Comment from: Alan In Dahlonega [Visitor]  
Alan In Dahlonega

Great story!!!! Glad we don't that much snow in north Ga.

Last week I "trotted" a 14 K in VFF, decided to celebrate by running the last K barefoot. The frozen dew made my feet stick to the ground.. kinda like the tongue on the frozen pole effect..
People thought that the 49 yo guy running barefoot and laughing out loud to himself needed mental help.

Carpe Diem

01/25/11 @ 07:55
Comment from: Charlie [Visitor]

I run in the snow regularly with my KSOs and injinji socks. It works just fine.

01/25/11 @ 14:50
Comment from: Rich [Visitor]

Great story and a very rapid transition. nice!

01/25/11 @ 23:06
Comment from: Ben S [Visitor]
Ben S

Looks like fun! I love running in snow. I find the VFF Bikilas and Merrell Trail Gloves both have their own character. I got the Trail Gloves 12 days ago and 10 of my last 12 runs have been in them. They are more firm and I have more difficulty landing forefoot due to the shape of the last. They are great in the extreme cold and I absolutely love the extra protection while they remain zero drop. They are also great running intervals and tempo runs on more rugged trails and exploring unfamiliar terrain. The drawback to extra protection is less groundfeel. The VFFs really shine in that area compared to the Trail Gloves and for that reason I enjoy running in the VFFs more provided the terrain is familiar and it's not too cold. I find traction is okay with the Bikilas and it is not significantly better with the Trail Gloves depending on my running form. I tend to run lighter in the Bikilas and dig deeper divots in the snow with the Trail Gloves.

01/25/11 @ 23:32

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