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Vibram Five Fingers Classic [Barefoot] Toe Shoes

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John running in a local Turkey Trot and trail running in the Coronado Mtns, AZ.

Vibram Five Fingers Help with Plantar Fasciitis

John sent us the following story about how Vibram Five Fingers have helped him solve his plantar fasciitis problems:Listen up kiddos. I have major feet problems, plantar fasciitis and the Army gave me inserts, which gave me Stress Fractures. Told m…

New York City Barefoot Run

1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run [Report from a Highly Qualified Participant]

The barefoot running movement is not only about finding something lost in our heavily shod world, it is also about inclusion. No books have to be bought, although there are some good ones. There are no dues to pay to join the club. As the shirt says, all…