Comment from: Rob [Visitor]

Great job! Always happy to hear stories of how folks have changed their lives through exercise (especially running). Those are some lofty future goals! Good luck! You should give some other minimalist footwear a chance as well. Just because one specific shoe disagreed with you is no reason to abandon all shoes. They definitely have their place, especially if you want to run fast and over very rugged terrain. VFFs are an awesome training tool for me, but racing and being competitive they are too slow... I too want to run Comrades some day.

02/11/11 @ 09:39
Comment from: Russel Paguio [Visitor]  
Russel Paguio

Can someone help me please? Where can I buy Vibram shoes in Dubai. It's so hard to find one here.


05/22/11 @ 01:26

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