Comment from: Jeff [Visitor]

Totally agree, almost barefoot is awesome and barefoot is even better.

09/14/11 @ 16:54
Comment from: barefootin [Visitor]

I could not have said it better! A few years and I'll be hitting the big 4-0 and I have never had a sprained ankle or tweaked a knee. Your body learns to function as God intended. Your feet will flex over potential sharp objects and reflexes sharpen to the degree that it's almost as if your feet know what to do before you do. I'll be honest, I've broken toes, but normally in the dark and having furniture move into my path on it's own :-)

09/14/11 @ 18:47
Comment from: rks [Visitor]

Wonderfully written, thank you!

09/14/11 @ 22:49
Comment from: Diane [Visitor]

I used to run around barefoot all summer as a child, too. I'm still trying to get used to the toe pockets of VFFs. It feels like prison to have stiff rubber foot gloves on compared to simple huarache sandals. But in the interest of thinking maybe I'm missing something, I'm giving them a try, at least for walking around. Too hot for running yet.

09/28/11 @ 15:20
Comment from: SHaFDuDe [Visitor]  

I love going barefoot, the only problems is rules against it like at school. I'm willing to go anywhere and everywhere barefoot as long as it isn't winter and I even train parkour barefoot. It makes you feel so natural and connected with nature and the environment. It's truly beautiful.

07/14/13 @ 06:30

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