Comment from: ernie [Visitor]

Nice job Lindsay!. People make fun of my VFF-KSO all the time, I dont really care, I love them. I have not worn a regualr pair of shoes for one month now. Slowly working my way to marathon running and trail running.

09/15/10 @ 09:01
Comment from: Joe Salter [Visitor]
Joe Salter

Go for the marathon! I've switched to KSO's for my running and joggling for a year and have never went back to my old running shoes. You can do the marathon in VFF's, they work great! I set a PR in them, 3:31 while joggling 26.2 miles.

09/18/10 @ 11:10
Comment from: robb. [Visitor]

i wore my red sprints at tulum in 2009. it's a great place for them -- there's so many different surfaces to feel.

09/20/10 @ 13:18

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