Comment from: Zataod [Visitor]

I love the idea of a VFF Winter boot.

07/01/09 @ 16:05
Comment from: Robert A [Visitor]
Robert A

Too bad they're only making a Women's version (as far as I understand). This seems like the took the Surge and made it fuzzy.

Anyway, it seems like more of a novelty than anything (for me, at least, since I probably wouldn't wear it!) - I think that personally, I'd get more functionality out of the Trek + Glove/Moc.

07/02/09 @ 07:17
Comment from: BorisT [Visitor]

Okay that is something different. I my VFF's I guess all the new models are not meant for water use. Hope that they don't discontinue any of the older models.

07/19/09 @ 20:56

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