Comment from: Rob [Visitor]

Uh, the entire Inov-8 line is designed for running, for trail running in particular (well, maybe not the Road-X as it's Inov-8's introduction to the road shoe market). A lot of the Inov-8 models will get much more than 300 miles, trust me, I've been training/racing in Inov-8s for a lot of years now. The limiting factor seems to be the uppers. That F-Lite upper is all mesh and so tends to tear at the outside metatarsal flex point eventually. Other Inov-8 models are more resistant to that type of wear.

08/04/11 @ 11:25
Comment from: Joey [Visitor]

Yeah, I think the 300 miles thing is probably a bit conservative. I was just passing along what Inov-8's own rep told me about them.

Having said that, this outsole is a little on the soft side though. It doesn't have the firmer outsole of the 195 or the 230. That will make a big difference in the durability from the preceding models.

08/04/11 @ 14:35
Comment from: Jacey [Visitor]

I recently bought these shoes for my running training. I haven't ran too far in them yet, but did a light 2 mile in them and they are simply amazing. The comfort and fit is perfect! Also, if you are skeptical about the bottom. It is a really good grip! My last trainers were Nike Free's and I will never go back! My school won't let me train in my Five Fingers.. The color also is weirdly attractive.

08/22/11 @ 17:18
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]

How is the toebox on this shoe? How does it compare to the Minimus Trail, which I find to be very comfortable (I agree 100% that the messed up on the road, when the trail was great).


09/03/11 @ 00:47
Comment from: [Member]

The toe box, much like the Minimus Trail is great. The Trail has a bit broader room across the tips of the toes, whereas the Road-x is a bit closer to coming to a pointed tip, like traditional marshmallow running shoes, but it's still not bad. And like I said in the review, the fabric of the upper appears to be that same light, stretchy mesh that the Trail used, so the toes can bend and flex pretty freely.

09/03/11 @ 02:13
Comment from: mark lofquist [Visitor]  
mark lofquist

don't all shoes 'suggest' strongly to replace them after 300miles? I remember pissing off a running store salesman by saying 'oh yeah get those shoes i've put >1500 miles on them. he said "sshhhhh!! no come back and replace them soon!"

but amazing how these 155s are lighter weight than my Vibram FFs!

09/14/11 @ 15:44
Comment from: Neil [Visitor]

With 2 pairs of 195s, a pair of x-Talons (212), Mudclaws (333) and a pair of 155s - I can honestly say Inov-8 know how to make a shoe. The 155 is at best on tarmac - even a slightly loose surface effects your stride. But on the right surface the 155 is amazing - light and superfast. The ability to "ghost" past other runners as you move in near silence is a fantastic sensation.

With 3 pairs of VF5s, 2 pairs of Vivos and 5 Inov-8s - I do at least get to rotate the shoes in order to maintain their life.

A great addition to any runners shoe cupboard - especially if you want to run a quick one!

04/24/12 @ 10:48
Comment from: Chriz [Visitor]  

Great review.

What about the shoe size itself. I've read comments about going down half size.
Did you feel you should have done that? Do do you recommend me to stay on my regular 10US size?
I do a lot of Crossfit and I'm looking something alternative to the classic Rebook Nano's, so how bad would you recommend these for Crossfit WOD's?


10/03/13 @ 21:09

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