Comment from: Josh S [Visitor]  
Josh S

When do the google branded VFF's start rolling off the production line?

11/25/09 @ 19:03
Comment from: Norman Dreamer. [Visitor]
Norman Dreamer.

Paris Hilten looking for Sergey Brin.
Hey Sergey, tell Paris tell you want to marry her and tell her this.
There are three wedding dresses.
1. Red (pink)
2. White.
3. What is the color of the third wedding dress.
Thanks Sergey.
She can be contacted through VFW
1391 veterans of foreign wars, Racine,Wisconsin. 2054 Franklin and 21st
contact through Steve or John Kraetsch. etc.etc.
Good luck, NOrman Dreamer.
from Racine,Wisconsin.

10/08/11 @ 12:09

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