Comment from: Leigh [Visitor]

I've had the catalog for a couple of weeks now and I can honesty say that I am not all that impressed. The Spyridon MR Elite looks cool, not sure I will need it. I don't see it as much of an improvement over the standard Velcro Spyridon. I am hugely disappointed in Vibram's boneheaded decision to re-release the Classic and KSO in basic boring black. Black was the most readily available of all of the colors and was the last color to be discontinued. Many are still available on eBay and such. They should have revived a colorway from the first batches, something that maybe previously didn't even hit the US market. I think Vibram really missed the mark on this one.

08/19/15 @ 14:32
Comment from: Monique [Visitor]  

I'm really excited about the Vi-S. The others I'm kind of ho-hum about. I prefer the casual shoes because they feel more flexible and I like to use them for crossfit and light running. I hope they come out with more colors in this. I agree with Leigh, they should have reintroduced the classic and kso in other colors esp since you can still get them in black.

08/20/15 @ 16:06
Comment from: [Member]


I would agree with you that some more casual and leisure shoes would have been nice, but it's possible that Vibram does not see as much of a market for that sort of thing compared to a dedicated sports market.

Maybe it's a toe thing...


Indeed, if you do a quick search on ebay and even Amazon, you can find all of those classic Vibram models in a variety of colors, but BLACK is almost ubiquitous and, arguably, not the most flattering color.

I am happy they updated the Bikila EVO, though I wish there was a bit...more?


08/20/15 @ 17:21
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]  

Very happy to see the return of the original KSO as that was my favorite every day shoe. I ran my first marathon in them and they have great ground feel, mostly after being broken in and worn down some! I feel like Vibram are doing too much for the new FiveFinger wearer and not the experienced user. They should develop a more minimal high mileage running shoe with less sole so those of us who have spent ten years running in FiveFingers and want less support and more ground feel. Also I wish Vibram would create a true trail running shoe for mud, not the unimpressive MR Elite with no real mud traction, but something with big deep treads for real trail racing in the mud. And about the Warrior Dash shoe, if they took that race seriously they would want a shoe that is not water-repellent but lighter weight and has holes to help water drain quickly and fully. That would make the shoe much more user friendly in mud adventure races.

08/20/15 @ 18:54
Comment from: Percy J [Visitor]  
Percy J

I'm starting to believe Vibram has lost the will to fight.
The classics were awesome, and I loved the attention they got. I've seen some rare and custom colors and patterns:
Gray and orange, green and charcoal, even the smartwool. they were all awesome.
These "re-introduced" black classics feel like they are trying to get rid of existing dead stock. The last thing I want is to have someone ask me if im wearing my sisters ballet slippers.
Those VI'S look like they are more for the soccer-mom running errands and wouldn't stay on the foot with any activity outside of walking

08/20/15 @ 19:20
Comment from: [Member]

Percy J - I actually think the VI-S will stay on pretty well. I've wanted something similar to these for the longest time. A long time ago I actually cut up a pair of sprints to make something very similar to this new style for women. I loved the open sandal like feel, but my hacked up version didn't have much structural integrity and eventually frayed pretty badly. I think that strap design will hold them pretty well, although I don't know what more you'd really try to use them for other than casual daily use anyway.

08/21/15 @ 00:32
Comment from: Petr Judl [Visitor]  
Petr Judl

I've had Trek Ascent now for a week and am very impressed with the sole. After coming from worn out, falling apart Spyridon, there is a world of difference. But I quickly realized that's it's not exactly "KSO" friendly. I have a very snug fit yet the collar doesn't exactly hug your foot that well and sand and stuff keeps falling in when blazing through a trail.
I wished they introduce some variations with Trek Ascent sole but more minimalist upper, smth like a Spyridon with Trek sole, but it's not the case.
And the Spyridon MR Elite design is completely beyond me. Love my old velcro Spyridon simplicity. Light and functional. Finished 100km race in them, while they were wet for the majority of 30 hours, I never felt I needed a special brace to keep my foot "secured" in the shoe.

08/21/15 @ 01:36
Comment from: alibi [Visitor]

was hoping for polartec neoshell vff.
with additional protection between fingers :/

(i have less than 100km used lontras. last time in the rain i had totally wet feet just after few puddles. after inspection i saw holes\tears in outer fabric between some fingers. dunno how it happened..)

08/21/15 @ 04:03
Comment from: [Member]

I would agree that the brace seems a bit excessive. There is a strong need for flexibility and dexterity during something like a warrior dash or a spartan race, which makes the brace (depending on how restrictive it is) relatively useless.


I think Vibram missed the boat by not releasing an american flag variant during the fourth of july this year. They are campy to the point of being cool.

08/21/15 @ 08:48
Comment from: greentoe [Visitor]

Yea not that excited about the 2016 models. Love the classics and kso, but Vibram missed it with the black models. Too bad. A new splash would've been nice.

08/23/15 @ 01:58
Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]  

The insulated Trek Ascent, with a sole that has some traction on ice, could be an improvement over the Lontra if the cuff keeps out snow and debris, and if it fits.

I don't have a lot of hope on either count.

I've put in a few hundred trail miles on the Trek Ascent LR, and I've usually had to stop two or three times on each hike/run to pull out trail debris. What was Vibram thinking when the made the height of the upper match the maximum protrusion of the anklebone? This leaves a gap between the anklebone and the Achilles tendon which no amount of tightening of the laces can help. I'd call this model the Trek LSI for Let Stuff In.

The original KSO Trek, by contrast, had an elasticized upper that tucks below the anklebone. It really does Keep Stuff Out.

The Lontra, and the equivalent low version, both continue to serve me very well. Both are waterproof, or so nearly waterproof that I've never noticed any water intrusion, and both are cut sufficiently wide that they fit my wide feet with bunions. The Trek Ascent, by contrast, is cut more narrowly, and even with the leather version I had to endure some discomfort before it stretched to conform to my foot. The upper of the insulated Trek Ascent is made of Cordura, and Cordura does not stretch.

08/23/15 @ 20:46
Comment from: [Member]


Another issue of the Trek Ascent LR is the thinness of the ankle section. If it was more padded (like the original Bikila), it would keep stuff out better as well.

I found that the Bikila WP was only so-so in keeping snow out, but poorly insulated for winter running.

The Trek Ascent LR is cut just slightly wider than the Bikila EVO, which is narrower than previous models.

08/24/15 @ 11:24
Comment from: Marcelo [Visitor]

If only Vibram would create a show with tougher attachment of the material between the toes. I always always blow out both big toes and I really really wish they wouldn't.

08/24/15 @ 18:51
Comment from: Raymond [Visitor]

I am a relative new Vibram runner (longtime minimalist shoes though) and I am disappointed to not see an update of the SeeYa. I totally love the groundfeel of that shoe.

The colours of the Bikila EVO 2 (the bright yellow one and blue one) look amazing!

08/28/15 @ 04:26
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]

Well, it turns out the Trek Ascent Insuated is now on the Vibram website - I placed an order for it since an insuated Fivefingers for the upcoming winter is a must, and the extra grip on ice they purportedly provide will be a massive help. Hopefully they are warm enough for the winter in general, though.

It'll be the first time I've tried a pair without having looked through the reviews or tried it on in-store, and it's honestly daunting, but I hope my faith in the Trek Ascent Insulated is well-placed - I'll let you guys know how I find it :D

09/03/15 @ 03:10
Comment from: Annie [Visitor]

Does anyone know when the new line is supposed to drop?

09/30/15 @ 12:30
Comment from: PercyJ [Visitor]  

@Jarvis - That would have been quite cool... By any chance does Vibram consult you guys or even monitor/subscribe to any of the threads here?

10/15/15 @ 01:26
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]  

The new Spyridons look like an improvement over the current MRs, and the Trek Ascent Insulated is next on my list. While this is all fine and dandy I have very little hope in them actually offering these in my size. Oh the woes of being a man with small feet!

10/18/15 @ 10:26
Comment from: Mars [Visitor]  

Started wearing VFFs around 2009 maybe 2010. After owning 4 or 5 different pairs I can say with certainty that until Vibram reinforces or comes out with a new-stronger design for the webbing between the toes - I will not buy another pair.

Toe blowouts: In EVERY pair that I've owned, my big toe has found its way out of the webbing. Typically it separates where it attaches to the sole.

The other toes have not been a concern but the big toe has. They need to reinforce this area with stitching and or thicker material/better adhesive as I've seen this problem over and over again with other people.

Please Vibram listen up! This has been a problem for years now!!! No other shoe out there quite does the job like VFFs!

10/26/15 @ 13:18
Comment from: kevin [Visitor]

What have they done to you, sweet Spyridons? You are ... an abomination.

Looks like I'm about to buy up a bunch of last year's models. Maybe if I switch to zero shoes or some other huarache-type footwear I can eliminate some of this stress from my life. This George Lucasing of my favorite trail shoes (and backpacking shoes) may just make me turn a corner.

02/17/16 @ 00:00
Comment from: T [Visitor]

Is vibram discontinuing kids sizes? None in stock on website.

04/01/16 @ 22:59
Comment from: [Member]


We have been working with Vibram over the last few years. They have sent us many samples for review, including the recently-reviewed Trek Ascent Insulated and...a pair of V-Runs. Look for that review soon!

I am not sure about that. You can find kid sizes from Zappos, but with limited styles. Usually, there is a distinction between between adult and kid models and not all of them get the kid treatment.


04/02/16 @ 09:16
Comment from: creek life [Visitor]
creek life

I've had 3 different pairs I love them great for kayaking

07/02/16 @ 18:09
Comment from: Steve Eddy [Visitor]  
Steve Eddy

Jarvis, what do you think the best model is for general, non-trail running use? I occasionally run on some rocky patches but mostly roads.

07/16/16 @ 16:06
Comment from: [Member]


I would say that for non-trail use, the KSO EVO are best. They are the thinnest, most flexible, and most "locked in" shoe that VIbram makes.

However, for those looking for something a bit thicker, I would say the V-Run, but keep in mind that they are a bit more specific to their shape and fit than the older Bikila LS.

If possible, just find a pair of Bikila LS on the cheap!


07/18/16 @ 10:18
Comment from: Steve Eddy [Visitor]
Steve Eddy

Jarvis, about sizing,Vibram states that a foot that is 10 1/4 would be a 9 or 42 for most models. I just tried the El-x in a 10, and although the smaller toes seemed to be a little far from the toe pocket ends, the longer toes seemed pretty well under the toe cap (in other words, a 9 might be off with the KSO Evo). Is the fit for this aspect the same between the two models?

07/18/16 @ 18:34
Comment from: [Member]


Vibram has been pretty consistent with the length of their shoes, but the shapes and volumes of the models vary a bit. I am consistently a 41 across all models, but some fit better than others around the mid and top of the foot.

As with all shoes, sizing is never consistent from one shoe company to another, so if you are used to wearing X, you might be wearing Y with Vibrams.

I Actually used to wear 11 in most shoes, but I am a 41 or 9 for many minimalist shoes because of how wide my feet are.

You will find that the V-Run and Bikila EVO have longer toes than the KSO EVO, so size accordingly!


07/19/16 @ 09:45
Comment from: PercyJ [Visitor]  

@Philip: have you looked into this:

I dont think these will stay on your feet like Vibram classics but I purchased a pair and they are quite a comfortable shoe

04/04/17 @ 03:19

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