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Vibram FiveFingers Moc – Unboxing and First Look [Video and Photos]

A video overview and initial write-up on the Vibram Five Fingers Moc, the brand new kangaroo leather foot glove barefoot shoe from Vibram.

I finally got my hands on a pair of the new Vibram fivefingers Moc (in blue!). The Moc, a men’s style VFF whose sister counterpart is the Performa, is a new, kangaroo-leather-clad, indoor-only, minimalized, and extremely flexible foot glove — in fact, we originally thought the Moc was going to be called the Glove.

Before I jump into my written first impressions of the fivefingers Moc, here’s a video unboxing and first look. Check it out:

Apologies for the intrusion by the cat (Zeke). He has a penchant for being on YouTube.

Photos of the new Vibram Five Fingers Moc

First impressions

Like the new Five Fingers KSO Trek, the VFF Moc is clad in smooth, and expensive-looking/feeling kangaroo leather. From a materials standpoint, the Moc is little more than leather a smidgeon of Vibram rubber — seven rubber “pods” (A pod for each toe, heel, and midfoot).

Swapping a full-coverage Vibram sole for a seven-paneled one means that the Moc is the most flexible fivefingers model yet. And by flexibility, I mean that you can wave your toes freely and easily flex your foot in either direction (open or closed). Without a sturdy structural, full-foot Vibram sole, the Moc doubles over when held up. Without a foot inside, the Moc is flimsy.

Interestingly enough, the lack of the structural base I’ve been accustomed to in all other VFFs, it was actually a bit tricky getting my toes slotted. A bit of practice should clear up my toe clunkiness.

Another new feature brought on with the Moc is that the elastic pull-tab has a small bit of velcro underneath it that allows you to attach it to your heel. This simple solution makes a lot of sense and I imagine Vibram has considered implementing it with Classics (Just speculating!).

Finally, fit for the Moc is like a snug version of the Classic. A leathery and stylish Classic, that is!

Of course, most of the above could be said about the fivefingers Performa, as the only difference between Moc and Performa, aside from color options, is that the Moc has a higher front “vamp,” which is the part of the VFF that covers the front top of your foot. For comparison purposes, here’s an animation that shows the two for comparison purposes:

Overall, the Moc is an impressive manifestation of a functional and elegant “foot glove”. And as such, it further blurs the line between bare feet, socks, and shoes.

As for use, I could see VFFers using it in activities such as weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, certain CrossFit WODs, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts. What will be interesting to see is what other uses the VFF community finds for the Moc and Performa. In black, it is easily dressy enough for slacks and a tie — unorthodox and classy at the same time.

As I put it to more use, I’ll be sure to update you all further!

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28 replies on “Vibram FiveFingers Moc – Unboxing and First Look [Video and Photos]”

I’m with Grok…

Justin, once you have an idea of the durability beyond kicking it around the house, please let us know! (Though, I know you were going to do that anyways, it makes me feel special to actually say it. 🙂

How does the sizing compare to the other models? I think you’re the same size as me (43), did you get the same size in the Moc?

I’m hoping they are a little tolerant of the outside world. I’d like to make a black pair of these my everyday shoes for the office and walking about town.

Ha given that the Bikilas aren’t due out until February of 2010 … well let’s just say it’s gonna be a few months! Which is good because I have a lot of VFFs to experiment with at present!

I’m looking forward to sticking these suckers into my pockets. So when I do have to wear ‘shoes’ I can jus’ slide these guys on. When do you think mocs will start shipping out to customers? Thank you for the video.

MizFit, I think they are shipping *now* — as in, your local retailer may be carrying them now or should be carrying them any day now.

I’ve seen what I’d call a “stub” sales page for the Performas on, for example (not sure if that means they have them now or what).

Greetings from Germany.
Luckily, found this great resource just before I wanted to order from a fake dealer in China.
Looking for a VFF for Yoga. Didn’t have any VFF yet. I like the idea of the Moc made 100% of leather. My only issue is that I have heavily sweating feet with which I’m sliping back and forth on the mat if doing Yoga barefooted. How does the Moc behaves if I have wet feets? Or is maybe the classic or KSO better?

Thanks for an answer.

Those do look good but the question that comes to my mind is “What is the point?”
I have a pair of VFF for outdoor use but when indoors (in my own home) I go barefoot.The moc strikes me as “shame” shoe in that you will end up using it indoors ONLY if you aren’t allowed to walk around barefoot or are ashamed to do so. As for yoga, pilats, etc you can do those things barefoot without any problems (physically).

These look incredible, and I’m sure are outrageously comfortable. But I can’t find them for sale anywhere anymore. Did Vibram discontinue them?

These were discontinued, but some stores are still clearing them out. I think it was the 7 pods that did them in. If these only had the classic heel, they’d be great for running errands on a lazy Sunday. As they are now, they’re very prohibitive (much like how thin driving gloves are only good for driving, and even then, they are completed form over function).

The problem is finding a middle ground of minimalism and practicality. The KSO Treks look okay, but they are more like boots than loafers, which is what these would be ideal for. Unless they remake the model with the full sole so the material on the arch of the foot is protected, these will go the way of the dodo (or the Surge).

Hey, thanks for the great review! I only with they carried them in smaller sizes. Being a male and having small feet really has it’s downsides. Would it be totally unacceptable if I were to get a pair of the Performas in black? I’m not quite sure how much a difference the larger vamp in the Mocs make, and I would love to get a pair.

Just bought a pair of Performa Janes in black (I’m a guy). Was at first sceptical about the size, since I had to get a size larger than my Vibram KSOs, and their possible “girlishness,” so I set them aside for a few weeks. But now I’ve been dancing around a little in them and I think I like them and like the larger size too (a little more breathing room).

I’ll plan to post more after more experience with them. My primary complaint about the KSOs is they cause my feet to get really clammy and smelly; I’m curious to see if these will be any better.


I have searched for a black pair of Vibram Fivefingers Men’s Moc in a 41 without luck. Maybe you can help me locate a pair.
Thank you

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