Shawn is quite possibly the biggest Vibram Five Fingers fan I’ve encountered so far. Shawn got his 25th pair of VFFs, the black and orange KSOs, on Friday (Shawn tweeted it here or you could have seen his photo via VFF Now!).

Shawn’s collection has grown large in an attempt to color coordinate outfits with his VFFs. His first pair was the orange/vapor Sprints, which he got off eBay back in early 2007 — unfortunately, in the wrong size, which is why he has two pairs in that color.

Here are some collection stats:

  • 7 pairs of Classics
  • 7 pairs of Sprints
  • 5 pairs of KSOs
  • 2 pairs of Flows
  • 2 pairs of Mocs
  • 1 pair of KSO Treks
  • 1 pair of Surges

Shawn’s current favorite VFF style is the Moc, which Shawn finds “Perfect for bumming around the house.” His least favorite? The Flows, which he finds too constricting on his toes: “[Flow Five Fingers] are very tight around the toes to the point where you can never ‘forget you have them on.’ But they are good for the winter months.” And as for the Treks, “The jury’s still out although they performed extremely well on my last hike of the season.”

Incidentally, Shawn was one of the first VFF-fans to submit photos to BirthdayShoes way back in early May of this year.

With so many pairs of Five Fingers, it’s got to be hard to decide on which ones to wear!