Comment from: Christine [Visitor]

Congrats to you both for braving the cold in your five fingers! Thanks for the insight on how they stack up in the cold. I may have to just give it a try in my Bikilas.

11/28/10 @ 17:07
Comment from: Stacey Jehlik [Visitor]
Stacey Jehlik

I went out for my first snow run last week during Seattle's unusual 20 degree weather. I decided to go with the Flows (with 2 pairs of Injinji socks) rather than the Bikilas, but my toes were still really cold. I headed out on a loop that I could turn into a 5, 3.3 or 2.2 miler, depending on how things felt, and I ended up heading back at the 2.2 turnaround, just in case the toes didn't warm up as well as I'd hoped they would. Good thing, as they were cold to the point of painful by the time I got back. It was fun to be out there, though, however short the jaunt, and to feel like I had a more solid footing than when out walking in my bulky snowy weather shoes. Congrats to Dudley and his wife for braving the frigid cold to get a run in!

11/29/10 @ 13:22
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]

Doubling up on socks, especially in the tight fitting VFFs actually will constrict blood flow which is one reason your feet, especially toes, get cold. Just like with gloves vs. mittens you need to leave a buffer around your skin for better circulation. With the toe shoes it's kind of tuff, probably one good reason to wear some sort of moccasin this time of year (more like a warm mitten).

11/29/10 @ 13:42
Comment from: Noël Bodwell [Visitor]
Noël Bodwell

Impressive! I've already had to put my Treks away for the winter and the temps weren't as cold as where you live. We've had temps in the low 20° area and my toes couldn't take it.I ended up purchasing Inov8 345 GTX to keep my toes warm. I *wistfully sighing* miss my Treks already!

11/30/10 @ 12:05

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