Barefoot Shoes

Flag-Styled Vibram FiveFingers Classics

The Olympic classics will be using the UK, Italy, Australia and Denmark flags on them. Only available in Europe and the US Vibram store on Newbury for in store purchase only. No phone orders.

Barefoot Shoes

Rare Vibram FiveFingers Classics

Covering some rare Classic Vibram FiveFingers, my all-time favorite toe shoes, in a crazy floral and black colorway as well as the awesomely white-soled with navy upper colorway only available in Europe.

Barefoot Shoes

Olympic-Themed FiveFingers Classics

If there’s one FiveFingers model that garners more of a following all others, it’d have to be the Classic. It’s my all-time personal favorite style of Vibrams and I’m not alone: just take this fan’s 20+ pairs for reference.

Unfortunately though, i…

FiveFingers in the Philippines

Hey Justin! I love your site so I just really wanted to share my story with my Five Fingers.

So here goes: In about a month, I and my friends are going to graduate from college and go on to study in medical school. To celebrate, we decided to take a…

That’s a Lot of Classic FiveFingers

There are FiveFingers fans and then there are really FiveFingers fans. While there are a growing number of people who have five to ten pairs of toe shoes in their closet, there are only a handful who have over forty — that’s over 400 toe pockets.…

Breaking In a Pair of Vibram FiveFingers Classics

New Vibram fan Katie wrote in the following about her recent discovery of FiveFingers Classics:While still deciding whether or not to buy some VFFs, I browsed the web extensively, finding mostly running and hiking stories. I was looking for an exampl…

Vibram Five Fingers to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

The forum is chock full of great information from the most passionate minimalist shoe fans around. Sometimes the stories are so compelling that they need to be published here on the main blog. Chris’s story is one of those. He has been…

Vibram Five Fingers Help with Plantar Fasciitis

John sent us the following story about how Vibram Five Fingers have helped him solve his plantar fasciitis problems:Listen up kiddos. I have major feet problems, plantar fasciitis and the Army gave me inserts, which gave me Stress Fractures. Told m…

Dentists, Harleys and Vibram Five Fingers

Joy wore her Vibram Five Fingers to a rather unique Dental Convention and sent us her story:Recently, our dental laboratory, Dental South, traveled to Knoxville, TN for the 3rd annual Hi-Tec Dental Rally that takes place at Smokey Mountai…

1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run [Report from a Highly Qualified Participant]

The barefoot running movement is not only about finding something lost in our heavily shod world, it is also about inclusion. No books have to be bought, although there are some good ones. There are no dues to pay to join the club. As the shirt says, all…