Comment from: Fernie [Visitor]

Oh yeah, murphy's law... stress fracture during a 6 mile run right at mile 4. Now if only it would heal before the rock and roll half...

04/26/12 @ 14:21
Comment from: Ludo [Visitor]

Congrats on your half!
The description of your hip pain sounds well too familiar.
Few years ago, during a long training run for a marathon, I started to feel this same pain in my hip.
After few miles, it went away but then the side of my knee started killing me.
That's how I discovered ITBS ;-)

04/26/12 @ 15:00
Comment from: Laura [Visitor]

It was fun to read your race account - thanks for writing it. I've been running mostly totally barefoot for almost a year now, but used the Moc3s during the winter. They have been very useful as I transition to spring, and I might end up wearing them for at least part of a 10K out on country roads this weekend. At 51, I've just started having some odd hip pain, but it doesn't sound quite like yours, since it's more in the side hip. Stretching and massaging it seems to work it out. I'm NOT giving up running though! From what I hear, it just hurts to get old, so I'm going to work with it and enjoy my running!

05/01/12 @ 12:33
Comment from: Steve Chefan [Visitor]
Steve Chefan

Hi Jay,

I'm 55 and have been running in Bikilas since they came out (2 years?). I'm training for the Pocono Marathon on May 20th and can't seem to get past about 18 miles. My forefeet right at the pads seem to get bruised and hurt. I really don't want to go back to foot casts, so I keep trying. I did get past the hip thing by increasing my forward lean, while keeping my core muscles engaged, my posture straignt, my knees down and heels up. It's the Chi running method and seems to really work with Vibrams. Hope this helps and good luck11

05/01/12 @ 14:35

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