Comment from: John [Visitor]

I've been really happy with my pair of the old "Off Road Hi" model boots. I hiked across the Grand Canyon in them and my feet felt great! The experience is so different from traditional hiking boots.

By the end of a long day of hiking, it's a real drag to keep lifting heavy boots with each step. I feel lighter on my feet for longer with these.

In them I seem *less* likely to roll an ankle, despite the boot having significantly less structure than a traditional boot.

Lastly, the ground feel gives you a little more signal about your surroundings and heightens the nature experience.

I'd recommend trying minimalist boots to anyone interested in hiking or backcountry camping.

11/13/18 @ 22:49
Comment from: Nocona [Visitor]

Great review Justin. Beautiful shoes. Kinda remind me of my 30 year old Vasque's from Italy. I'm guessing they beefed up the waterproofing a bit from their last design of these shoes from a couple years back. There were a few complaints of some leaking and wet feet. I'm betting they fixed this problem, so I just used the code you provided for my discount and ordered a pair. Thanks for that! Much appreciated. I'll finally own a pair of zero drop minimilist weatherproof boots. I've been waiting a long time before I pulled the trigger. I've emailed the Xero owners awhile back and asked for a weatherproof boot. They answered back and said they are trying to work on it. They are aware of the shortfalls of the waterproof boots currently on the market. We will see what they come up with.
I'm closer to a size 11 (a huge 10.5, small 11), so I ordered the 45. On the Vivo site it says that's a size 12. Never owned a 12. Hope these fit me. I'll update when I get the chance. Cheers.

11/14/18 @ 18:45
Comment from: Vince [Visitor]

Looking forward to the update on these. When I have enough money on hand, I may have to pick up a pair for myself.

11/24/18 @ 15:37
Comment from: Job [Visitor]  

I just got a pair of these and oiled them prior to use. Here in STL, it’s a bit colder than ATL. With the warm socks you can get at Wally World and maybe a nylon liner, these are great! Warm, dry etc. I still have a pair of low heeled PAC boots for snow, but these work for the in-between deep snow and cold wet. They would be too hot for summer use.

Side bar: anyone know of a bare/minimalist version of a Chuck Taylor or Samba?

11/27/18 @ 21:00
Comment from: Nocona [Visitor]

Update: Had to send back the size 45's because they were much too large (I'm 10.5-11). The 44's fit nice with the wiggle room in the toes that allow them to stay warm and toasty. After a nice off road hike in a wet mist up and down through the tree line, I noticed the uppers as being a bit stiff. They actually became more pliant as the miles added up and seem to be breaking in quickly. Loved the ground feel for a pretty heavy boot. Great protection from high sharp rocks and roots around the ankle area. It was about 38 degrees out and with thin wool socks my feet never became hot or cold. I didn't even notice them, and that's a good sign. They look amazing and are very comfortable. This was a fantastic purchase.

11/28/18 @ 13:20
Comment from: john [Visitor]  

I just used these boots straight out of the box on a walk towards Everest Base Camp in Nepal in winter. we got up to 3900 meters and minus 20' Celsius.
As an old bastard - born in 1959 i need all the help I can get.
I rate these boots at 9/10 for the following reasons.
No blisters

The only negative was that my feet sweated

02/13/19 @ 00:51
Comment from: Blobby [Visitor]

I own a lot of Vivos, and 2 pairs of this model. My usual size i 41, but the Tracker in 41 with the winter insole are not wide enough; I think it is caused by the padded colar that push the feet forward a little. With the regular and thinner insole, it is OK; so, I keep this pair and, thanks to sales, bought another pair in 42.
These shoes are very comfortable and very supple: high colar is not a problem for my regular bike commute. In black with black laces, these shoes remain unnoticable.
Major drawback: waterproofing is not good. Without grease, I had leaks (either the tong or the sawings near the inner front foot are the cause of that); with, it is far better, but canvas weatherproof Gobi are more efficient for this point.
Nevertheless, I think that the Tracker are great all around all weather shoes.

03/10/19 @ 10:51
Comment from: Mathias Ørsted Jensen [Visitor]  
Mathias Ørsted Jensen

Hello everyone

Are there any one who have used the boots regularly for more than a year?
Can you tell how they are, do they still fit as well, what about the sole (vivo barefoot have a lot of bad stories about broken soles)

Thank you for the review and all the coments

Best regards

08/29/19 @ 07:37
Comment from: [Member]

Hey Mathias! I'm still getting use out of mine—though been a bit less over the spring and summer as I almost always go for more minimalist shoes when the weather allows it. Looking forward to using these more soon as it cools down here in Atlanta, Georgia.

08/29/19 @ 09:40

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