Welcome to the webring of Vibram Five Fingers fans! We Are Affiliated - The Primalfoot Alliance: Taking Our Feet Back.The sites below are run by active “VFFers” who run, walk, play, and engage the world through their feet via thier thin-soled foot gloves — Vibram Five Fingers!

If you’d like to be on this list, simply copy the embed code for the widget and place it on your website or blog’s sidebar or footer and then contact me with your URL!

Vibram Five Fingers Fans

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<center><a href=”/” title=”Vibram Five Fingers fan community – free your feet!”><img src=”http://lh5.ggpht.com/_8whRqvsHsXs/S32xLymQasI/AAAAAAABVcI/FwmnRnQjxnY/bdayshoes.png” alt=”Vibram Five Fingers fan community – free your feet!” width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a><p><a href=”/” title=”Vibram Five Fingers fan community – free your feet!”>I love my toe shoes!</a></p></center>

Note: This list is for non-commercial websites / websites with dynamic, original content (The prototypical template being a “blog”). Though your site doesn’t have to even regularly talk about Five Fingers (VFFs), it should at least have tangentially related content (It covers topics like health, lifestyle, philosophy, etc.). Most personal blogs will automatically fit the bill; on the other hand, commercial blogs or sites typically will not. All of this is to insure this list connects VFF users to other users so that the community can connect and learn from its members.

be included on the list, the widget needs to be on more than a single page: this insures that VFFers who click through to your site readily recognize you as part of the barefoot-powered community!