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Laced SeeYa LS FiveFingers Spotted in the Wild?

Anything jump out at you from the photos above? Sure there are the crazy gold and green FiveFingers Speeds (More on those here), but the real eye-catchers are what appear to be the Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa with laces.

Both our men’s and women’s re…

A photo surfaced recently of what looked liked laced versions of the Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa. SeeYas with laces? Interesting…

Both our men’s and women’s review of the FiveFingers SeeYa cited a somewhat loose fit, and while Tim didn’t have issues with blisters while wearing the SeeYas with socks, Leah had some rubbing issues with hers.

Meanwhile, virtually every new FiveFingers model sporting a new sole has been followed up 6-12 months later with a laced model with the same sole (e.g. Bikila to Bikila LS, KomodoSport to KomodoSport LS, Spyridon LS/Spyridon, etc.).

We’ve already gotten a solid sneak peak of the Fall 2012 Vibram FiveFingers, and from that we know a laced SeeYa isn’t on tap for a 2012 release; so I can only assume that these laced SeeYas are being tested now for a 2013 release — perhaps Spring 2013? If I had to speculate (which I am doing!), this would be my best guess so far, but honestly, who knows.

As for what I could tell in these mysterious pictures aside from the laces (which aren’t the speed-lacing system style, incidentally), it looks like there’s more of the sturdy fabric on the upper of these laced SeeYas, likely there to snug the fit down with the laces. The hope would be that this would reduce slipping and sliding of the upper and make for an overall more secure fit. What I can’t tell from the alleged photos is if the heel-cup is modified in this design. We know the heel was also a question of concern from Tim’s review and an area that was being worked on between the original pre-production and final production versions of the SeeYa.

Any existing SeeYa owners want to chime in on whether they’d like to have laces or not? Anyone on the fence about the SeeYa’s current design? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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22 replies on “Laced SeeYa LS FiveFingers Spotted in the Wild?”

Although I do not own any laced version of VFF, i think i prefer the strap version. I enjoy being able to quickly adjust the tightness when I’m at the gym. I could see the laced versions giving a more secure fit but I hate the way laces flop around and get caught on things. In the end, I would just prefer the See-Yas to have a better heel cup or better strap system.

I don’t care for laces on Vff’s usually but these improve the look of the Seeyas and will surely improve the fit. What I am excited about though is the magenta/orange model… Other Seeya colors really did not interest me..

A speed laced version of this would be really nice. All of my VFFs are strapped shoes….so a pair of laced See-Ya’s might be a nice addition.

I saw those pics already too, via Facebook. I was excited. I contemplated getting or at least trying on a pair of See-Ya, but I will wait for the lace up version. I just hope they come to fruition. I love the lacing system on the Speeds and I am not a huge fan of velcro. That could be where my strong liking of the Classics stems from, no velcro. I will be keeping an eye out for these.

This kinda erks me… I have a pair of the seeyas and they are a sloppy fit. Almost like they are baggy. I don’t think they should have released a model that should have been an LS version from the start. That is assuming the LS version fixes the loose fit feel. I keep telling myself to just stick with kso’s, but I keep having hope that Vibram will somehow improve the perfect shoe, and I keep regretting it.

The SeeYas have been my go-to VFF for several months. Although I prefer the thinner Classic sole, I love the feather weight comfort and fit of the SeeYas. Laces and more upper material go against what I like about the shoes.

I couldn’t get my feet into the strapped versions like the KSO’s, I needed the larger opening with the tongue. I love my bikila LS and my KomodoSports. Stretchy laces = thumbs up.

I love my SeeYas just as they are. No laces needed. They fit perfectly on my feet and are so soft and flexible, like little mini-hugs for my feet! These are my favorite VFF model so far.

Laces lose their tightness when you run in Speeds. The foot is right against the Velcro in the current seeya’s. So prolly not a good idea.

I would love an LS versioning the seeya’s though. The Bikila and Komodo LS versions feel like perfect shoes. The springiness of he bungee cord is perfect the perfect middle ground. Seems like Velcro is just too stiff, the Classic/Performa cords don’t work, and the Jaya’s don’t have enough support

Why are they wearing two different shoes for the SeeYa guys? and I’m not sure if the yellow/orange and white shoes is the SeeYa since the patterns on top aren’t teardrops.
The SeeYa is the most comfortable 5fingers i own, i don’t own the Classic so not sure how they fair. I’ve ran the La Jolla half marathon in San Diego a couple of weeks ago in the SeeYa and I was glad I picked the SeeYa out of the 8 models of 5fingers that I own. I was considering the Bikila, the Komodo, and the Spyridon but they have all given me blisters on long runs. 6 miler is fine but anything longer than that is no good. No blisters for the SeeYa on the race, but I did ended up with a blue toenail. It was quite a hilly course, so I guess the slipping and sliding from the hills that gave me the blue toenail. So definitely a more secure fit version of the SeeYa is welcome.

I have worn my seeya about 5-6 times. There is just something about it I don’t like much. I don’t think the addition of laces will fix my issues either. I don’t like how it will side around your heel. I would have preferred a KSO style strap that went around the back of your heel so it held everything in place better.

I much prefer the Spyridon over the SeeYa in almost every way. At a certain point in time I feel like shoe can try to be so minimal that there is not much of a point. I would rather just be barefooted. Just my two cents.

I like my seeyas with the strap but I would like to try a lace up version just to see what the difference is.

Giving customers a choice between strap and lace is always a good thing.

The next progression would be choice of sole. How about a Seeya with the classic razor-siped sole please?

I read a lot of reviews before buying my See-yas. The constant is people feel they seem like they will come off, I agree with this but must add these are the most natural feeling and comfortable fivefingers I own. i have Speeds/Komodosports/TrekSports and Spyridons. The Komodosport’s were my favorite until now. The See-yas breathe very well & my feet like that! If a laced version does come my hope would be an open lacing like the Speed & not the closed quick lace. I am not a runner, I have major back and nerve problems resulting in poor balance. Since discovering fivefingers my balance has improved at least 60% and now they are all I wear. The See-Yas are the first I can wear without socks comfortably. I note each fivefinger has specifics and different pairs of the same shoe in the same size fit different. The best for one may be the worst for others but give them a fair shot. Reviews don’t always tell the whole story and especially not the story of those who may wear fivefingers simply to lessen pain and improve health. Happy feet, See-ya!

Being a 44.5, I never can find the perfect fit for the heel – it’s either loose or the pinkie toe slips out. I don’t see laces making this any better – and I like my black and yellow colors a tad more than the light blue shown above. Will I get the LS version too? Probably, if they have different color options.

The SeeYas are my 4th pair of 5Fs and to date my absolute favorites. I have to agree with the (near) consensus comment that the heel feels a touch loose but so far they haven’t slipped off with running. Some type of heel strap might help; hard to say.

The funny thing is I still think the SeeYa is too much shoe! I would like to have an even thinner sole and more minimal shoe. Hopefully Vibram will have an evn more extreme shoe someday.

The SeeYas as is are my favorite VFF so far, and I own practically all of them. It’s my go to running shoe and I bought an extra pair for casual use. The classics are a close second, but the SeeYas feel most like wearing nothing. The heel is on the loose side but has caused me no problems. Mae
Others have noted, what works for one person may not work for all. For that reason, I welcome the LS version — not for me, but for others. I do worry about making the top thicker. That barely there feel is part of what I love about the model. As for new colors, I thought I would hate the black/yellow, but it’s really fine.

I’d buy these in a heartbeat if they had the same lacing system as the Komodosport LS. I tested the Seeya at Marathon Sports on a treadmill and while I was impressed with the ground feel and design, the fit was very sloppy towards the back of the shoe.
There is a bigger problem for me than fit however.
I noticed many of the comments here are addressing the appearance and convenience of the laces but lets not forget these shoes are designed for running, regardless of wether or not you plan on using them to do so. I know I am not alone in the running community when I admit I have suffered from extensor tendonitis in the past. I had thought it was from overuse, but after switching to the Komodosport LS for improved fit/ground feel it never came back. I now believe that the velcro strap on the Bikila was the actual cause of this as it is located right over the area where I had experience TOFP even though I never wore them particularly tight. My theory is that the single velcro strap places pressure directly on the extensor tendons that can cause injury during dorsiflexion, while the speed lacing system distributes the pressure more evenly over the foot and eliminates this problem. Honestly I’m surprised to see so many people prefer the velcro, I wonder how many of them are actually running in them.
Personally I would love to have a pair of Seeyas because I think the overall design and concept is great but I wouldn’t spend a dime on them unless they had laces, I was very surprised that Vibram only released them with velcro considering the popularity of their lace up models.
I’m reaaaaalllly hoping these get the same laces as the Komodosport/Spyridon/Bikila LS and not the Speed.
The Speed is designed for casual wear, why would they put they same laces on such a performance oriented model?
I don’t get it…

Aqueous, I do run constantly in my Bikilas (strap version) and the reason the strap does not cause any pressure on my foot is that I don’t have to tighten it enough to even get to feel it. The shoe fits so perfectly that the strap does not make a difference in holding the shoe on the foot. So it feels like a slip-on shoe that’s very streamlined, and to me that streamlinedness (?) would be lost with cumbersome laces. I suspect it is the same with other strap enthusiasts.

I love my Seeya’s for running–the ground feedback is amazing–but the loose fit around the heel does limit how comfortable I am in them in a casual sense. It doesn’t bother me much during runs since my heel rarely meets the ground, but once I switch to walking it just doesn’t offer the same feeling. I instantly become aware of that loose heel. I’m not a fan of the quick lace system or the Speeds lacing system, but if the Seeya’s come out in a lace style I would definitely give them a go. It seems like it would be a more secure fit and I’d love to have a pair of Seeyas I can use in more versatile settings. Thumbs up for the laces in this case, in my opinion.

OMG! So excited about these! I like the lace ups better than the speed laces and the strap. How do I get a pair of these? I will take a pair in every colour! 🙂

To me, traditional laces are a thing of the past and I try to avoid them wherever I can. And especially on Vibram they just look plain wrong. These hybrids look really ugly. To me, of course.

@Silent Rocco,

Laces are just old school, time-tested technology to provide a more secure fit — a custom fit, really. Though I’m not trying to sway you into liking them, they serve a purpose and aren’t innately “traditional” in a bad sense (as with “traditional high-heeled, heavily cushioned shoes”).

Sometimes I think FiveFingers wearers confound laces with traditional shoes — this happened a lot back when the Speeds were first released.

As for my own personal opinion, I think the strap on the SeeYas is borderline unnecessary — it doesn’t do much for the fit for me. I’d prefer laces for a more custom-fit. I sorta like the aesthetic, too.

Anyway, everyone’s got a different view!

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