Comment from: Horse Rider [Visitor]
Horse Rider

Hey Jay,

I owned a horse for 25 years and you are right, horses do much better without shoes, they were created just fine without them, shoes do to them exactly what you can imagine a metal shoe would do for us. Unfortunately not enough riders are aware of that fact yet, although the barefoot movement is gaining in popularity. It only makes sense really. I was a bitless rider too.

03/12/12 @ 20:01
Comment from: Evin [Visitor]

Compare the Tevis Cup and Western States Endurance Run. Horses, with a rider on them, complete the 100 mile distance in less than 11 hours. The best humans take 15.

Sorry, but horses win for endurance, even with a rider on them.

03/12/12 @ 20:20
Comment from: Ice Chests [Visitor]
Ice Chests

Horses were born without shoes.

03/13/12 @ 01:32
Comment from: Rob Y. [Visitor]  
Rob Y.

@Evin. Not always true. You're talking about running and riding in the best conditions. I'll wager a strong 100 mile endurance runner could beat a horse over a 100 mile endurance race when conditions are far from ideal. It happens and has happened. There is also a 50 mile trail race in Texas (I think called Man Vs. Horse) where the lead runner has beaten the lead horse. At the '99 Vermont 100 (concurrent horse and runner race) conditions were so hot and humid that I only think a handful of horses finished that day and the top runners finished ahead of the horse. Then again runners have the luxury of pushing themselves to extremes in these events while the horses (thankfully) do not as there are numerous vet checks along the route to ensure the horse isn't in danger of becoming very ill or lame; so those checks do slow down the horse some. But even a strong runner can get sick or injure themselves as well...

People have outrun horses over long distances; it isn't a myth but a fact of historical record.

03/13/12 @ 10:23
Comment from: JamieWho [Visitor]

This looks to be a good series. I'm liking those black and yellow Dash Lites. I've been thinking about getting a pair in Georgia Tech colors, and those might just be close enough to it.

03/13/12 @ 16:14
Comment from: shafik [Visitor]

in china they EAT HORSES.
really now... dead or alive, why would
someone want to compete or even being compared to a horse?
you don't see horses going:
"well, i bet we can do this or that,
better than a human".

my uncle got a horse but nobody noticed
it was barefoot, until my mom got her first merrells.

03/13/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: Egon [Visitor]


China? I think that EVERYWHERE people eats horses. Mi GF lover horses'heart above any other meat. We live in Italy and we have specialized butchers that sell only horse meat.
People eat whatever meat they want (even other people's meat....)

03/14/12 @ 04:55
Comment from: Larry S. [Visitor]
Larry S.

Not sure what you googled, but the Man Versus Horse Race ( 1 course is 25 miles and the other is 50 miles) is NOT in Texas, it is in Arizona, near Prescott, and has been run from 2006 thru 2011 - 2012 race hasn't been run yet... it has its own website - - which has results posted... and in checking thru them, it seems to me that not only did a horse win in each race (both courses) for each year, but that it wasn't even close!

Also there is the even longer going "Man Vs Horse Marathon" (22 miles) held in Wales since 1980 ( last 32 years - including this year):

And out of that 32 years humans won only twice (not until 2004 and then again in 2007... )

Not sure how this proves high level of superiority of human ultra distance racers versus horses.

Could you also post link about the human winner in the Vermont race?

08/08/12 @ 23:30
Comment from: Larry S. [Visitor]
Larry S.

Also see:

Note that while human did win (by a matter of seconds) that aside from fact that horse is carrying a rider (along with saddle, etc.), that even reporter pointed out that due to rules that required two 40-minute feed/water/vet (yes, full vet checks) for horses that the man in effect had an 80 minute head start! (Though in this case it was more like ONLY a 60-minute head start)... Basically ALL of the Man vs. Horse Endurance races have this same rule, however most have simple untimed feed/water stops (while runner can hydrate and eat on the run with pit stops that last 1-2 minutes a couple of times) and Vet Aid stations along route if rider determines horse may have problem can then be used... which is why horses - with rider and saddle - wins 99.9% of these races (when their mandated food/water pit stops are minimally reasonable).

(Will have to email Ride Coordinator to determine if a human ever won the 1999 race - or any other year... unless someone can provide an official link showing that!)

08/09/12 @ 13:09

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