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Thanks for the great reviews. I read the one on the Warriors just as I began to really need a sandal for tough mountain hikes (to use instead of the VFF Spyridon MR, which were starting to become painful on my super-wide feet).

I've since used the Warrior and then the Mountain Goat. The Mountain Goat works much better for me, protecting my toes from head-on bashes and the underside of my feet when landing on sharp rocks.

On steep terrain, my heel slides off the back a bit when going uphill and my toes hang over the front when going downhill. I have the straps about as tight as is comfortable (I'm using these on hikes that can last 12 hours or more). I'm considering ordering a custom pair that's a bit oversize to tackle this issue. What has been your experience?

Do the Luna sandals, which you mention, do the same thing or is there any difference?

I found that the sole on both the Warriors and the Mountain Goats grips very well on smooth rock but can slide if the rock has a coating of sand. Have you had any comparable experience, especially comparing other sandals with other types of soles (Luna appears to have a few different sole options)?

11/10/14 @ 17:08
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The Mountain Goats and Warriors are excellent for tough mountain hikes!

In such situations, the flexibility of your ankle and the ability to feel the terrain is especially important and these sandals excel in that regard--yes, even the thicker mountain goats.

The Goats are great because they do provide an additional level of protection, without sacrificing too much flexibility.

Josh Stiles, founder of Shamma Sandals was happy to make my pair of Mountain Goats with a shorter strap after he noticed how tightly I made my Warriors and JCs in my previous review of those sandals.

It should be a simple and painless process for you to do the same.

Luna does use a variety of soles from Vibram in their shoes, including Morflex and Newflex (same as Shamma), but also the Vibram Birkenstock sole, which is like a thicker version of the morflex sole with a bit of traction (it's a jigsaw design).

Among all of these Vibram soles, Newflex is easily the best for traction, density, and thinness.

I would recommend that you become more "vertical" when moving uphill or downhill with your sandals to reduce the likely hood of a slip. Think of yourself as landing your foot up and down instead of angling your foot with your forward movement.

In terms of sandals, I prefer the Shamma's over Lunas because of the strapping system, the leather uppers, price, and thinness of the design. Luna does have an additional strap that you can purchase to aid in stability, but I have not personally tried it out yet.

There will be upcoming reviews for Gladsoles (Original and Trail) and Earth Runners (with a Birkenstock Sole) on Since you are a running (and trail) sandal fan, you're going to love those reviews!


11/12/14 @ 11:15
Comment from: Martin [Visitor]

It seems like most huaraches makers creates thicker options with more protection for trail.
Now I dont run a lot of trail but occasionally and when I do its fairly technical, rocky & rooty, step hills. My experience is that extra protection under the foot isnt usually the problem. Perhaps if you are really in a rush but why not strengthen your sense about your sourroundings before going faster...

Bottom line, why wouldnt it be pleasant to run 50ks in the forrest with thinner options like the Warrior?

04/05/16 @ 01:51
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I would say that even for trails, most experienced runners do not need thicker soles. I would much prefer to be light on my feet and have plenty of dexterity over outright protection.

If I am light and careful, I do not need protection, ya know?

And it strengthens the feet!

You have tons of experience, so you would probably be in the same boat as I am.

I would much rather do 50k in the warriors than the mountain goats, but everyone is different.

Perhaps if it's an especially rocky trail with lots of points, but most of the trails I hike are mostly dirst and pebbles.

04/05/16 @ 08:42
Comment from: Martin [Visitor]

Yeah I think Im more like you :) I will go for the warriors but Im struggling finding the correct size. Emailing with them.

Vivobarefoot Eclipse came out the other day, new huarache, i hope they send you a pair for review.

04/06/16 @ 09:11
Comment from: Martin [Visitor]

The Mountain goat and luna gordo is probably awesome for tarahumara and people living in very rocky terrain but the forrests of sweden doesnt have as sharp rocks as they have been buttery smoothed by the ice age melt down.

04/06/16 @ 09:14
Comment from: [Member]

I'll reach out to vivobarefoot about the eclipse!

04/06/16 @ 09:28
Comment from: rhicks [Visitor]

Amazon is shipping the Eclipse. Mine should be here today. The Ulysses (I have two pair) are fantastic but being able to tighten down the strap is going to be a great bonus.

04/28/16 @ 09:39
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Please let us know what you think!


04/29/16 @ 10:14

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