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The 2011 Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport, Bikila LS (Laces!), and Jaya

Vibram Five Fingers 2011 Exclusive First look at each model with original, close-up photos, discussion and more!

Last week was the 2011 Outdoor Retailer conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Word has it—from various sources who scoured the booths—that the whole place was buzzing with talk about minimalist footwear. We recently heard about Merrell Barefoot and the New Balance Minimus (plus the aptly named Skin … I mean, Inov-8 EvoSkin) — apparently other big names may also be working on their entries into the minimalist footwear fray. Stay tuned.

What’s particularly exciting for us Vibram Five Fingers fans is that Vibram was showing off their 2011 line; specifically, the new fitness-oriented Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport; the larger-foot-friendly Five Fingers Bikila LS (It’s got laces!); and the women’s only lightweight fitness toe shoes, the Five Fingers Jaya and Jaya LR (Jaya with some leather).

Though Vibram wasn’t letting anyone take photos at their booth at OR, I’m excited to share with everyone a sneak peak we’re getting here at Birthday Shoes of this 2011 line-up. I’ve gotten my feet into some of the new 2011 models — sales samples / pre-production versions (also the women’s models!). By extension, this week, I’ll be posting tons of photos of these new 2011 models as well as some initial thoughts on them. As each goes up, you will be able to click through below to an information page (For now, you can click the other images to see big stock photos).

images above will go “live” to a product page (like the Komodo Sport one above) just as soon as they are up! For now, you can just click them and check out the images!

Apologies I don’t have them all up at once, but it takes some time to photo, edit, and write-up these things — so bear with me as I post them all as quickly as I can! I will update this post with a live link to each model write-up just as soon as it is ready, so check back as the week progresses!

Finally, let’s hear what you think about these new 2011 Vibrams! Sound off below!

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

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There will actually be some pretty neutral options in the line-up (like the black/gold/grey Komodo or black Komodo). Also, there are some great upcoming Trek Sport color combos on tap. Stay tuned.

I’m in for the Komodo Sports, but I have to get my kso trek sports first!

Justin, is there any tpu on the toes on the komodos? This is the improvement to the kso design that I am looking for in production. My current KSOs have little rips on the toe area, and I think this is a common problem (hence the tpu on bikila and kso trek sport).

Looking forward to continuing my kettlebell training in these.

Interesting. I like the look of the Komodo but I think it is too much show for me. I found on my first long run in the Bikilas that they are too heavy and hot for me.

Though, the mesh upper is nice and likely lighter than the padded top on the Bikila.

Oh. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably buy a pair. 🙂

The Jaya looks interesting as does that beige on in the middle. Looking forward to details, Justin!

KIDS version!!! finally! Bravo, Vibram 🙂

and I like the elastic lace option much better than the laceup Speeds…

Oh, please tell me the kids goes down to fit 2-3 year olds. Around a size 8. I can’t think if a time when my son would not rather be barefoot.

This is ridiculous! Here I’m just purchasing my first VFF’s (which…truthfully is actually my first six in one fell swoop…these things are just too dang cool), and now I’m forced to wait yet again for a more aggressive track??? Frustrations!!!

What’s the Jaya built for?? It looks like its modeled to suit a similar job as the Classic…except with lots of upgrades.

I really like that the VFF’s are getting more specialized for specific needs and variants of tasks within their production line, as I don’t mind shelling out for models that fit different occasions. All of them have been fairly obvious at first glance what they’re modeled to do. The Jaya does have me awfully curious though…

I was lucky to see these shoes from the Vibram Rep last month.
I will personally be buying a pair of the Komotos and 2 pairs of the Kids for my son. I already promised him a pair for the last year, since he loves to wear my Sprints around the house.

I have 3 boys too (though the youngest is still in his Softstars) and they love to put on Mommy’s and Daddy’s Vibrams! So excited for the kids version, though curious what the price point will be.

Still wishing and hoping for a womens version of the KSO Remix…

I think Vibram is starting to go overboard. Instead of continuing to come up with newer models, why not focus on production to meet current demand? The stores never seem to have everything in stock, and they complain constantly about inability to get inventory.

For some reason, a handful of online retailers seem to get most of the stock, forcing people to take a chance by ordering a shoe online without the benefit of first trying it on.

I recently ordered two pairs of the Trek Sports thinking I would send back the pair that didn’t fit. Much to my disappointment, I discovered the Trek Sports are nothing like my KSOs. They are extremely stiff — nowhere close to a barefoot feel. If I had been able to find these in a local store, I would have saved myself and others a lot of trouble. Both pairs are going back in the mail today.

Birthdays, anniversary, and Mother’s Day are going to rock next year!! That white & silver Jaya will be mine along with a a few others!

My 5 year old is ALWAYS asking for his own Vibrams. He and his 3 year old brother are barefoot 90% of the time and the other 10% they wear leather shoes or Preschoolians. I would LOVE to put them both in Vibrams.

Thank you for getting your hands on these to show us. Now I know what to save my money for!

I do agree that they need to work on increasing their output. The new models are great, and I sure do love the expansion…though I don’t know how many friends I’ve turned on to the idea of these shoes and they can’t seem to find any retailers that have full stock of the shoes. I’ll admit, I’m waiting on two pair (EU only Speeds and Flow Trek) that I ordered online and am extremely nervous about. The Speeds supposedly size the same as the Bikilas, so I’m not terribly nervous about that…but I wanted a Flow with grip, because lets face it…running on Wisconsin ice and snow just isn’t practical with the tred on the Flow. So yeah, I’m not at all a fan of ordering online with these shoes in particular when you just don’t know what the feel will be or the fit will be. UGH!!!


The Jaya is an interesting concept — though it’s only available for women. The sole is mostly EVA — less rubber, less weight, and more flexible albeit slightly thicker at points than the Classic. Will talk more about it soon, but I think it’s an interesting concept.

These are all pretty cool. However, I’d like to see some more interesting colors in current models like the Sprints! Or maybe start making all the other models seamless, too!

Okay, I like flashy, so I am digging the new Komodos. On the kids versions, I don’t know if this is because I grew up poor but, I always got shoes a little big to grow into. I would love to put my kids in vibrams, but the way they fit the shoe would only be fitting for 6 months to a year. I hope they are conservatively priced.

Although my biggest VFF-wish remains to get the “old-style” KSOs (with the thinner sole) back, I’m looking forward to the Komodos. They look like they might compete with the normal KSOs as the perfect Parkour-shoe 🙂

Wow, I was thinking of getting a pair of Bikilas this year, but will probably just wait until these come out next year and continue to train in my Sprints.

Is the material over the toes at all stretchy? Looking at the photos showing the outside of the big toe, this is the first VFF model I’ve seen that simply has the fabric on the top of the toe attached to the sole without anything pasted over it.
The Trek Sport have a non-stretch plastic, as do the Flow Treks. As a result, neither fits me with my wide forefoot and bunion.
The Bikila has plastic stuck over the top of each toe but not on the side. It fits me very well.
The KSO Trek and the Speed have the most big toe side stretch. They have outside panels that stretch, and the material on top of the toes (leather or mesh) is also left free to stretch. These are my favorites.


It does have some kind of toe protection, though it’s less and different at first blush than that used on the Bikila or the Flow. Seems more like it’s painted on, but it’s a lot less “there” than other iterations.

Pretty decent stretch on the toes, but probably not as much as KSO Treks or Speeds. I’ll look at this specifically next time I put them on …

Yay for kid VFFs!!! But as whiteknight mentioned, kids’ feet grow so quickly and VFF’s need to fit just right… hope they aren’t too expensive! I’ll still be buying some for my little boy though! Now if I can just get my DH to join the VFF side…

You got the Komodos in the color that has me drooling! (yellow)
The leather Jayas also look awesome,
but I hope they have other colors…

I own FIVE pairs of VFFs-Classics, Bikila, Speed, SmartWool, and KSO Trek…I want ALL of the new ones! I may need to get another job to fund my VFF habit, but when I wear them to my current job at an elementary school, EVERYONE comments. I find I cannot wear “normal” shoes anymore, and that is just fine with me. VFFs are he best! I just need a T-shirt that says, “My “shoes” are called fivefingers!” because everyone stops me to ask what is on my feet AND where can they get a pair! I am a walking/running advertisement for Vibram! Bring ’em on!

OMG wantwantwant….. please PLEASE tell me that striped Jaya pair will come in mens sizes; those are incredible…. and the yellow. 😉 Ooooh the yellow… 😉

VFF KSO Kids!!!! You mean Vibram is coming out with kid’s sizes!!!! My 8 year loves rock climbing, but hates climbing shoes, even a size too big. She is still a few years out before she would fit into the smallest Women’s size. I have more VFFs in my closet than any other type of shoe. I would so buy VFFs for my kids!!!! Now does Injinji make kids size socks???

Oh my! The white ones looks just wonderful! 🙂 I’ve been longing for some feminine looking FiveFingers.

Just started running in my Speed about 1,5 months ago and I love it!

I blog about my barefoot-running on my blog “Utan strumpor och skor” wich is swedish for “Without socks and shoes”.

Thanks for an excellent site! 🙂

wooooooowwwww!!!! vibram has been really doing a great job on improving the aesthetics of the shoes.
these are the best looking vibrams ever.
i was planning to get the kso trek but with these designs coming out. ill have to hold on a bit.
ill just use my bikila and kso trek for now. and there a kids version too. ill be getting one for my kid too.
yehey!!!! cant wait.

I’m with RunrGreg: Cool that they’re making kids’ sizes, but I would rather see them make a sufficient supply of the shoes that are already selling. It takes me 3 months to get a pair now because the two shops I buy from (Kayak Shed and REI) always back-ordered (for months!); how does that serve Vibram’s customers, or Vibram’s bottom line?

Where have the coconut fiber sprints gone? I am really looking forward to them. Would be an awesome outing/training/climbing/hiking, in extremely hot weather shoe.

Love the idea of kids’ VFFs, not so much loving the idea that they need to be gender-coded. Male children’s feet and female children’s feet are pretty much the same at those ages.

I mean, heck, when I was a kid, I was always rather resentful of having to wear “boys” clothing to get the colors I preferred. Why not just let them be VFFs for KIDS? That way, girls who want to wear blue don’t have to wear “boys” shoes, and boys who might like to wear pink don’t have to wear “girls” shoes.

And why not some green or brown or black ones?

Andrea wrote: “But as whiteknight mentioned, kids’ feet grow so quickly and VFF’s need to fit just right…”

Andrea, no need to worry, the shoes will break much quicker before kids grow them out, as it is normal for Vibrams now, and since no one cares about quality anymore, why not release a 2012 line with more flashy shoes that barely last a month, cost silly money, and are rarely in stock. Cool!

The Jaya looks fabulous. Loving the feminine look to the shoe. Also like the color scheme; one “complaint” I’ve had is that some of the women’s color schemes are a little weird (green in between toes? gross!), so it’s nice to see something more sedate.

My only issue is the stock problem Vibram seems to have. If they can’t keep up with current demand, how can they add new models? I know Vibram is working hard to keep up; it’s great the business is doing so well. But as much as I love the Jaya, I wonder if I’ll have to wait 9 months after launch just to get my hands on a pair…

For some strange reason when it comes to minimal kids shoes no-one seems to know that there are two great choices already besides soft-star and moccasin-like shoes: Feelmax makes great minimal kids shoes, and Terra Plana makes Vivo Barefoot Kids shoes. Have them both for my son, and they’re great.

But I’m still looking forwards to the Kids’ VFFs, becaus.. well, they’re VFFs 😉

Need to know some more about the kids shoes. My 2 year old loves putting my bikilas on my feet and taking them off. Have been waiting for smaller sizes for kids but so far the soft star shoes are his favorites.

I have been waiting for the VFF kids for a long time – it’s so exciting that they are finally (almost) here!

However, I do have the same concerns regarding size, since kids’ feet grow SO rapidly; I don’t want to be buying a new pair of Kids KSO every month…

so apparently i like a “feminine topline” and a “foot-flattering design” on my vffs, although i still don’t see the “femaleness” of the javas. i am wondering if i can squeeze my foot in a pair of 42 java ls, the length doesn’t worry me much, just the width. well i guess we’ll see next spring.

btw: i adore the color combination of the womens komodo sport, it looks fantastic. the male models really don’t speak to me at all, luckily i don’t have a purpose for them anyway.

Hey Justin,

Can you address the differences between the Komodo and the Trek Sport other than traction shapes?



They’re really two entirely different shoes — no cleats on the Komodo, a new strap technology (double velcro straps), the upper on the Komodo is the stretchy fabric you get with KSOs, etc. as opposed to coconut active carbon fabric with the Trek Sport, the Komodo has the 2mm footbed that has no seams whereas the Trek Sport’s footbed is “built in.” I think the Komodo is heavier than the Trek Sport, and it definitely has more going on around the ankle area than the Trek Sport.

Lots of differences really —

Hey Justin,
Given you seem to be the expert to confer with regarding these shoes, I was curious on your thoughts on the KSO vs. further specializations.

If you didn’t mind shelling out for numerous specialized models of VFFs (Bikila, KSO Trek, Speeds, Flow Trek, Mocs, etc.), would you see a purpose to the KSO at all? I mean, from all I’ve heard it’s naught but the “Jack of All Trades, Master o’ None.” So if you buy the Masters of each, what’s the point of having the Jack? Disregarding the obvious immediate accessibility to do any activity at present without swapping? Especially when it seems this new Komodo Sport looks to be a suped up KSO with a whole lot of improvements on design model?


It’s a really good question, and I think for many, the KSO will go out the window in lieu of having only so much money to spend on toe shoes.

That said, you could argue that the KSO is an advanced option for people who are accustomed to running/fitness/hiking in these “suped up” models – because it requires more foot awareness due to the added ground feel. By extension, the Classic and Sprint would be even more advanced as they are even “less” there in the soles.

I actually hope the emergence of some of these high-end models will actually result in a price drop for Classics, Sprints, and KSOs — I’d like to see those priced at $50, $60 and $70 or thereabout. I think that would be more reasonable. BTW you’re still gonna wanna go KSO over Komodo, Trek, or Bikila if you really want more ground feel — and for that matter, move over KSO and give me Classics or Sprints for the best outdoor-use ground feeling VFF yet (Jaya will be interesting though!).

Cool mate! I appreciate that! Looks like I’ll probably be picking up a pair of those Smartwool Classics, as odds are they’ll be awfully swell to fill in the gaps in my collection. Maybe KSO will be an eventuality towards a full set, though I can’t help but wonder what design changes might imminent in its model since it seemed to have plenty since its inception. Have you noticed any specific changes from the original KSO to the new KSO Remix?

Love the look of the Jaya; with the different sole, will that make it unusable for daily-wear? I can easily see that complementing my every-day use of classics/treks.

until vibram can prove that they have gotten their QC problems under control, i really have no interest in their new products.

I am so chuffed to see a kids range coming. My bikila’s hav caused a bit of a stir in our household. However, as the kids school has strict rules about uniform, I’d need these to come in black so they can wear them to school. Price could be a bit of a sticking point too since they do go through shoes quite quick because of size. It might mean waiting till their a bit older and foot growth is less rapid before i take the plunge to buy them, but that’s just a wait and see type thing.

Either way, looking forward to the release and wondering how much longer we’re going to have to wait in the UK after the US has them!!

I’m secretly happy the the Bikila LS is not much different from the regular model other than the laced top as I have a nasty habit of buying the “Shiny new thing” every month or so. I’ll wait for mine to actually WEAR DOWN this time so I’ll have justification :-p I do have a specific need for the Komodo however, so that’s some good car payment money out the window :-p

Question about the Bikila LS: is there any concern/issue with the lacing loosening up and making for a very loose fit? The cinch closure looks like it might not hold so well.

Damnit they have to make everything in the US bigger for all the fat people here!

I like the styling of the Kimodo Sport best, but I have this nagging thought that with each new model Vibram creates, they move farther from the original VFF concept [lightweight and thin]. I like my Treks better than bikilas because the lugged bottom allows me to feel things better than the flat podded sole of the bikila. Plus the leather is comfortable and holds my foot in without squeezing it like the synthetic uppers do.

Now, just a general comment: when I first started wearing VFFs a few years ago I expected all sorts of weird looks and laughs behind my back. It has been anything but! Little kids have seen them and started begging their mothers for a pair. Old people smile and strike up a conversation. Hell – I live in Harlem and even folks in the hood / projects LOVE them and constantly ask where I got em [city sports]. A few have even seen them before. I’ve worn nothing but my Bikilas and Treks this year, and wear my black treks to work each day. Everybody loves them! So the reaction has been quite unexpected, and I think I’ll be sticking with VFFs as my go-to ‘shoe’ for many years to come.

Anybody got a similar experience?

@ k.thorpe
Well mate, I’ve already decided VFFs are my go to shoes and all I’ll wear for ages…despite the fact I still have yet to get back to the USA and procure the other 4 of 6 I want.

From what I’ve heard, quality control is part of the reason I’m really wondering about picking up KSOs, given I have read about a lot of people that have had problems. I’m wondering what updates on the original model that might have been implemented in order to improve on the original design…or if anything has been changed at all.

I wonder if the unsecured lace ends of the Bikila LS would become annoying slapping around your feet and ankles during runs? Is there a way to secure that down or is it another design aspect awaiting a future BirthdayShoe mod solution?


Re: speed laces coming loose — needs more testing in running applications but casual use I’ve seen no problems at all.


I think you could just tuck it into to the laces and that would knock out the problem easy enough.

@nardthefox – i have a pair of standard kso’s, and they’ve been relatively bullet-proof. my buddy has been running/working out in his classics for years now with no problems… i feel like it might be safe to get a pair of the older designs, like the kso, classic or sprint. but who knows. so far, i’ve bought three pairs of vff’s and only kept one, which is the kso. i’m hoping to get another pair of biks and see if they hold up. if not, i might have to drop some coin on some vivo’s or something.

Hey Justin – Just wanted to thank you for the excellent posts on all the upcoming VFF’s for 2011. With the exception of the Jaya LR (which remind my wife and me of Isotoner Gloves for your feet), I think each new design will find a way into our home next year at some point.

My son especially is anxiously awaiting the day he can get his own shoes. Hopefully they’ll size them small enough that my 5-year old can get a pair.

Anyway – Great job, and thank you so much for all your information.

Great write ups! Justin any chance to put a video up for these shoe? And has vibram announced when these will be available? I was about to place an order for the bikilas, but if the bikila ls to be released early next year ill wait, but if late next year I don’t think I can wait.

Does anyone have a modification to make the heel on the Bikila more snug? I was looking at options similar to the KSO.
Does the Bikila LS have a more secure heel?
The Speeds would probably resolve my issue, but I wanted to look at all my options.

Thanks to Justin for another great and very thorough post.

I was excited when I heard about lace-up Bikilas, but from this picture, it seems over-engineered. I was hoping for something more simple in keeping with the simplicity of the original Bikila. The LS just seems too complicated and busy.

As with other “first looks,” I’m sure Vibram will do some tinkering with the design before the final version is released.

I’m glad somebody pointed out that the Jaya LR looks like an Isotoner glove. I knew it looked familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Overall, I think the new designs are interesting, but I don’t think any of them will find their way into my VFF line-up. I agree that it appears Vibram is marketing more to the masses, not the hard core enthusiasts, not that there is anything wrong with that. But, I also agree they should focus a bit more energy on increasing the current supply.

For now, I will stick with my trusty KSOs, Bikilas, and Speeds. I may add a pair of KSO Treks, but that will be it for now.

I’m curious about the EVA. Sure it is lighter but won’t it dent and bang up easily? The Jayas just don’t look very sturdy for anything other than shopping.

So when does the 2011 line come out? Are shoes like cars in that the model year comes out halfway through the previous year? Or do we still have 4 months to go?

wow thats so neat! i really hope other kids can wear these to school i wear mine like every day a nd they don’t seem to care, they shouldn’t because these a re probably the healheist shoes ever i think i would always keep them them on my feet if they let me wear them to gym class

I am SO pumped for the 2011 line. I love the Lace Up Bikila and the Jaya. The are on my list.

I have found that my Bikilas also work well for strength training and yoga. Looking forward to getting the Jaya!

I am excited to see the kids Vibrams coming out. I am going to get a pair for my grandson, for wrestling. They will make great wrestling shoes.

The komodo sport is a 2011 shoe, but does anyone know when it really becomes available for purchase? When you think about it, it’s kind of dumb to advertise something that you can’t get for almost half a year. Car companies advertise the next year’s models early, but at least sometimes you can actually purchase the car once it’s advertised.

Seems like the Bikila LS is geared toward being more roomy–is that if you loosen the laces or is the sole actually wider too. I don’t need a roomier VFF, but want the LS for triathlons and duathlons. Seems like they would be faster to get into.

Why not those FiveFingers for kids in boring/more serious colors such as all black and/or brown? This would make it easier for them to wear in the school. When I was a kid almost all my everyday shoes were either brown or black.
I have several nephews/nieces and I would like to them as a present, that way I don’t have to think much every anniversary.

I also think they should also keep the price lower. Kid shoes cost less because they get smaller quickly. I bet most kid shoes nowadays cost less than 71% ($85/$60) of a pair of adult shoes. They can make the upper of cheaper less resistant fabric because they don’t need to last long. Children can’t ware their shoes so fast as an adult, they won’t run 10-20km in a season or climb up and down a mountain.

I love the Jaya but not the Jaya LR. Fashionable they are not! I can’t wait for these new models to come out!

Is the Bikila LS going to be strictly a running shoe like the original or will it be more versatile like the kso? Will it be more more fit for water and durable? What are its limits? You seem to the expert on these shoes and I would like to know more about them

My wife and I were just lamenting that it would be ages before Vibram had kids sizes, and lo and behold there is hope! My son is 5 and starting to run trails now, but has always preferred to run barefoot on pavement and grass. I have been loving my new Trek Sports and feeling like they really help strengthen and improve my form. I can’t wait to see Five Fingers get more popular as prices go down, and the design gets refined.

Like many others, I’ve having trouble finding anyone with my size, 41, in stock in the Bikila. But having seen what is coming in 2011, I may stop hunting until they come out. I not a simple color kind of guy, the wilder the better so the Komodo and the LS seem like they would be worth the wait. I saw a few ask “WHEN?”, but did not see an answer. Does anyone know when these will be available?????

An estimate is March 2011. I think that was when the Bikila was estimated to be released, as well — it didn’t make it to stores until May though. So first half of 2011 sounds about right 🙂

Echoing many posts about lack of availability. The most common men’s sizes are sold out in all the standard places. Local (Seattle) REI salespeople have no idea when shipments are expected, admit to being taken by surprise when the first shipments arrived 1.5 months ago. So, 2010 are practically sold out. When are 2011s expected? I was fortunate to get KSO Trek and am awaiting Flow pair from Travel Country, but am keen to get the Bikila LS. Why can’t Vibram just inform us of when to expect in retail outlets?
BTW, great web site, especially tips on the many scam outfits popping up on Google search.

Hooray for kids models. But permit me to be SO BUMMED that vibram has to market TWO varieties of pink rather than several cool interesting colors. I understand that’s what all marketers do for girls. But really, it’s overkill. Pink looks lousy when it gets dirty, and VFFs have to be able to get dirty.

Not sure how much market research Vibram is doing on the Kids models, but availability may be compounded by the fact that these things may face “must have” demands from kids. I’m often wearing my Vibram’s when dropping of my 9-year old at school – and the kids are always coming up asking where they can get them. Last month I started telling kids about the 2011 models coming out next spring, and now every time I walk into her school I’m getting asked “are they selling the kid’s ones yet”?

This morning my daughter (who HATES pink, by the way) was telling me one of her friends was able to fit into the smallest woman’s size and just got a pair of women’s Vibram’s. My daughter and all of her friends are jealous – ALL the kid’s want them, even when the parents don’t even know what they are.

Hopefully Vibram will plan accordingly. If they become a “must have” fad, could end up the Cabbage Patch for kids feet. I’ve never come across a kid yet that didn’t think they were “awesome”.

Hey i was wondering if the bikila LS will be strickly running shoes or will they be a little more versatile? Are they sutable for water? Are they going to be made a little more rugged then the first bikilas?

Kids 5 fingers – great. We’ll be queuing up for these.

BUT … only pink for girls!!! The girls I know hate pink…including my daughter. From my experience with kids between 5 and 9 years – most girls pick light blue rather than pink. It will stop them buying it …so PLEASE do a more neutral girls colour.

I’m very intrigued by the Jayla’s, especially the LX models. The idea lower heels and extra flexibility really appeals to me, can’t wait to try them on. I also find these much more attractive and more wearable in public places than my classics. In fact, I might be able to wear these to work on casual Fridays.

Judging by how well my inov8 mudclaws fit, i’d have to say it looks like they have the laces offset on the wrong side on the Bikila LS. It makes more sense to me to have the laces over the highest part of the foot that runs down to the big toe in order to lock down the shoe laterally. It works great with my Mudclaws.

My 9 year old purchased his own pair of Vibram shoes about 6 months ago. He purchased a women’s size 36 KSO. He loves them and gets lots of people asking about them. Just after Christmas, with his Christmas money he just purchased a pair of the Flows size 38, hopefully he will not grow out of that one too quickly. My youngest, age 6, is wanting a pair as well, but they currently do not have them in his size, as the smallest is the size 36 Womens. The only issue my wife has is when he does not wear socks with them they start to stink. Good luck on the KSO Kids!!!

After wanting a pair of FiveFingers for months, I finally bought a pair of KSO Trek’s. I like all of the benefits that can be gained from wearing FiveFingers, similar to running barefoot. However FiveFingers can be difficult to size. I went to my local authorized dealer and was sized but they did not contain inventory of every style in every size. I wear a size 8 1/2 and was sized at a 39 or 40. My 39 KSO Trek’s fit like a glove but because I have a wide foot I feel some pinching on my smallest toe. I tried a 40 but I had over a 1/2 inch of room on several toes. I look forward to the new styles accounting for wider feet. Can’t wait to try the Bikila LS!


I was wondering if the Bikila LS will be too wide for a normal sized foot, with normal arches? I love the new look but am afraid they will be too loose width wise, thus causing blisters and sloppiness… Thanks

I love to trail run in my 5 fingers, but need a decently thick(er) undersole to protect my (wide) feet from unexpected rocks (even the little ones that might be pointing up). Will this be bikila be the right one for this application?

The Jayas don’t look overly feminine to me. I’d like to see them in men’s sizes too. Any idea if this is on the cards? It seems strange that Vibram would repeat what they did with the KSO Trek and originally only make them available for one gender. The women didn’t seem very happy when they did that. I wonder if we’ll have the same response from the men with regards to the Jayas.

These are my 1st pair, Komodo sport, and they are the most wonderful shoe I’ve ever worn! Make sure you try for fit the 1st time so you know your size. There was a big difference between size 39 and 40, I’m size 8.
Great shoe, complete support. Plus, I’m a diabetic so I have a nice sturdy/tough sole that’s great for protection.
thank you!
J. Matz
Lenoir, Nc

Got my Komodos last week. Bottom Line: I believe this shoe replaces the KSO as the all-around best VFF. I have 5 different VFF styles. This is the best one. They fit great given the extra strap on the side of the shoe. As for the arch issue: No worries. There is no arch. It is simply a lighter piece of rubber material where the arch is; very similar to the Bikila. I would consider the thickness somewhere between the KSO and the Bikila. The upper is light weight and the thicker strap is a nice touch. The addition of the non-slip sole insert is awesome, although I am not impressed with how it is attached with a flimsy piece of glue from a glue gun. Also, I normally wash my VFFs in the washing machine when the begin to stink and I am not sure how the sole will hold up. Jury still out on that. Overall, an excellent upgrade that has done extremely well with activities such as crossfit, running, and all around wear. Highly recommend.

Must admit, I’m pretty psyched about the Jaya. I can’t wear my Classics any more as they put too much pressure on my achilles with the high rubber back. The Jaya seems like the perfect solution for a strapless, laceless Five Finger.

idk why they cant have a minimalist ff for men.. im still rocking kso’s bc as far as im concerned nothing else compares in versatility- though i do wish for slip on sock-like walkers for weekends or fridays at the office, which these look like they would basically fit the bill.. now just in less bubblegum pink and more earth tones and some 44-45 men sizes 😀

I am interested in these I like the unique look and appeal that the barely there shoe gives. I would totally buy a pair.

They need to make bigger women’s sizes. The largest womens is just shy of being big enough for me. I did try a pair to see and they are a bit snug…not sure if they are too snug for my liking… I’m in a 41/42 Mens KSO (I have two pair that are 41’s…a Black and Orange pair and an all black pair. The black pair are a bit snug not too bad for the most part but I could have prob. gone with the 42’s)

I just wanted to let you know that in the middle of your page the links to the Jaya and and Jaya LR both take you to the LR page. Love the site and come here often for info.

Now for a question. My wife it thinking about getting her first pair of vibrams do you think the Jaya is a good outdoor running shoe? Hard to tell from you review if you think it is more geared twards indoor activities or if it would also be good for outdoor.’

Thanks again for all the great work!

The Jaya can handle outdoors but I’m not sure it’d be that great for running — durability would be a problem.

That said, you could literally use almost every other pair of Vibrams for running though the Bikila and Bikila LS are the ones specifically designed for road running.

I like my KSOs and they’re holding up okay, but I saw Bikilas on a good sale and had to try them on. I found that the top part was strangling my foot, right where the strap is (the strap wasn’t even done up). I’ve heard the Bikila treads wear down less, and I’m definitely interested in that. So the solution is the Bikila LS? I know I have a wide foot, but I never thought I had a tall instep.

Just bought 2 pairs of the kids, what a task to fit them correctly. First pair rubbed blisters on both my kids feet. My older son has wide feet, wish causes a problem. Finally, went up a size for him, and had to do the same thing for my younger son, he got a blister on the back of his foot. Hopeflly now we will be all set. Been waiting a long time for the kids version. Wish they had a few more adjustments, like a pull/sinch in the back.

I love my Jaya! I have the Sprint and the Bikila and nothing compares to my Jaya! I get so many compliments and questions about it! LOVe It !!!! I get asked a lot by men about them.

After seeing the Jaya LR yesterday at the shop I have to agree with Pete, I want a men’s version (M44) of them. The grey/black look great for any gender and the cut make them actually less feminine then the classics!

I have worn the KomodoSport for both casual wear, running, and at the gym. They feel incredible and I love this brand.
With that said, I was extremely disappointed with my Jaya’s 🙁
The balls of my feet below the big toes burned like I was going to get a blister. I got nothing of the sort, but it HURT like I was running as hard as I could on a marble floor. I blame the the 5 separate dedicated ball-of-foot protectors on the sole.
I bought them from CitySports but since I wore them once on a short walking & public transportation trip, they are “worn” so I probably can’t return them. I’ll just make this pair my everyday shoe, to replace flipflops and I guess protect my feet at night from bug bites.

I just bought the Komodos and they are awesome. Don’t get too wrapped around the axle about their speed or running feel. Thats not what they seem to be for. I’m pretty sure the developed these for the weight lifter/crossfitter crowd. They work perfectly in that sense. I bought mine for the weight room finally, and will never go back. Many of the best old school lifters (Arnold, Columbo, etc) used to swear by lifting barefoot, but that kind of thing gets you kicked out of gyms now, soo… Komodosport it is!

I had seen a couple pairs of these shoes around town recently, so I did a bit of investigating. when I found this site and all the info here I got very interested in having a pair.
it did take some time, and a sale at sport check, but here I sit, wearing my new plum, pink, and white Jayas. (so not my colours, but I don’t mind since they’re very comfortable.)

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