Vibram just launched a huge sale on (older) FiveFingers, offering up to 60% off some models with free shipping plus orders will get a bonus coupon code to take 50% off any remaining stock from this initial sale, usable once the sale ends on November 26 at 11:59 PM.

You can find the sale here.

What’s on sale? There are three levels of discount depending on the FiveFingers model:

What are you seeing there? Here are some highlights:

  • Trek LS for $56!
  • Bikilas for $45!
  • Classic Frescas for $42.50!
  • KomodoSports for $55!
  • Speeds for $60!

All orders will be shipped free and also, if you order any Vibram product during this sale, you’ll get a bonus coupon for 50% off any of the above items once this sale ends on November 26!

This is a pretty sweet deal. I’m tempted to stock up on these the blue, brown, and gold Speed colorways before they disappear completely. Also, considering the new Speed LR is only a slightly updated Trek LS (at a MSRP of $130), well $56 is pretty cheap comparatively.

Again, here’s a link to the sale (it’s at Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!