Last week was the 2011 Outdoor Retailer conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Word has it—from various sources who scoured the booths—that the whole place was buzzing with talk about minimalist footwear. We recently heard about Merrell Barefoot and the New Balance Minimus (plus the aptly named Skin … I mean, Inov-8 EvoSkin) — apparently other big names may also be working on their entries into the minimalist footwear fray. Stay tuned.

What’s particularly exciting for us Vibram Five Fingers fans is that Vibram was showing off their 2011 line; specifically, the new fitness-oriented Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport; the larger-foot-friendly Five Fingers Bikila LS (It’s got laces!); and the women’s only lightweight fitness toe shoes, the Five Fingers Jaya and Jaya LR (Jaya with some leather).

Though Vibram wasn’t letting anyone take photos at their booth at OR, I’m excited to share with everyone a sneak peak we’re getting here at Birthday Shoes of this 2011 line-up. I’ve gotten my feet into some of the new 2011 models — sales samples / pre-production versions (also the women’s models!). By extension, this week, I’ll be posting tons of photos of these new 2011 models as well as some initial thoughts on them. As each goes up, you will be able to click through below to an information page (For now, you can click the other images to see big stock photos).

images above will go “live” to a product page (like the Komodo Sport one above) just as soon as they are up! For now, you can just click them and check out the images!

Apologies I don’t have them all up at once, but it takes some time to photo, edit, and write-up these things — so bear with me as I post them all as quickly as I can! I will update this post with a live link to each model write-up just as soon as it is ready, so check back as the week progresses!

Finally, let’s hear what you think about these new 2011 Vibrams! Sound off below!