts. Not a big deal, but I thought I’d mention it.

I’m waiting for this to come out in a women’s 41. I do a ton of hiking on extremely rocky paths. I love my KSOs, but I will gladly trade some ground feel for protection. I wish Vibram had a stronger pipeline for getting the products out.

After months of borrowing my boyfriend’s VFF’s (don’t worry, he has 7 pairs so he was not left without his beloved shoes), he finally bought me my own pair. (Thanks to the inventory alerts, he was able to get my size before they sold out.) The black VFF Trek Sports are fantastic – I am enjoying (in my opinion) the best parts of the KSO’s & the Treks all in one shoe. Even broke them in doing a garbage clean up at our local reservoir – they proved to be very effective when tromping over broken glass and climbing around on large rocks!!

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