Comment from: JC [Visitor]

Which shoes do you use for your pick-up games?

04/02/12 @ 16:25
Comment from: Jamie [Visitor]

I wear Dashes for road races & original RunAmoc for trails & poor road conditions.
What models do you wear & for what? 99% of my off time is spent in Grippy Roos.
My goal next summer is to do a half, or two. How far is your farthest race up to this point? Racing is odd, the support volunteers & refueling stations are awesome(if I could only have a few strategically placed on training runs, that would be great!) and other people make you run faster. But it's also really claustrophobic and artificial. I run for fun normally. I still haven't figured out why I race exactly;)

04/03/12 @ 12:45
Comment from: [Member]

@JC- For pickup games I still wear regular basketball kicks. It's mostly cowardice. I'm not worried about getting hurt, but I do worry a little that I wouldn't be able to play the same way. I do practice in them regularly, and the main thing I don't like is they are slippier than my normal shoes. (These are Dash's that take on the court.) Doing a quick lateral move, like a cross-over, is where I really notice it. The second thing is that jumping (and landing) feels a lot different. I'd have to get used to it. On the positive side, I like my dribble and my balance better in the mocs. But first I'd need a grippier sole.

04/04/12 @ 09:09
Comment from: [Member]

@Jamie- My Elfwife at SS feels your love!

I wear Dashes for my everyday shoe. That saddle shoe design makes it one of the most normal-looking minimal shoes you can get. (Unless you're like my kid who gets them in all sparkle red.) My brown-and-tans go nice with casual business attire.

The Dash is my primary running shoe also. I have one of those unfortunate diamond-shape kind of feet with the big toe pointing in. (I still don't know when this happened to me. Someone suggested high school track & field.) And my foot is wide, too. This makes fitting me difficult. The laces on the Dash take care of that problem.

I have a Dash pair with the trail sole and one with a street sole but a rock plate insert they are testing. I really like both of them. I use the trail sole if I think I need some extra grip.

I also have Moc3's and I love 'em, especially on trails not covered with sharp rocks. Oh, they're wonderful on the dirt and pine needle trails in Oregon! Ridiculously comfortable. But if I run up a hill in the Moc3's, I run right out of them. It was funny the first few times ...

So it's pretty much the Dash for me all the time!

04/04/12 @ 09:10
Comment from: crumjd [Visitor]

You said your wife's horse is a "Thoroughbred" in your first post. Do you mean it is of the Thoroughbred breed? Or do you mean it's bloodlines are pure? The photo looked a bit more like a Trakehner, but I don't know anything about horses. I'm just goggling all of this.

I spent time researching humans racing against horses after reading "Born to Run." The best horses from the best distance running breeds will constantly, though not inevitably, beat humans even in a long race. But, because they've been bred to specific purposes, the horse performance distribution is *vastly* broader then the human one. If you're facing down an Arabian (the best distance breed from what I've read), you're probably gonna get beat. But Trackehners are jumpers and Thoroughbred's are sprinters so maybe you've got a good chance against them.

There's also your wife's distance racing skills to consider. Has she ever done that before? Is this a man-against-horse race where she'll have veterinary supervision? If not on both counts, I can't imagine she'll be willing to push Snowy Ridge. As you say, a horse is a profoundly fragile critter. All that breeding again.

Anyhow, I'll be following your posts with great interest. Good luck!

04/04/12 @ 18:13
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]


Ridge is a Thoroughbred, capital T. He actually spent some time on the track. He should suck at distance as badly as I do. And you are right about the wide diversity of breeds -- I mean, how good is a Clydesdale going to do in a 100 mile desert race? And within breeds, just like people, there is a great range of performance.

My take-away from BTR wasn't that the best man would beat the best horse, but that the best man wouldn't finish last against a field of horses. I think that's remarkable.

If I trained such that I could actually complete a 50 or 100 miler, I think I'd beat Ridge. He's the wrong breed (sprinter). He's got the wrong temperament (kinda crazy). And he's old and decrepit now. (Human's age slower. Take that, Mr. Ed.)

And if my wife was the rider ... Well, there's no way -- NO WAY -- she'd last more than a few hours before telling me how stupid it was and quitting. :)

04/04/12 @ 23:53

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