New Balance Minimus Running Shoes Marketing Videos [breaking]

Two New Balance Minimus (available Spring 2011) marketing videos have appeared on youtube. We haven’t had time to do any analysis of them yet, but here they are:The first features ultra marathoner Anton Krupicka wearing the orange Minimus seen in pre…

Two New Balance Minimus (available Spring 2011) marketing videos have appeared on youtube. The videos feature two versions of the upcoming, Vibram-soled “barefoot running shoes” from New Balance, the Minimus Trail and the Minimus Road.

The first video features ultramarathon runner Anton Krupicka talking about why he runs and why he likes a minimalist approach to running. As marketing videos go, it’s a pleasure to watch — and we get some great sneak peaks at the upcoming Minimus Trail (We’d previously had to guess at what the New Balance Minimus Trail looked like!).

Here are the videos:

New Balance Minimus Trail

The first NB Minimus video features ultra marathoner Anton Krupicka wearing the orange Minimus Trail:

We only get glimpses here and there of the NB Minimus Trail in the video, but from what I saw, a few things jumped out at me. For one, note the photo at the right and you’ll see the NB Minimus Trail has a solid looking, foot friendly toe box. It reminds me of Vivo Barefoots (or even my Birkenstock clogs). A wide toe box is pretty key — I wonder how much the NB Minimus can help Anton Krupicka’s toenails (they looked a bit mangled in the video!).

Other things that stand out about the Minimus is that the upper looks very thin and airy. It doesn’t look like there’s much padding around the ankle, either. Finally, the sole is Vibram-made and looks pretty basic. Can’t wait to find out just how thick it is and just how much ground feel you manage to get with the NB Minimus’ sole technology.

New Balance Minimus Road

Screen captures of the 2011 New Balance Minimus Road in a video that talks about how to run.

The second video features the New Balance Minimus Road running shoe and gives a quick tutorial on a “good form,” midfoot strike running style, which seems to borrow on the Pose form of running. Anyone know who our instructor here is?

The New Balance Minimus Road certainly has a different look to it than the Minimus Trail — much more refined. It’s hard not to see the slight buldge towards the heel, but I wonder how thick the heel will actually be (sometimes looks can be deceiving on the outside). Otherwise, the profile reminds me a bit of the Vivo Barefoot Evo. As this video is much shorter than the former one with Krupicka, we don’t get to see much of the NB Minimus Road — not much of a look at the toe box or sole — so we’ll just have to stay tuned until we can learn more.

So, whatcha think?

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Would love to see the inside. Is there some layer of foam there? I find it a funny thing that main stream shoe sales are finally coming around though. Hopefully in the near future people wont scoff so much at those of us trying to encourage others to do whats best for their feet and body.

The Orange looks nice, but I’ve also seen a black and yellow(or green, i don’t remember exactly) trail version that was a little more “low key” but still nice looking.

The trail shoes looks better than it seemed from the close up/partial shots. Still would like something a little bit less loud though. The road shoe looks Ok. Kinda boring. NB has never been the best looking brand, but they do make a good shoe.

As for Grant Robison, he won bronze at the 2003 pan am games, not the olympics. He went in 04 but did not medal. Is that really him? If so, that’s by far the fastest person I’ve yet seen wearing truly minimal shoes.

I’m excited for both models, but i am more intrigued by the trail minimus. I wonder if anton would race in them? I really like where New Balance is going and the way they are approaching our movement towards low profile (or no profile) shoes. They got a great rep in krupicka.

I think I remember Anton saying he was going to use the trail Minimus for training and the new MT101 for racing. (that’s what he was wearing at Leadville)

I think they both look great and will be giving them a shot. I’m looking for something between the VFF and normal running shoes and maybe this will be it. I’ve been a huge NB guy for a while as they’re the only ones, in the mainstream, who seem to understand show width.


The last video is Glenn Robinson… The guy who taught the Good Form Running class I participated in. These are the exact pair of shoes he was wearing when I made a comment that NB had something up their sleeves! Glad to see him in the video and more importantly the shoe. I loved it when I saw it in person! Can’t wait for spring!

It pretty much is Chi running just taught a different way. I was lucky enough to participate in it they do have a website. It is certainly a better site then when they first started it. Robinson was a great teacher and this was the first time that I was ever filmed running and we critiqued ourselves at the end of the class. Our local running store in Pittsburgh has a good form running class every thursday night. Only 10-15 participants at a time… that way they are able to dedicate some time to each individual. I know good form running has been working to have more local stores participate in what they are teaching. The one thing I liked about the class was the fact that they were not trying to convince those participating to wear five fingers or some sort of minimalist shoe…but to teach all kinds of runners how to run properly and to how to prevent injury. Give it a shot!

Back to the running shoe… the instructor is Former Olympian Glenn Robinson. He is also one of the members of Good Form Running! Awesome guy!

The shoe itself is pretty awesome as well. Like I said before I was lucky to see this and fell in love with the room it provided. The foot appears to be free and when you wiggle your toes you can see all of your toes wiggling. The upper is a very light almost spongy material. The toe box is very roomy. From what I remember the sole itself was very thin… The pattern on the bottom is similar to the trail version… a waffle board honeycomb look. The picture is very misleading as the model I saw was very minimal. Looking forward to getting a pair of these. Already on the list at my local store for a pair as soon as they come out 😀

Holy crap I just ordered a pair of Bikilas because my KSOs are wearing out, and I need a new color…

But I am starting to think I might return them and wait for these to come out. They look BADASS!

Where and when can we get the trail shoe? I gotta have a pair! I gave up wearing my VFF’s on the trail because I bust up my toes everytime. I think these will nicely take the place of the VFF’s on the trial, but I’ll still wear the VFF’s on the road.

I have heard from a salesman at the NB store here in Tampa that the Minimus will be released January 2011. How available it will be when it does arrive is the real question.

Wow, I just went in to Shoe Studio in Augusta Ga, and asked the owner if/when they were getting these. He says “oh, you wanna see ’em?” Just so happened the NB Rep was in setting up the display rack (in the back, very secretive) I got a chance to put my hands on them and put my name down for a call come spring. CANT WAIT for these!!

Glad to see there are more choices now. I’ve been getting by for years with Puma H Streets, and recently with Mizuno Wave Universe. Both have their problems. With increased competition among manufacturers, we’ll hopefully be seeing some superior products. Especially concentration on toughness and flexibility rather than softness or plushness that appeals to the hand more than the foot.

i have a huge crush on anton 🙂 but anyways i’m really excited to try the road ones, i bought the KSOs for cross country but my coach is stupid and thinks they’re bad for me. hopefully the new balance ones have just as good of a ground feel and my coach will let me wear them! 🙂

Anton Has give me a boost to run on minimus shoes. The way I run now is more natural and is good for other muscles

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