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Lems Nine2Fives in Black (and Updated Leather)

In November 2013 I reviewed the Lems Nine2Five in “Coffee and Cream” brown leather but noted that the black Nine2Fives wouldn’t be available until 2014. Six months later, here we are, and not only do we have more Lem Nine2Fives in black, but both the b…

Lems Mariner is a new "barefoot casual shoe" that favors the "boat shoe" design ported to a minimalist/barefoot style and function—zero drop, huge toe box, low stack height sole, and no arch support.  On the left above you can see a the Mariner in the cam

Lems Mariner Boat Barefoot Shoes Review

The Shoes

The Lems Mariner boat shoes come in two colorways. On the left are the Mariners seen in the “Camel” colorway. On the right, you can see the Mariners in the “Sand” colorway.

Here you can see a…

LEM Boulder Boot Review

Lems Shoes (the barefoot shoe company formerly known as Lemming formerly known as Stem Footwear) recently dropped their new boot for Spring 2013—the Boulder (see Meet Lems Boulder, the Barefoot Shoe Boot for the original release announcement).…