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New Balance NB Minimus

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New Balance HI-REZ Minimus Review

In practice, the ground feel of the Hi-rez is absolutely tremendous. Surprisingly you can’t really feel the individual hexagons underfoot, but rather it feels like one uniform sole. In a side by side comparison with the Vibram El-X, running on a varied terrain of asphalt, grass, and dirt, there was virtually no noticeable different in ground transmission. It’s really just amazing what New Balance has been able to pull off in this regard.

The New Balance MT110 Winter Boot.

New Balance MT 110 Winter Boot Review

I should start off by admitting that I avoided trails for a while there. Especially organized single-track trail runs, when the fire of competition pushes me to run harder than I might normally. My first real running injury was on the Philosopher’s Way…

Minimus 3090 Connect from New Balance

New Balance teased yesterday on their Facebook page a new shoe in their Minimius line — the Minimus 3090 Connect. Here’s a first look at the shoes, which seem aimed at the high-intensity fitness crowd.

I hadn’t heard a word about this new release from New Balance so I was intrigued. What more, there was a spastic, 30-second You…

New Balance Minimus Zeros Released for Sale!

For all of you eagerly awaiting the first “zero drop,” neutral-from-heel-to-toe minimalist/barefoot running shoes to arrive from New Balance, I’m happy to announce that the NB Minimus Zero Road (MR00 and WR00) and NB Minimus Zero Trail (MT00 or WT00) ha…

New Balance Minimus Road Zeros for Wide Feet

In a follow up to the first look at the New Balance Minimus Road Zeros (the red pair in these photos), I’ve recently had the opportunity to test out a wide version of the Minimus Road Zeros in a lime green/yellow colorway.

It’s exciting that the Mi…

New Balance Minimus Zero First Look


My background experience with the New Balance Minimus lineup is a bit limited as I have only really extensively used the Minimus Trail shoes for casual wear. I felt the Minimus Roads had too much of a heel on them to get a good feel of the groun…