Comment from: greentoe [Visitor]

already ordered mine! Too bad about the original classic though. Ive always enjoyed those.

12/17/12 @ 12:48
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]  

Looking forward to the review. Looks good so far. I'll wait for the all black ones.

12/17/12 @ 15:17
Comment from: MrsSell [Visitor]

I LOVE LOVE LOVE FiveFingers; I have 5 pairs and have worn nothing else since I quit my boot-requiring job. Which is why I'm so disappointed that so few of the styles work for people with high in-steps. I have a pair of KSOs that I can't wear because I can't squeeze my feet into them, and the velcro doesn't reach across my foot. My favorite pairs now are my Classics, my Speeds, and by Bikila LSs. On the other hand, maybe it's better that they don't fit, because then I'd buy way too many of them... :)

12/17/12 @ 17:42
Comment from: karl [Visitor]

And yet in the UK...we are still waiting for the Lontra to be released...

12/18/12 @ 03:07
Comment from: Nathan [Visitor]  

Got mine in the mail early this morning. I LOVE THEM!

They are so incredibly light and comfortable. Even better ground feel than the Classics... These have immediately become my favorite pair.

Well worth the 75 bucks!! Can't wait to get them in black.

12/18/12 @ 12:18
Comment from: Larue [Visitor]  

Great news! However, I'll wait on the all black ones.

12/18/12 @ 13:22
Comment from: John [Visitor]

They're on the Vibram website now, but not available yet:

How well do they stay secure? Only thing I'm worried about is the lack of strap. For example, would you feel comfortable sprinting in these? Making a sharp turn while running?

12/18/12 @ 20:40
Comment from: markus gerat [Visitor]
markus gerat

i bet i run this inside and outside sole through in 3 weeks!

12/19/12 @ 17:13
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]  

Not sure if my earlier post was sent properly -- I have a pair of KSO's size 43 that I love. I just bought a pair of El-X's size 43, but they are really snug. Do EL-X's run small, should I get a size 44 pair?

01/18/13 @ 11:55

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