Comment from: Mikim [Visitor]

Nice that Skechers got meb on board but I think of shoes as tires. If the car sucks then it doesn't matter what kind of tires you use.

06/13/12 @ 10:24
Comment from: [Member]

@Mikim: True enough, but the reverse is definitely not true. I doubt Meb, or any athlete for that matter, would jeopardize their race performance by wearing a sub-par shoe. :)

06/13/12 @ 10:53
Comment from: John White [Visitor]
John White

I'd be cautious working with Skechers.

Don't forget, they just got dinged with a $50 million false advertising judgement. They made at least 10x that off of the 'scientifically backed' shoes themselves, of course. That could be a reflection on how the company operates.

The barefoot or minimalist running field is especially prone to hype and misleading information.

(link to Skechers advertising story),0,2592762.story

That said, they need user feedback just like any other shoe company. Just be careful!

06/13/12 @ 11:46
Comment from: Mikekim [Visitor]

Not sure if that is a sponsor deal or not. Input was given so prolly some investment

06/13/12 @ 13:17
Comment from: [Member]

@John White: Yes, we all know how Skechers got dinged with the $50 million false advertising judgement. Keep in mind that Skechers is a huge company with many groups and divisions. The group that I and several other runners are working with, the Performance Division, is a totally new and different group that are serious about making a good product. While I can't reveal too much right now, the proof is in some of the prototypes I am and have been testing. This is good stuff and I think serious runners are going to like what they see. And simply the fact that they are open to actual user feedback in a fast turn-around, rapid prototyping way leads me to believe that they really do care about what real runners think.

06/13/12 @ 14:13
Comment from: [Member]

@Mikekim: Sponsor deal or not, investment or not an athlete isn't going to wear a shoe that would compromise his potential. Believe me I know. While I'm no Meb I have been a sponsored athlete in the past and if I didn't believe in the product I wouldn't use it. It would be pretty dumb to handicap yourself! :)

06/13/12 @ 16:44
Comment from: Aaron R [Visitor]
Aaron R

If anybody is still in doubt, check out what Pete Larson at has to say about Skechers and the Go Bionic:

I agree with Rob: Yes, Skechers got dinged (I am surprised the other big names haven't been hit with huge lawsuits yet), but their Performance Division seems legit.

Let's not judge this book by its cover just.

06/14/12 @ 11:25

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