Comment from: A [Visitor]

Is it worth to get each a pair of warrior, jc and mg? What makes the warrior less good for roads than jc?

04/23/16 @ 08:39
Comment from: [Member]


I would say that the Warriors are more of the versatile pair that edges more towards trails, while the JCs are the versatile model that edges more towards road running.

The Jerusalem Cruisers have a smoother tread and have slightly more give to them, which would be good for long distance running.

The mountain goats are pretty thick and would really be best for very treacherous, rocky adventures.

I have done plenty of trail running in both the JCs and Warriors and the JCs were fine for the most part. It really depends on what kind of activities you will be participating in.

The Warriors are a bit denser, so landers are a bit more jarring compared the JCs, but they are great to run with. Excellent flexibility and groundfeel.

04/24/16 @ 15:45
Comment from: Thank You [Visitor]
Thank You

Thank You, for this informative review.

05/01/16 @ 22:01
Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]  

Jarvis -- Thanks for bringing us up-to-date with developments at Shamma. The leather instep post is a great improvement over the lumpy strap twist in the earlier generation. Sometimes the lump was irritating.
The velcro heel strap looks useful if it's not too stiff. I'd found the various earlier models almost impossible to use due to the heel strap continually falling off my heel. I fixed the problem by adding a lace around my ankle which I ran through the little stretchy device that was intended to help hold up the heel strap (I moved this device to the back of the heel).
Shamma does (or did) offer some customization in that the location of the between-the-toes plug can be set by the customer. I plan to do this on my next order of Mountain Goats. I'll also get them a little longer than normally needed so that my toes don't slide off the top of the sole on steep descents.

05/02/16 @ 23:21
Comment from: [Member]


Very interesting!

I think that the new rear straps are definitely more secure than in previous versions. You are going to love them.

05/03/16 @ 13:46
Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor]

Hello Jarvis,

Thank you for all your thoughtful and thorough reviews. They are incredibly insightful and helpful. I'm interested in getting some barefoot sandals, for this summer, yet still wondering which one to get. I would like a barefoot sandal, that will serve me while I'm walking around in a meadow, hiking on a trail in the woods, occasionally trail running, gardening, and casually walking throughout my day. So far, I have read about EarthRunners, Luna sandals, Shammas sandals, and Unshoes sandals.

What sandals would you recommend? What is your favorite sandal? Plus, what sandal would you recommend for a 7 year old child? I noticed that EarthRunners and Luna has sandals for children, yet have no experience with them. I'm looking for a sandal that is comfortable, flexible, quick and easy to adjust, slip on and off easy, and can handle a variety of activities, like walking, running, bicycling, hiking, and the occasional water play. Thanks for all that you share.

05/26/16 @ 09:20
Comment from: [Member]


Personally, my favorite all-arounders are the Shamma Jerusalem Cruiser or the Warriors, while the best for running are the Gladsoles Originals (Streets).

The tradeoffs or customization and ease of use are well documented on their reviews.

For children, I am not sure, but I believe that EarthRunners and Lunas have children sizes. Shammas are probably a good option as well.

I would not recommend tying laces for younger children, unless they are really meticulous.

Again, the whole slip on and run around thing is key!


05/27/16 @ 11:32
Comment from: ben [Visitor]

Thanks for the review! Very helpful.
wanted to comment on the kids sandals. Kidofit shoes and xeroshoes make some good options. Xeroshoes makes a great kids option that, once the laces are set, is a slip on and run shoe. Xeroshoes option for kids is also 20$! And the kids have fun picking out the color of the laces and they can add beads to them as well. I was wanting to get vivobarefoot ultras as I think they would be a little easier (because the xeroshoes sometimes need some adjustments) but they are 56$ . My kids don't' even go a full year without growing out of sizes. So the xeroshoes are a good option for me and my family!

05/30/16 @ 10:17
Comment from: ben [Visitor]

Jennifer, for what you are looking for Kidofit froggy or vivobarefoot ultra might work really well.
The other super cheap fix i have been using and heard about is cheap water shoes from Target or some store like this. They are almost all zero drop and very flexible with wide toe box in most and thin soles. And they are like 5-10$/pair! Great for something in hot weather where you need some more protection.

05/30/16 @ 10:22
Comment from: [Member]


That's awesome! Thanks!

05/31/16 @ 13:59
Comment from: Luis [Visitor]  

I was looking to buy one warriors or Jc but none of them are able to ground. Josh told me I might be able to modify them. But I wished that Shamma could ground as well as EarthRunnurs.
Could you tell me your thoughts between those two, please?

02/02/17 @ 21:32
Comment from: [Member]

Hey Luis!

I suppose you could snag some of the conductive laces from Earthrunners and thread them through a Shamma Sole. It would be quite tricky though.

Another option would be to contact Earthrunners and see if they have any alternative sole options.

The Earth Runners Circadian with Conductive Laces that I reviewed a couple years back are an excellent sandal and are quite secure, but this will depend on the shape of your foot.

Of course, the Shammas are excellent all-arround running sandals and are one of my favorites as well.

If grounding is your number one priority, then you only have the earthrunners as an option. For fit and comfort, the Shammas are your best bet.

02/03/17 @ 11:15
Comment from: Mike DeAlto [Visitor]  
Mike DeAlto

Hey Jarvis!

So I've been running in the new ER Circadians for a few months and while I love them, I'm thinking of getting a more dedicated road-running sandal to better handle the beating of the asphalt. I'm between the Shamma Chargers (New name for the J.C.), the mountain goats, or the ER Alpha.

I think I like the Chargers the best because of the morflex sole but I have had a nagging foot injury for a while and would like a tad more cushion than 7mm to help heal properly. How would the Mountain Goats fair for road running? I'm curious because they are a blend of the Morflex and Newlfex sole. I'd like a sole with just a little "give" or bounce to it to absorb some of the asphalt impact.

Also wondering how the Alpha fares in that way too. I don't know much about the sole but it has a little more cushion like the mountain goats which I like.

Let me know your thoughts!



09/18/17 @ 12:54
Comment from: jeff [Visitor]  

I've decided to upgrade from big thick mainstream sandals(Chaco currently) to a Shamma. I've read many reviews but yours seem to be genuine. I might run in them but I will hike, walk, and wear as an all-rounder here in the mountains of north GA. I'll even take them when traveling. I really like the grip offered by the Newflex over the Morflex and don't really want a thick sole. So could a Newflex sandal like the Warriors serve as an all rounder? Could I be in it all day? I'm 5'4' 140lbs.



08/27/19 @ 17:35
Comment from: [Member]

Hi Jeff!

I am a huge fan of the Warriors and Chargers models from Shamma Sandals.

The Warriors have better traction and are slightly thinner, but also denser. The Chargers are more geared towards road running, so you should really enjoy the Warriors for your needs.

If you want more protection, there are the Goats, which are basically two soles slapped together: Newflex on the bottom and Morflex on the top for a little more thickness, but you sacrifice flexibility. I hiked Mount Washington in last year's Chargers and had a fantastic time, so you should enjoy the Warriors quite a bit!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

08/28/19 @ 08:06

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