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Lems Trailhead Shoes First Look Review

Are you a long-time fan of Lems and love minimalist shoes? Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news: Lems has a new shoe called the Trailhead and it looks great! The bad news: it’s a fairly significant departure from Lems previous shoes…

Review Lems Boulder Boots in Leather Russet

Since Lems shoes released their Boulder Boots nearly five years ago, they have updated the line with additional colorways and styles. One of those styles is their leather Boulder, which they make in a brown or black full-grain leather. These boots…

Review Lems Mariner 2 (updated!) – Barefoot Boat Shoe

I love Lems Shoes. My 9to5s continue to be a staple in my closet.

Many months back (now) Andrew sent me a pair of the updated version of the Lems Mariner to test and review. Long-time readers might remember I had highly positive things to say about the…

Lems Primal 2 Black Review

The Lems Primal 2 is a wonderful shoe for the barefoot casual market. It features a super breathable upper that is worlds above many other casual minimalist shoes, has a flexible 8mm sole with good ground feel, and good looks, especially in the new…

The Lems Nine2Five "Mocha" provides a dark-brown soled option for the Nine2Five work line that will fit right in at a business casual work environment.

Lems Nine2Five Shoes Dress Up with Mocha!

I’m a big fan of what Lems has brought to the minimalist footwear world—comfortable and stylish shoes that are zero-drop and foot-shaped! Men’s options we’ve reviewed include the Primal 2, the Mariner, the Boulder Boot, and of course, the Nine2Five.

Lems Boulder Boot — Now in Black!

About a year ago Lems Footwear debuted their Boulder boot, which we reviewed in detail here.

Well, it’s over a year later now and I’ve been meaning to get up a few photos of the more recently released, all-black, 100% Nylon (and 100% Vegan if that’s…

Lems Nine2Fives in Black (and Updated Leather)

In November 2013 I reviewed the Lems Nine2Five in “Coffee and Cream” brown leather but noted that the black Nine2Fives wouldn’t be available until 2014. Six months later, here we are, and not only do we have more Lem Nine2Fives in black, but both the b…

Lems Nine2Five Minimalist/Barefoot Dress Shoe Review

Want a cap-toe Oxford shoe that fits to your minimalist/barefoot shoe needs? Dress shoes making you uncomfortable at work all day due to over-narrow toe boxes, hard inflexible soles, and stiff arch support? You should check out the Lems Nine2Five! They’re business-casual “barefoot” dress shoes that let you walk/move/stand naturally and still look good at work.

Lems Mariner is a new "barefoot casual shoe" that favors the "boat shoe" design ported to a minimalist/barefoot style and function—zero drop, huge toe box, low stack height sole, and no arch support.  On the left above you can see a the Mariner in the cam

Lems Mariner Boat Barefoot Shoes Review

The Shoes

The Lems Mariner boat shoes come in two colorways. On the left are the Mariners seen in the “Camel” colorway. On the right, you can see the Mariners in the “Sand” colorway.

Here you can see a…

Lem Primal 2 Review–A Fantastic, Casual Barefoot Shoe

Lems not only recently released their “barefoot shoe boot” ? a.k.a. the Lem Boulder boot (reviewed here) ? they also updated their original shoe, the Primal Origins with the “Primal 2.”

You can read my original review of the Primal Origins* here or…