Comment from: Matthew [Visitor]


01/25/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: Hai [Visitor]

can't wait to get my hands on these!!! i think i might like the looser heal cup better since i've always thought all other 5fingers heal cups are too tight for my taste.

thanks for the review and pictures.

01/25/12 @ 12:26
Comment from: Edgar [Visitor]

Nice review! What about sizing? Do you have to use the kso size or the bikila size when you buy these? I love my old ksos and maybe these will bring that feeling back. I can wear my ksos every day but the treks and bikilas are only for a few hours or maybe a couple of days in a row.

01/25/12 @ 15:31
Comment from: [Member]

Well I thought the heel might do that. I wanted them for casual wear but it sounds like I would be fussing with the heel constantly. I wish they would have stuck with a KSO style strap that went around the heel and then strapped to the top of the foot.

01/25/12 @ 16:04
Comment from: niki_in_france [Visitor]

Nice review Tim. It sounds like these shoes are very running specific. I wear my VFF all the time and like the Bikila LS since I can wear it loose for every day, then just tighten it a bit for a run. So I guess the See Yas aren't for me. I have another question though, a bit off topic. I saw that you are a cyclist. Do you wear VFF while biking. I just hate real shoes, but the VFFs I have aren't really so great on the bike. I was thinking maybe the TrekSports have a ticker stiffer sole. What do you wear?

01/25/12 @ 16:04
Comment from: A C C [Visitor]

I like that they smoothed the stitching on the footbed.

I don't like the garish colors, but I understand it's because it's a running model and people need visibility.

I don't understand the need for Vibram to put their logo on the bottom that large and in that spot on the midfoot. A smaller logo (placed ideally on the arch like the Classic/Flow/Jaya LR) with smaller letters would allow for greater sole flexibility and would be harder to counterfeit. It's the same principle as money: use logos, holograms, and text small enough so that it can't be counterfeited.

If I designed a pair I'd try to reduce the weight at the heel-cup by shaving off a few mil thickness where the Vibram logo is. Then I'd shave off a few mils where the Vibram logo is on the side of the forefoot because you shouldn't be landing on the side of your 5th metatarsal anyway. (In fact, I'd replace the logo on the back with some sort of hologram stitched in and ditch the plastic-looking grey piece for a textile heel cup for less weight and a better fit on the heel.) You really don't need that beveled surface on either spot and on Trek soles the side of the fifth metatarsal is really stiff because of that.

Also, the weight isn't competitive enough when the Minimus Zero Trail is similar weight (~4.6oz for men's US10). This is supposed to be Vibram's most minimal model and it doesn't even weigh less than the Jaya LR? (Seeya W38 "is a paltry 3.75 oz" , Jaya LR W38= 3.4oz)
Doing away with unnecessarily large logos and things that aren't actually for speed would be a start.

01/25/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: Ben S [Visitor]
Ben S

I finnished a 50k in Treks earlier this month. I plan to use these for a road marathon in May and a 5k PR later this Summer. Thanks for the review!

01/25/12 @ 16:28
Comment from: Brian [Visitor]

Interesting about the heel. I recently wore out the strap on one of my KSOs, so I decided to cut the straps off both of them until I get a new pair. They now fit looser, of course, but they stay on just fine for casual use. If that's what the Seeyas are like, they may work for me.

I am near full time VFF/barefoot, so the more minimal the shoe the better. Look forward to what others think of the Seeya.

01/25/12 @ 16:46
Comment from: Chase [Visitor]  

Is there any way I can be notified as soon as these drop? I'd love to get my hands on some as soon as possible. Thanks!

01/25/12 @ 17:48
Comment from: albert [Visitor]

Can anyone recommend a five fingers model for sprinting? Hard sprinting 60m,100m,200m?

01/25/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: [Member]

@Edgar - The size reviewed here and the size I use for both the Sprint/KSO and Bikilas is 43. Brand new Bikilas seem a little tight until I break them in and like in the review the SeeYa seems a bit loose, but I attribute that in part to the stretchy uppers.

@niki_in_france - I don't ever do long distances on the bike wearing VFFs. For fitness rides I always use cycling shoes. For shorter rides for errands or social rides I am fine using any VFF really. In fact, when I went to buy my "around town" bike, I wore my most beat up, worn out pair of Sprints to see what the pedal feel would be like. I think getting large, flat pedals for the bike is almost more important than your footwear choice!

01/25/12 @ 21:37
Comment from: barefeet [Visitor]

Thanks for the review! I have a question about the looseness in the heels. I love my Komodosports, but one disappointment is the way that pebbles and sidewalk debris occasionally end up getting inside the cuff. This doesn't happen with my KSOs and Treks. Is this likely to happen with the SeeYas?

(yes, this is probably due to my pushing off - but it's also due to the slackness around the entry hole- am wondering if it's the same with the SeeYas).

01/26/12 @ 10:03
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]

Ok so Im liking the SeeYa's so far,being lighter and more minamal, but I have been training for my marathon in my Bikila's, would you recomend that I stay with the Bikila or go for the SeeYa? I know it up to personal preference, but some input would be helpful.

01/26/12 @ 10:44
Comment from: Rick [Visitor]

Oooh, I want these for a Half Marathon in March!!!!!!!!! Please let me win!!

: )

01/26/12 @ 14:03
Comment from: [Member]

@barefeet - I didn't experience any debris getting into the SeeYas as the cuff around the foot is quite tight. But then again, I've never had that problem with Komodos or any other models either.

@Mark - The SeeYas sole feels even more minimal than the Bikila. If you'd like a little more ground transmission you might want to think about moving to the SeeYas, otherwise I'd stick to the Bikilas if the marathon is coming up soon. (There's the old adage about not trying anything new on race day...)

01/26/12 @ 14:14
Comment from: Mr. Leigh [Visitor]
Mr. Leigh

I agree that the colors are a little loud, but I understand as they are marketed as running shoes and running shoes typicaly are more vibrant. I'd love to try a pair for casual wear and see how they compare to Classics. I often refer to Classics as the flip flop of the VFF world. Maybe these will be even more so, simply becasue they are so light and flexible.

01/26/12 @ 17:31
Comment from: Shu [Visitor]

What are the grey shoes in your last two pictures?

01/27/12 @ 11:18
Comment from: aaron [Visitor]

i want these!!!

01/27/12 @ 12:49
Comment from: jared [Visitor]

when can we start ordering these vff?

01/28/12 @ 13:05
Comment from: RunningTim [Visitor]

I really want a pair of these, but when I enquired at my local VFF stockist, he told me that barefoot inc. who import VFFs into Australia, will require you to have a "license" to own SeeYa's, some bullpoo about them not lasting very long or something. Either way I'm not happy :(

01/29/12 @ 20:03
Comment from: Brett Bumeter [Visitor]
Brett Bumeter

It's winter now, but I suspect that black material on the top of the shoe is going to feel pretty hot in the sun in a few months. I think they look great, but running on the road a lot, I find that there is less tree cover/shade and the tops of shoes can get pretty hot as the darker material absorbs the sunlight instead of reflecting it back.

I'll probably get a pair of these. My bikila ls are breaking down after a year of running. I'll still use them on and off but not as my primary. I have a new pair of Speeds, but I was surprised to find that I'm not crazy about running in those. Something about the rubber feels 'hard' in my speeds. Looks exactly the same as all three pairs of bikilas, but when I'm running it feels like I'm landing on hard plastic, maybe I got a bad batch of rubber in that run. So I'm due for a new pair sooner than I expected.

01/31/12 @ 14:59
Comment from: roger [Visitor]  

intresting, i own a pair of komodosport ls and a pair of classics. but i do want this see ya´s for running, since im gonna wear out my komodosports at crossfit, trail n stuff. and WHAT IS THAT "COVER SHOE" ON THE LAST 2 PICS??
btw, i wanna win 1 of the free pairs, lol

02/01/12 @ 03:20
Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]

When you get the. production model, could you compare how these stay on your feet compared to the Bikila LS? I ask because I find that the LS version of the Bikila slips around on my foot when I corner and especially on steep uphill (it stretches a surprising amount). By contrast, both the standard version of the Bikila and the speed feel like part of my foot.

02/01/12 @ 20:49
Comment from: Brett Bumeter [Visitor]
Brett Bumeter

Adding to what Ted_S said. I'd be curious about how the sizing of this measures up to other models. Ex KSO sizes for me are 44's, Bikilas 45, Bikila LS 45 also but feel very wide, and Bikila Speeds for me at 45 are almost too small/short.

I'd really like to see Vibram improve their sizing qc stuff. After running in them for more than 3 years, I still don't feel comfortable ordering online because the size seems to change with almost every pair and my feet measure pretty much the same consistently at 44(unless those rubber feet measuring things are stretching and shrinking in the stores?) :)

02/02/12 @ 12:44
Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]

Adding more to Brett's observations on sizing, I've had similar experiences. Carefully comparing the lengths and widths of the soles, (for a size 44), all three of the styles I have are identical -- Bikila, Bikila ls, and Speed. Yet each fits differently. One difference I noticed is that my pair of Bikilas has clear plastic tabs over the tops of the toes. These tabs do not stretch. The Bikikla ls do not have these tabs, and hence the toe pockets can, and do, stretch freely. Also the velcro tab on the regular Bikila doesn't stretch, whereas the fabric over the instep on the Bikila ls does stretch.

The Speed has a lot of non-stretchy elements in the upper. Because of this, and probably also because of my foot anatomy, (wide forefoot with large bunions), I had to go up a size with the Speed to relieve pressure on the tips of a couple toes. But even in a larger size, the Speed, probably because the upper doesn't stretch, feels more solid than either version of the Bikila.

02/02/12 @ 19:37
Comment from: dub [Visitor]

Looks like these are up at the Vibram site!

Only available at authorized retailers for the time being though... bummer. But it looks like you can preorder the Black/Dayglo at No sign of the Blue/Grey colorway though. Decisions, decisions.

02/04/12 @ 14:39
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]

I am too lazy to see if anyone replied to those asking about the "covers" in the last pictures. but they are vivobarefoot shoes

also, i am excited about these and the spideron. look like good replacements for my bikilas and treksports.


02/06/12 @ 23:55
Comment from: Dallas Westveer [Visitor]  
Dallas Westveer

i have webbed toes. I've seen the four fingers post on here, would these be easier than the kso's to operate on?

02/09/12 @ 10:26
Comment from: michael [Visitor]  

that's a bit less than half the thickness of the bikila? i think my altra adams are 2mm and it's a big difference from my vibrams (which i love love love).

i guess i will have to try them out but don't see myself going down in thickness from the bikila.

02/09/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: John [Visitor]  

Interesting comment about the Seeya's flexibility as compared to worn-in Bikila's. Only after ~200 or so miles and a couple of trips through the washer, did my Bikila LS's gain the flexibility I could appreciate. I will purchase a pair of Seeya's, although I am running happily in my Bikila's.

02/11/12 @ 10:13
Comment from: Rich Frantz [Visitor]  
Rich Frantz

I got my SeeYas in the mail and took them for a 3 mile treadmill run. I decided on the treadmill first time out so I could pay attention to the shoes, and not the environment.

1. It's only about an ounce, but these are noticably lighter than my Bikilahs.
2. My Bikilahs fit like a glove, and while the SeeYas fit just as well, the super flexy upper I can feel shifting on my skin as my foot goes through the range of motion.
3. There is some top of foot rubbing. Afterwards I found it to be where the reinforced section that the velcro strap goes through to be the culprit. My guess is that the upper flexes, that spot doesn't and you sense it as rubbing. It is smooth in there against the skin, so I don't think it will blister, more of a "training issue". I need to train myself to ignore it.

Overall, after this brief exposure, I really really like them. Once I get used to their differences fom my Bikilahs, I am sure I won't even notice them. And I like the yellow/black!

02/17/12 @ 19:12
Comment from: Hai [Visitor]

been running for a week in these Seeya and even one time bootcamping in them, all i got to say is that this is the best 5fingers to date!!! it feels like you're wearing nothing.

02/23/12 @ 12:25
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

I've had these for about a week and done several short ~2-5km runs in them. Yesterday i did a longer 12 km run and now have a massive blister on the on the side of my left foot where the velcro strap connects on the shoe - at the seam of the fluro and black fabrics.

I've never had a blister with the Speeds.

I love the weight and design of the Seeya's and want to love them, but they are no good to me if they do this!

Going to experiment with tightness of the velcro and pull out the band-aids.

03/22/12 @ 16:34
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]  

Ran 14.5kms in 'Run for the Kids' Melbourne yesterday. After 7 kms the band-aid came off and the See-ya's tore open the previous almost healed blister and continued to rub really badly. So off came the shoes and I ran the second half of the race even faster than the first!

So utterly disappointed in the See-ya's. I absolutely love my Speeds and my Trek LS's, but the Seeyas elastic top allows too much movement over skin and totally unusable as a running shoe for me. :(

04/01/12 @ 19:13
Comment from: Jfred [Visitor]

bottom line, do you recommend the shoe for just walking around in and working out in, or would you recommend the bikila's instead?

04/12/12 @ 22:19
Comment from: [Member]

@Jfred. I would recommend it for running errands and such around town. Your heel can feel like it is sliding around if you do allot of lateral movements. For that reason it is not good in the gym for cross training. It is fine for street running, walking, and general milling about town.

04/13/12 @ 03:11
Comment from: John [Visitor]

I saw these in the store and loved the look and how little they weighed. Aftera few runs in them i have noticed a blister on my left foot near the top of my arch. Some stitching or somethingis rubbing it. I am hoping i can modify it somehow. They do seem a bit looser feeling than my bikillas but i am not sure downsizing would be better. A bummer so far.

04/15/12 @ 17:46
Comment from: Bobby [Visitor]

disappointed. i've had one (black/day glow) for a weeks use, and the green fabric on the inside near the base of my big toe, tore off where it is stitched along the polyester stretch mesh. i run daily approximately 5 miles and i couldn't believe it would break this easily

05/04/12 @ 23:45
Comment from: Lex [Visitor]

Ok.. here's my 2 cents: just got the Seeya's this week to put in rotation next to my Bikila LS.

day 1: short 5k run in them - the heel does seem kinda loose, but despite some initial worries it won't slip off.

Howeverrrr.. on day 2 i ran a half marathon in them (new PR! yay!!) and the stitching inside the heel on top unfortunately gave me blisters on the back of my heels.

day 3: another short 5k run with partially healed blisters. About half way through i felt the Seeya's chaving again and i stumbled on a quick easy fix (at least for me): by folding the top of the heel inside a bit the chaving stops and the heel feels a tad less loose. I kinda thought it would unfold back up after a few steps, but surprisingly stayed in position.

All in all i think me and my Seeya's have come to an agreement. Apart from the heel it's a nice light snug 'shoe'. Also, the Velcro-strap doesn't add much, but it does come in handy for securing a MYLAPS championchip. If Vibram fixes the heel and maybe a laced version i think it'd be perfect.

05/19/12 @ 06:16
Comment from: Boone [Visitor]  

I absolutely loved this shoe until I went for a 8 mi run and had massive blisters in my instep of both feet where the strap meets the sole. I had them for less than a week and the seem had already started to tear. I'm going to return them and try out the bikilas instead. If they ever fix the seam problem I would love to get another pair.

06/29/12 @ 15:36
Comment from: Stephen [Visitor]

Have it for the 2nd day, ran approx 12 km on them. back of the feet developed blisters due to friction, i suppose it will heal & become immune at no time, or else wear a pair of sock to reduce the risk. overall the shoe is very light, great ground feedback plus all the foot protection one need for safe barefoot running / walking. not suitable for cross training since it does have tendency to roll sideways, though not frequent. great for fast cadence / stride, good grip over tarmac / pavement event if it's wet. I love the Seeya.

07/08/12 @ 05:23
Comment from: the bullet [Visitor]
the bullet

Just picked these up because in my day job -- which requires lots of walking on concrete in sweltering heat -- I can't keep my Komodos from reeking. I run very happily in Bikilas and don't wish to press my luck with the blister issues everyone is discussing above... but for an everyday shoe, the SeeYa is like putting air conditioners on my feet. So. Happy.

07/11/12 @ 19:54
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]

So as a day to day shoe(eg. Sitting in a classroom, playing a goof off game of baseball, mabey some track work,etc.) how would the SeeYas hold up? Cause im intrigued about the new upper and sole, just worried about the heel... Any help please?

07/17/12 @ 22:49
Comment from: Sam [Visitor]

I'm falling in love with the Seeya's, my first pair of five fingers, but wondering how they will do in colder weather. I've been considering buying a larger pair (43 vs the 42 I wear barefoot) to use with Injini's for the winter. Alternatively I could pick up a pair of Bikila's for half the price, either in a 42 or 43 to wear with or without Injini for cold weather. I am concerned that the Bikila with toe socks would just mute the great ground feel I love with the Seeya. Does anyone have any experience running with the Seeya/Bikila in cold weather with or without socks? Even on the coldest days here in NC, it rarely gets under freezing, so perhaps my cold feet concerns are unfounded.

07/28/12 @ 10:58
Comment from: Rich Frantz [Visitor]
Rich Frantz

Sam, unless you have poor circulation, I wouldn't worry about running in the cold. I have run sockless in Bikilahs to well below freezing here in upstate NY. I have been down to the low 20's and as long as you avoid the wet on those days I have never had a problem, feet were never more than cool.

07/30/12 @ 09:21
Comment from: GT [Visitor]

Hey. I have been running barefoot, skin to road, for about 6 months now. Love it. Best feeling. However when I go on longer runs +8 miles my feet sometimes become bloodied and bruised. Im looking at a pair of vibrams for these longer runs. What do people TRUELY recommend, the Bikala's or the SEEYAS?

10/11/12 @ 20:46
Comment from: [Member]

@GT - Bottom line for me is SeeYas for road/track running and Bikilas if there is going to be a mix of asphalt and dirt/gravel. If it's purely dirt/gravel then I'd look at Spyridons or something with a Trek sole.

10/12/12 @ 09:06
Comment from: Sean [Visitor]

I recently picked up a pair of speeds, yesterday actually. I'm at work right now on my phone for this review and already I love them. I'd spent the last year in KSO, wearing speeds occasionally. my KSO were my main pair, not the case now, the seeya are so unbelievablely comfortable. the biggest differences I notice are the ground feel and the upper material. the seeyas just feel so minimal I love it, the lower cut allows them to move more with my foot and breathes better. I wear my vibrams mostly for work and drumming, these are so light I definitely don't mind making them the new favorites. it's getting too cold to run here but the feeling of the sprints I did felt great, the seeyas are pretty awesome.

10/27/12 @ 03:00
Comment from: Alan [Visitor]

I've had the Seeyas since October 2012, and I've grown to love them. I wear a women's size 40 because the men's don't run small enough for me. On my first run out with them last October I developed terrible open blisters on both feet where the strap attaches to the shoe. These took a month to heal and I still have scars there!! However, after that I simply wore a pair of the thinnest injinji socks and the problem is no more. Yes, you lose some ground feel, but only a tiny amount. The socks also prevent stinking so that's a bonus. I love the light weight and flexibility of the upper and the sole, and I love the fact that after washing they dry so fast - much, much faster than my KSOs. I find them suitable for ALL terrains, but then maybe I've had a couple of years for my feet to toughen up. Grip on soft, wet ground isn't good at all, and sharp cornering at high speed can be tricky too. On dry ground and normal turns the grip is excellent. Also, I find the greater the ground-feel the more you grip in a natural way without relying on an aggressive rubber tread. They have developed a tear along the whole side length of one of the toe pockets but this hasn't impaired their functionality and I really have used them on all terrains and in all conditions. Also, I have a problem with a lump of dried glue in one of the toe pockets in one shoe only, which may explain the tear because it displaces my toe. This glue is seemingly to connect the sole to the upper and seems to be a manufacturing fault rather than a design fault - probably too late to return them now after 7 months of use!!! Overall, a great all round shoe - lightweight, flexible, plenty of flexibility for the feet to spread, easy to wash and dry, able to cope with most terrains but be careful in wet mud and during high-speed cornering. And if you get blisters just put the thinnest injinji socks on.

05/15/13 @ 18:45
Comment from: Stefan [Visitor]

Has Vibram changed the SeeYa? I recently bought the 2013 model and are a little disapointed with the sole. It's definitely thicker than that of my KSOs (almost damping). Also the sole is inflexible,i can hardly bent my toes down.

06/12/13 @ 05:39

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