Comment from: Julie [Visitor]

I just bought a pair of KSOs. My toes are long and they seem extremely snug on my big toe. Should I get the next size up or is there anything I can do to make a bit more room for that big toe. Other than this they fit great!

06/13/10 @ 13:18
Comment from: Maryellen [Visitor]  

I just got my first pair and had similar issue. My big toe feels jammed in there and the toe next to it almost worse.
I am wondering if anyone buys 2 pair and have the larger size fit on the larger foot?
Would LOVE feedback!

07/31/10 @ 14:54
Comment from: CDR [Visitor]

Somewhere on this site there is a mod for people with Morton's toe. it shows how to elongate the second toe. I would assume you could use the same procedure to elongate the big toe and the second toe.

07/31/10 @ 20:33
Comment from: Zephyr [Visitor]  

@ Julie,
I bought a pair of Sprints and had a similar problem. with use they gave a little but after wearing them during several hours the seams of the 1st toe pockets left a mark on mu toes and the blood circulation was reduced, my toes turned pale. The best solution was purchasing the following size, with the Sprints you can fit your heels tight even with larger sizes because you have to independent straps with velcro at the back.

Additionally, Sprints are more flexible and will get a stronger feeling of the ground because they don't have EVA midsole unlike KSOs. In winter you may need additional insulation, Injinji Performance socks with Coolmax are beefy and warm, particularly the longer model Crew (with a closer and more compact mesh relative to the Mini Crew new model, the older was thicker but also rougher, with thicker threads and less comfy), the extra size should leave your toes and socks enough room.

Alternatively, I recommend you KSO Trek, now there are female sizes as well. They are more expensive and the sole is thicker but they also have a lot of pros Vs. regular KSOs. They have roomier toe pockets, the upper fabric and leather pieces will adapt better to the shape of your feet, the back sole fits better around your heels, they have much more grip to run on earth, climb steep footpaths with loose gravel and wet surfaces, harder to get soaked when raining, they will give you much more protection against pointy stones on or stuck to the ground and are more comfortable for running long distances on pavement or asphalt before you have grown a thick skin on your soles.

Cons: even if they are supposed to be washable I'd rather not try it. You can wear socks to avoid sweat and dirt built inside. Now and them I clean the outside with a brush and a humid trap and then I apply some Nickwax waterproof wax for leather (other brands also available), the brown KSO Treks will turn into a darker and shinny brown, I personally like more. The synthetic wax will also make them more flexible. Don't use horse grease, it softens the leather too much and can facilitate fungal colonization and decay.

In the beginning the KSO Trek sole will feel rather stiff, but after a few runnings the sole will become very flexible, you will have the feeling of wearing gloves on your feet. Wearing all day as regular shoes will accelerate the process. They are very discrete too, with no noticeable brands showing up, perfect to wear with street clothes.

08/28/10 @ 04:08
Comment from: tim [Visitor]

Any word on Kangaroo Sprints?

11/06/10 @ 16:34
Comment from: Tommy [Visitor]

Anyone know where I can find some red Bikilas? It says on Vibram's official website that they are only available in stores, but the only type my local Blue Ridge Mountain Sports store has is the palm green Bikilas. Do i just have to wait until they come in stock or is there another way I can get them faster? Any advice is appreciated.

11/23/10 @ 16:14
Comment from: Hesh [Visitor]  

Help i just ordered a pair of kso's but the problem was i couldnt find a store that would send to my country untill i found this store:
and i was just wondering if it was legit please help.

12/08/10 @ 17:08
Comment from: Natalie Scott [Visitor]
Natalie Scott

I'm in the US but I absolutely love the look of the speeds. Is there anyway I can get them?

12/20/10 @ 12:18
Comment from: Nicholas Wells [Visitor]  
Nicholas Wells

I'm sorry to ask this here, but I don't want to register for the forums to ask one question.

I'm currently saving up for a pair of my own VFF's, KSO's to be exact since all I'm after is a style that I can walk, hike, and go in the water in (including pools if possible), not to mention potential everyday use just around town. Thought about the flows since I hate getting cold feet, but I live in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area). I doubt I'll be out in them during the times it might get cold enough.

All that said, a friend who has a pair of KSO's mentioned something that's given me pause. He said they put more pressure on the knees and heels. Now I'm 23, and still have Osgood Schlatter disease in my right knee. It never did clear up. While I don't plan on hitting them heavy, this is worth digging into before I spend big bucks on anything.

In short, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out if this is a concern or not. I've been looking forward to giving those KSO's a try, but not if they're going to make my knee problem worse. Any thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance for whatever anyone can offer. Take care all.

12/22/10 @ 04:52
Comment from: marisa (high F5VE) collins [Visitor]
marisa (high F5VE) collins

do yooh guys know of any other websites like birthdayshoes that support barefoot running?? i have read over this website like 6 times.. and i want to read more!! i just cant find anymore websites that are as great as this one..

01/17/11 @ 22:49
Comment from: marisa (high F5VE) collins [Visitor]
marisa (high F5VE) collins


there are red and silver bikila available on

i actually just bought a pair of sky blue and silver 3 days ago.. and they arrive tomorrow.. and i have to say.. i am OOBER excited! good luck finding them..

01/17/11 @ 22:54
Comment from: Zephyr [Visitor]  


In Runner's World there's a specific forum for barefoot runners with many threads, some running coach specialized in barefoot running style, a number of barefoot runner veterans, people asking for advise to transition (in some cases they upload videos and then more experienced runner comment how to improve their style), also many comments on minimalist shoes, races, training, even food:

http://www. runnersworld. com/community/forums/runner-communities/barefoot-running

Then, there is also The Barefoot Society with forums, blogs, news, advices, etc. THey have hundreds if no thousands of members, but to participate there there's no need to become members. These days though, they're moving to other server and their page isn't accessible, by now only their Facebook account is helping the contact between their participants, as soon as they solve their problems I suppose they will use again with the same domain: http://www. barefootrunners. org/

Blogs of different barefoot runners with their own forums:

Jason Robillard's: http:// barefootrunninguniversity. com/
Barefoot Ted's: http://www. barefootted. com
Ken Bob's: http:// therunningbarefoot. com/

And a podcast with interviews to barefoot and minimalist shoes reviews created by Tina Dubois and Al Gauthier: http://www. livingbarefoot. info/

Hope it helps.

01/26/11 @ 02:00
Comment from: mahesan [Visitor]  

hey guys, really interested in purchasing the shoes but im from malaysia and i would like to definitely try on the shoe before purchasing and if anyone could enlighten me if there is any authorized outlet that sells this brand in malaysia or in the region...?

02/08/11 @ 11:28
Comment from: yosip [Visitor]

can anybody tell me who is the girl who appears in the VFF running in orange tank top an pink VFF? I'm in love of her.

11/03/11 @ 17:13

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