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Ryan’s Dog and Dogs [Kickin’ Vibram Five Fingers Classics]

Vibram Five Fingers fan Ryan talks about his favorite Vibram model — the Classic — which he wears to relax around the house with his dog and family.

Ryan from Arizona (You might remember him from this post) has sent in some updated shots showing off his Vibram Five Fingers Classics as well as his dog. Ryan writes about the photos and his favorite Vibrams, the Classics:


As promised here are some takes while kickin’ it in the Classics with the dog and family. These are my favorite out of all models. I hit the trails this morning on the mountain behind my house in the KSOs and then live the day in these. It seems they are gaining in popularity which usually equates to social acceptance. I never like being mainstream, but seriously, I get tired of the looks and having to give the five minute pitch Tim Ferris speaks about. I’m to the point that I “smile and wave boys.” I dig ’em and enjoy wearing them everywhere. I like the simplicity of the Classics and the ease of use.

Life is good.

I’ve had the chance to correspond a good bit with Ryan over the past week. Among other things, I’ve further realized how Vibram Five Fingers wearers seem to share many common traits — strongly individualistic, intelligent, driven, into living healthy lifestyles, etc. It is strange to observe a piece of footwear bringing similar types of people together, but yet it is happening with fivefingers.

I’d also like to note that I have the same color-combo of VFFs, but mine are (I think) first generation as they lack the “Vibram” stitching on the top of the left shoe (see here).

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